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Perhaps, a long drive and a pleasurable staycation wouldn't be complete without a gratifying gastronomic experience. Agree? On our recent romantic escape (which i shared on my previous blog), we reserved a table for two in one of the quaint restaurants in Tagaytay City. The Pamana Restaurant, which has rave reviews from food bloggers is just a tumbling away from our hotel, and so i thought of giving it a try.

Pamana Restaurant, which means "inheritance" is a fine dining Filipino restaurant that is well-known for its authentic pinoy dishes, taking pride with its heirloom recipes from the Ongpauco family which  has been handed over from generation to generation.

My husband is fond of Filipino food, even the simplest ones- those recipes that we can actually cook at home seems to be so appealing for him. So, even if we eat out, he has those cravings. But i must confess that sometimes when I eat out, i'd like to order foods that are not "cook-able" at home. I mean, you know, it's "mahal" in the resto kase you have to pay service charge, tapos you will eat Filipino food, which you can actually cook at home at 50% off the price in restos. So i'd prefer something not common  and not Filipino sana when eating out. Was it just me? Or may kakampi ako?

Anyway, because it's my call, i asked the front desk of our hotel to reserve a table for us by 7 pm at Pamana Restaurant, because i knew my husband would be delighted to have something [special] for dinner.  We arrived a little later than 7 pm after some shopping at Ayala Mall Serin. That night was so windy and cold outside but when we stepped inside Pamana, it suddenly gave us a warm and home-y feeling. I thought we didn't came here for food, we came here to see and feel the place. It was charming, quaint, lovely... 

The walls of the interior was adorned by old portraits of different people. The chandeliers are uniquely old-fashioned yet stunning. We got our table in a corner, just beside an olden fireplace. It was a table for two that was just perfect for us "twogether". Hang sweet noh? 

That night, all i ever wanted was "Kare-kare", my all time favorite among the filipino dishes. But since hubby was craving for seafoods (as always) we ordered "The Best Kare-kare with Seafoods" from their heritage line of menu, then we added something different from the usual, we chose "Kulawong sa Talong at Bagnet" and ofcourse, something glazed for dessert, "Crispy Langka, Turon Ube at Sorbetes". We also had our choices of drinks, "Calamansi Iced Tea" for hubby and "Lemongrass Iced Tea" for me.

The tables on the 2nd floor was packed with VIPs that night and some other foreign and local diners. There was one empty long table beside us, which later on has been occupied by a group too.

Our orders came out after 20 minutes and the waiter gladly took some photos of us "twogether". The staffs are very kind and attentive to our needs plus, combined with the antique pieces, wooden furnitures and old mementos from yesteryears- our dinner date was perfect!

So how was the food? 

The Best Kare-Kare
Barrio Fiesta's Legacy served original way with Seafoods
Kare-kare is an all time favorite, i even cook it at home whenever i crave. Kare-kare will always be Kare-kare but this one's different, i must say it was the perfect Kare-kare ever! I love the creaminess of it and there's something about the taste that makes you crave for more. I always love my dad's kare-kare, for me, he cooks the best kare-kare eversince i was a little girl, pero i have to admit mas masarap ito! Sorry Dad, of course your kare-kare will always be my favorite ;-) One thing i also noticed about it are the seafoods, it was plenty. For the price we paid for it, its super sulit!

Kulawong sa Talong at Bagnet
Eggplant simmered in coconut milk and chilies topped with Bagnet. A specialty of Juana's Kitchen.
This was the second time that i have tried the "kulawong" recipe. The first one was in a quaint restaurant too in San Pablo, Laguna and i loved it. I am fond of "ginataan" especially when the coconut milk soup is extra creamy and flavorful. This Kulawong sa Talong at Bagnet is superb in taste, the coconut flavor is over-powering and the bagnet is tasty and crispy, they do have a perfect blend of saltiness, creaminess and crispiness on my palate.

Crispy Langka, Turon Ube and Sorbetes
Happy Ongpauco's sons Renzo, Chezco and Nicco's Favorite
As much as we wanted to order everything on their bill of fare, but, we were just two. When our orders were served, i thought hindi namin mauubos, because their serving is big, like good for 3-4 persons, one order of rice is actually good for four (4). We finally had our dessert right after and the turon made me excited. I love turon, like i can eat it everyday. I cook it at home too and my kids love it as much as i do. The Pamana's Crispy Langka, Turon Ube was so delectable. But what made it really special was the sorbetes, it was so heavenly, you can really taste the pureness and authenticity of its flavor, it's a home-made ube ice cream and its so delicious!

Lemongrass Iced Tea
One of their best-seller beverage is the Lemongrass Iced Tea which was referred to me by one of their waiters. Lemongrass sounds new to me, it made me curious. I love the smell of lemongrass, we frequently use it in baking and roasting chickens at home, but lemongrass in a beverage made me think, baka lasang gamot? Hahaha! But, honest to goodness it was one of the best-tasting beverage I've ever tried so far. The flavor was so empowering, it was sweet, cooling and truly mouthwatering. 

Our bill encased in a box that looked like a book. I though i got a Free book na. Lol! 
On the ground floor of the restaurant were interesting pieces and little trinkets that are available for grabs. They have ceramic wares, i guess, that are nice and other charming accessories for the home, all at a reasonable price.

They also have native delicacies and other products that are good to try. My favorite organic rice brand (Bios Dynamis) is also available there for sale.

Overall, we had a great and truly satisfying gastric experience at The Pamana Restaurant - good to great authentic Filipino food, fine dining, commendable service, affordable menus with adequate servings and a gorgeous place to dine in.

The Pamana Restaurant outlives its legacy of true Filipino cuisine. It simply made a mark in my gastronomic diary and i would love to go back and try more of their heritage menus and  other original pinoy dishes. 

The restaurant is a treasure trove of timeless collection of Filipinio cuisine that can be made extra special when shared with your loved ones, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Try it to believe it! It's worth all the calories!

Pamana Restaurant
Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway
(Near The Boutique Bed & Breakfast)
For Reservations:
Phone: (046) 413-2461
Mobile: 0922-8592703
Mon-Fri: 10:00am → 10:00pm
Sat-Sun: 9:00am → 10:00pm

Pamana Restaurant has branches at:
  • Boracay
  • Makati City
  • Quezon City
  • Baguio City

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