Celebrating A Decade of Love at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast


When was the last time you celebrated an special occasion with your beloved one?

This is the year and January is the month when we celebrated our 10th year wedding anniversary. Did i just said 10 years? How fast time flies. It's been a decade past since we pledged for our vows and exchanged "I Dos", but what could be happier than to celebrate it with that one special person whom, for all these years has been my source of [stress], i mean strength and immeasurable happiness. Hahaha! Yes, i'm a happy wife to my husband of 10 years and this deserves a special celebration! 

Our previous anniversaries were usually celebrated by gathering our family and friends at home, a dinner out or sometimes travelling domestic or abroad. But this year, hubby and i decided to make it simple and very intimate by spending some quality time, away from the kids, to just enjoy our time together. So, off we went to Tagaytay, shed  a few bucks to book a room at a boutique hotel and had a sumptuous dinner for two in a fancy restaurant.

Tagaytay is a favorite playground and a quick escape for us due to its proximity from our place and of course, its chilly atmosphere. There are also a lot of swanky hotels and bed & breakfast facilities to choose from. But never did i thought that we will have one of the most unforgettable experience at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast, a small hotel with only 7 rooms, but i just have to say, it's one of the best in Tagaytay that will make you beg for more. Here's why...

The Boutique of Emotions

Fascinated with candle light dinners, soft and relaxing music, flowers, balloons, the smell of scented candles, long walks on the beach, holding hands while walking and more of the like, you'll probably guess that i am a hopeless romantic. Well, i think i must admit that! Yes, i'm the hopeless romantic that i am, for being a sentimental dreamer, imaginative and fanciful...

As we stepped inside the room, I was moved by all the pretty and fancy things that any woman would love to have on the occasion of her anniversary. 

Candles, petals, a cake, a bottle of wine, red and white balloons, a bouquet of flowers and a room that was full of emotions. It was daring and seductive, filled with romance, feelings of love and longings. For a moment i was living with rose colored glasses on!

Not to mention the complimentary plate of fresh fruits, a welcome note and the most refreshing and mouth-watering drink I've ever tasted!

The "I DARE" room was specially prepared to provide us pleasures with personalized toiletries from their "Pamper Me" line, a selection of comfort pillows from their "Pillow Talk", and a nightcap of hot chocolate and freshly baked goodies for a goodnight sleep. 

On the following morning we were spoiled with a lovely set of breakfast in bed, while breathing some fresh air with the majestic view of Taal Lake from our private terrace. Then, we were treated to a relaxing room service spa, a foot massage and an invigorating cold stone facial massage. It was a seducing five-star experience from a boutique hotel! Isn't that amazing?

But more than the fancy surprises and luxurious experience, i am deeply overwhelmed by the love that God has poured in our hearts as a couple. As the saying goes, "Love is not only about romance, candle-lit dinners, and walking hand in hand. Real love is about a lifetime of compromise, commitment, and trust..."  

The first 3 years of our marriage was a mess, and i'm not proud of it. Truly, marriage and falling in love, always, with the same person, is not just an emotion, but a choice you have to make, a decision you have to take, and a pledge that you have to fulfill. It is a sacred promise that we must honor, just as we honor God in our lives.
I cannot find the right words to thank GOD for the transformation He has made to make our marriage a blissful one. The struggles from the past that we overcame together made us stronger, wiser, more loving and passionate in every way, bringing us closer not just to one another but closer to HIM. We are believing that God is preparing greater things for us, to make our marriage an inspiration to others. (Duma-drama lang!)

Anyhoo, our bed and breakfast experience at The Boutique made our anniversary an extraordinary and unforgettable one. And I will be sharing more of this hotel on my next blog!

Happy wife,

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