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A Perfect Haven for Couples

Days and nights must be slipping so fast. Have you flipped your calendar yet? I just did it this morning and hello! It's February na pala! Welcome to the love month- the idyllic time of the year when flowers and chocolates are flooding! Women are giggling with glee, because finally, here's to a bunch of fresh red roses, a fluffy teddy bear or a sweet romantic escape! Kilig! 

Speaking of escape, me and my husband recently had our anniversary staycation (and an advance valentine celebration too, before he left for work) at one of the most romantic place in the region, TagaytayWhy not? It's chilly, scenic and a perfect quick destination for a total rest and relaxation. Not to mention the long list of nice restos ideal for a table-for-two dinner date.

We stayed in one of the most sought-after boutique hotels along the highways of Tagaytay City, if you haven't read my previous blog you may check it here. And since the love month fever is up, i'd thought of sharing this wonderful peace of heaven in the heart of Tagaytay on a separate blog post, for you to know why i rated it as a perfect haven for the couples!

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast, claims to be the first of its kind in the world, also known as the "Boutique of Emotions" inspired by romance and feelings. Each room was named after an emotion which aims to seduce its guests with excellent and unique experience that not all boutique hotels can offer.

The Luxurious Lobby

The lobby of the hotel isn't grand but i must say that it is so chic and fabulous. It was proclaimed to be a fusion of American, European and Asian design, well blended altogether, expressing a sanctuary of both luxury and humility with its petite expanse.

Pamper Me

Before the ultimate boutique experience, the guests will be treated to a personalized choice of body essentials and room scent that they would like to use during their stay. They have a variety of soaps, shampoos, lotions, and aromatic room diffusers that you can choose from their "Pamper Me" line inside their powder room. We got choices of home-made Lavender and Tea Tree soaps and they are heavenly!

Pillow Talk

The boutique also has a "Pillow Menu" where guests can choose specialized pillows for headaches, backaches, anti-allergy, memory pillows, as well as body pillows and those for side sleepers. Other kinds of pillows available are Lavender Therapeutic Pillow, Microfiber, Goose Down, and Neck Pillow. 

Room of Emotions

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast has only seven (7) rooms. Yes, you heard it right, seven rooms with unique features to consider. Each room was named after an emotion; the I ESCAPEI DAREI DESIRE, I DREAMI LOVEI SURRENDER, and I LUST. Isn't that fascinating?

Personalized body essentials and a basket of laced and dainty
 underwears that you can buy inside the room's closet. Such a teaser!
I like the "I Dream" room (for an all white backdrop) but it was already taken so we got the "I Dare" room which was fairly nice and seductive for the two of us. (By the way, our room was booked ahead of time with a romantic package.)

"I Dare" room has a private terrace overlooking the hotel's restaurant and the majestic view of Taal Lake. The morning sunrise was a glorious sight to behold and the crisp cool wind at the backdrop seems to be a perfect synthesis to start the day right. I love it!

The Boutique Package

Since we booked our hotel in celebration of our wedding anniversary, it was prepared with a special package. The Boutique offers different romantic packages for couples to choose from (at a reasonable price, of course). They have a Romantic Package, Family Package (that are kid-friendly), and the Birthday Package.

Whether its a honeymoon, a birthday celebration or just to reminisce your wedding vows on your special anniversaries- they will handle the details, allowing you to focus on each other, rested and relaxed in the dreamy atmosphere of their space.


The rooms are equipped with an i-pod shuffle dock and speaker that is ready to use for your listening pleasure. Bored of music? They also have a library of board games and a DVD collection for your viewing. Movie Menu is available inside the room and they have a wide variety of good movies to choose from. Not a fan of movies? Then, there's cable television to catch up with your favorite shows. WI-FI facility in all rooms have strong connections too. The choice is all yours!

More than the in-house entertainment that the Boutique hotel has to offer, the location of this piece of heaven is excellent too! Just across the street is the Ayala Mall Serin, where one can go shopping or gratify your tummies with food from quite an array of restaurants available.

We beat the cold and windy weather of that January night, holding hands while walking around Ayala Mall, and crossing through pedestrians to and from the hotel. We also had a scrumptious dinner in a quaint restaurant named Pamana which is just a tumbling away from The Boutique. Perfect!

Bedtime Stories

Nothing beats a warm and refreshing shower after a day of long drive and frequent walks around the place. But what else could be more enticing and chillaxing before hitting the sack? A nightcap of your favorite drink, probably. The boutique offers its guests a nightcap of hot chocolate for two, paired with some freshly baked cookies that are so delicious. A great indulgence before bedtime, indeed!

Breakfast in Bed

One of the highlights of our stay and probably one of the most in-demand spoiler of The Boutique is their personalized service like a customized choice of breakfast served in bed.

Upon checking-in we were handed a piece of paper with options to choose from. I don't know what's about this thing, but it gave me some sort of excitement while i was ticking the boxes for our individual choices of breakfast meals. This is fun for me, though. Hahaha!

We had our share of food the next morning in the comforts of our bed, with a choice of Filipino breakfast for hubby and an American breakfast for me. I have nothing but good words to say about their plating, the taste and the adequacy of their serving. We were fueled with enough food to satisfy our not so hungry tummy.

The Spa

The Boutique has an in-house masseuse available if you wanted to relax and ease your tired bodies. Each guest is entitled to a complimentary Foot Massage or a choice of a Cold Stone Facial Massage. We booked our compliments the following morning after breakfast, where hubby was so pleased with the foot massage and the Cold Stone facial massage was so invigorating for me. The boutique also offers other massage services such as Shiatsu, Swedish, Reflexology and Aromatherapy through their friendly and well-trained therapists.

The Restaurant

Food cravings or gastronomic adventure? The hotel has its own restaurant which is The Hawaiian Bar-B-Que located at the hotel's dining area with Al fresco setting. Guests and walk-ins can come and feast on their fruit infused barbecues and other delectable menus.

We haven't tried eating at their resto but their menus looks interesting. We'll definitely try it the next time we visit. And oh! Hawaiian Bar-B-Que has a branch in Boracay both operated by Chef Happy Ongpauco, from the clan who gave the country the great tasting  Filipino food chain- the Barrio Fiesta Group of Companies. She was also the mind behind The Pamana Restaurant and The Boutique Bed and Breakfast.


It's not everyday that you'll get spoiled and you'll walk on clouds, so splurging a few bucks for a luxurious staycation at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast wouldn't hurt that much. . It will always be the memories which you have created together that makes the experience worthwhile.

I admire the hospitality of this hotel for they know how to value and treat each and every guest with appreciation. Upon checking out we were handed a box of sweet treats that was so endearing. More than that, i was given a gift certificate for a discount on our next visit. Do you think there'll be a second chance? OF COURSE, by all means we have to come back!

Need i say more? Go and book a room for your beloved one this Valentines! The Boutique Bed and Breakfast is a perfect haven for the hopeless romantics or even if not. Comfortable and clean rooms, excellent personalized service, very friendly and accommodating staffs, and truly a one of its kind unforgettable experience. We had a pleasurable stay at The Boutique and will definitely come back again soon!
Always in love;

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast
45 Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Mobile No. 0917-598-4480
Tel. No. (046) 413-1798
Email: theboutique.bnb@gmail.com

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