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Hello readers and bloggers! Has anyone here missed me for the last two months or more that I've been MIA in the blogosphere? Allow me to greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Better late than never #peg) I'm so sorry for my inconsistency, the holiday madness occupied so much of my time and other deadlines made no room for blogging. I wish i could turn back time and [insert] something to fill up the space before the other year sleep forever. My supposedly year-end blog post ended up to be a new year post and the very first entry for the blank page of my 2016 diary. Anyhoo, it was indeed a great feeling to be back and start something positive and grossing for my hashtag project #PushPaMore2016.

Year 2015 ended just like that... 
Feels like it was just yesterday that me and my family celebrated the new year's eve welcoming 2015 with a blast and just a few weeks ago here you are 2016! Isn't that fast? Just like how fast time flies, our dreams, plans and ambitions can slip away just like that, if we do not push a little more to achieve it, paired with an audacious faith that God will direct our first steps.

In a nutshell, 2015 has been an awesome year for me and my family. I thank God for last year's abundance of blessings be it health, finances, relationships and all aspects of my life. God has been the director of our lives, and trusting HIM just made everything perfect beyond the imperfections.

I am grateful for the love of my family, especially my husband and kids who has always been there to remind me of God's presence and unconditional love. They have poured in enormous dose of joy and happiness every single day of my life.

I am grateful for the ministry and the believers who surrounded me in the past years up to today, helping me to become better and wiser in every journey of my so-called life. Those were the very few people whom i know are God-given angels who partners with me in progress and in prayers, reminding me to seek God all the time- allowing me to grow more in faith in order to inspire others and make a difference one day at a time.

I thank God for his provision with our daily needs, challenges, and our obligations. More than our needs, God never failed in providing us more than what we expected to fulfill our wants and desires for pleasure and leisure as well.

I am more than grateful for God's security and assurance with regards to our investments and His protection in all areas of our lives as a family. For taking great care of our health and for the blessing of work for my husband, my business and for opening more opportunities for us to prosper in lieu with our desire to become a blessing to others. 

I am thankful for a few but true friends whom i can count on in any circumstances, those i can trust and stands by me, admires me, prays for me, cares for me and true to my face. I also thank God for pulling me away from false friendships, and setting the boundaries from profiteer partners which brought me one step closer to the right people who deserves a place in my heart.

I am forever grateful for the talent, wisdom and knowledge He has bestowed upon me to pursue my passion in writing. I believe He has placed me into this ardor and i would like to use this as a tool to disciple more people, bringing them closer to God. I pray that this blog will become a channel of blessing, an inspiration to the young generations and an encouragement to people in broken relationships or those who needed a lift from whatever situation they are experiencing right now.

There are still challenges, which i believe are just normal in every journey. And i do thank God for every hardships, trials and all these provocations in life, it made me stronger, fiercer and resilient. Most of all it taught me how to hold on to God's promises, believing that through God's grace, at the end of each day, everything will just fall into place.
Last year, I claimed 2015 to be an awesome and successful year for us and indeed it turned out awesome and great! For this year, I am claiming 2016 to be an even more awesome, remarkable and victorious year for me and my family. I dare to believe the impossible to become possible, I am stretching out my faith to God that He can do incomparable things not just in our lives, but in your lives as well.

I hope this passage will encourage everyone else to push more for your dreams and dare to believe what our God can do if we lift it all to him...

"Though God's promises seem intimidating that we ought to stay inside our comfort zones, we need to calm ourselves, stop trusting our own instincts and trust God's direction instead. No doubts, fears, tribulation or distress shall ever separate us from the love of God, for in Him who we trust, we are more than conquerors, we are giant slayers and we are indeed victorious..."

Let us start declaring and claiming for the impossible...

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