Book Review Part 2: Before I Do by Kath Eustaquio - Derla


Here's part 2 of my book review for Before I Do by Kath Eustaquio-Derla
If you haven't read my first installment yet, you may check it here.

Ask me what's with this book that's keeping me insane all these time, especially this love month? It's hilarious and crazy, it's a kitty cat love story and its a TRILOGY! I had a peek of the prequel earlier today and oh! It made me more excited about Book 3! Yes, there's Book 3 and wish me luck as i am hoping to be a part of its book review project again soon. Of course, if that happens i will be sharing again a preview of it with you my dear readers!

Before I do is a story about the self proclaimed "mean girl" Kit Castille on her late 20's who works with beauty queens and concert venues as a PR Officer. Free concert tickets, anyone? If this book will be tapping the big screen i'll be screaming! Please include me in the taping for crying out loud! Kahit ako yung beauty queen na extra! Lol! She likes Archie comic books, she's the typical modern Filipina woman who knows what she wants, talks straight forward and has an inborn charm and confidence. 

The story revolves around her...
Her amazing career, her millionaire boyfriend Johnny, her scheming friends, her almost perfect love story and engagement. And that moment when she met a devilish stranger named Will, who challenged all the conclusions she built in the past three years. 

What i really like about the book was first, the cover. It was clean, charming, enticing. 
All the while i thought this is something like the Precious Heart Romances that hooked me up on my high school days. And so i said, okey, lets give this a try! This is easy for a review. I know what will happen - Boy Meets Girl and the happily ever after. Only to find out, nagkamali ako! At the back of my mind, oh my! Napasubo ata ako! I really can't find the exact words to say. I've read it twice and it was really funny, grossing and truly entertaining! 

Many of the exchanges in the book happened in real life with real people at the actual setting. And then there are some that happened through the author's brilliant imagination. Regardless of age and status, anyone can relate to this book. It's a quick read, it's frank, and most of the scenarios connects to real life situations.

I love how the author came up with the idea of making it Taglish, as there are really words from the context that is not funny when translated in English. It made the book more enjoyable. The characters are so alive and i can feel that there's no sweat on the authors part in doing this. This is just so natural of her and i love it! Very real! Walang kyeme!

There's also something to talk about or think about after reading the book:

If you were Kit, would you rather have a handsome, successful, rich BUT extremely busy boyfriend or a cute, laid-back, fun and easy-go-lucky what if? 

For the singles, in a relationships or it's complicated statuses: In view of this and your desire to have a future, what's taking you so long to wake up and realize that weddings are more than just the superficial preparations of the big day. Does anyone here knows exactly the responsibilities of marriage before saying the magical words that can change your life forever? Well, I said I DO 10 years ago without having the thought of these. I wish i have read this before, maybe i should've fixed some glitches for a more refined and perfect start up of a married life. In every relationship, there will be always be trials and temptations, nothing is faultless! 
And this is true!

I've been married for 10 years to my perfect Mr. Big and some parts of this books can speak for it. Just like any other woman, I've also thought of how my perfect wedding should be. But then, before that, i was once in the same hot seat, boiling with the same question. 
What would you really do before you say I Do? Seriously?

Before I Do is Available at National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Uniqube
It's never too late, grab your copies now!

"What Am I To You" is the prequel to Before I Do. Read it first on Bookbed and get to know this "Queen Bitch" before you judge her.
Before I Do was first published in the e-book New Adult Quick Read Voume I - Say That Things Change, a compilation of short stories spearheaded by fellow writer Mina V. Esguerra way back in 2013. In 2014, the second draft won first place in a Wattpad Young Adult Novel Writing Contest sponsored by Filipino author Nayin Yagdulas. This is the third and final draft. The author is writing the prequel and sequel in Kuala Lumpur.

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