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(A preview of my current read)

I'm actually the serious type of reader. I like inspirational volumes, business books and rarely do i read romance and novels. Why? Because i hardly finish it in one sitting, if i stop, i will forget about everything and will start all over again. But this one is a quick read that left me hanging for the happily ever after love story of Kit and Johnny or Kit and Will? Suddenly, my sleeping emotions, and kilig feelings from love stories went gushing through my nerves once again. Nakakabitin! 

Okey, so let me just share this current read as quickly as i can. 
I haven't been into some serious reading for quite some time now. You know, whenever i try to open a book, sit on the couch, sip a "mug" of my favorite coffee, i always end up sleepy. YES. SLEEPY. For some reasons i really don't know and i just don't care. Alam mo yun? After coffee and a few paragraphs from the book i'm reading, my eyes was like falling into a trap of a good nap or perhaps a sweet and sound sleep. Where's caffeine? 

Allow me to recall how many books did i finish last year? I actually have a pile of books to read, from friends, family, relatives and those few pieces i bought from the bookstore. But guess what, none of it made it to the last page. So i made a resolution that this year, i will [insert] book reading once a week.

To start with, i decided to open the newest book on my table, which was recently sent to me by the author herself. Isn't that sweet? 

Before I Do by Kath Eustaquio-Derla sounds interesting to me the moment i heard of it. I am always fascinated with weddings, romantic dates, bouquet of flowers, balloons, name it. I thought this is one fairy tale that will, again, make me fall in love in a mellow dramatic scene and then while reading i'll fall asleep. But this one's different! It made me fall from the edge of my seat. When i say it's different, it actually made a remarkable impression on my head. I was like watching a movie, putting myself on the actual scene. The characters are so alive in my imagination that i thought one of them was me. Di nga! 

We just have to admit that in any relationship there is always that one mean person, it can be the guy or it can be the girl, or it can be both. But one thing is certain, finding TRUE LOVE is not always easy. This love affair that i am currently reading was like a roller coaster, and  it's just so funny how i can relate with the character of Kit Castille, for being the "mean girl" that she is "sometimes".

So what is your status right now? 
Still NO idea where I'm coming from?
I'd suggest you go get the book! Read it and finish it in one sitting! It's too good to be boring, i pinky swear!

Before I Do is available at National Bookstore and Powerbooks. You may also check out the book at Uniqube, 3rd Flr University Mall, Taft Ave. Manila.

About the Author

Katherine Castillo Eustaquio-Derla is a journalism graduate from the University of Sto.Tomas in Manila. 

She's the writer behind the intriguing "Bedroom Blog by Veronica", a relationship blog published in Cosmopolitan Philippines website from 2009 to 2011, which covers most of her single dating life. 

She's passionate about coffee, red wine, books and Mad Men. She stopped collecting hearts when she got married in 2013 and went back to collecting Archie comic books ever since.

***This is just a preview of this book that i am currently reading and i'll be talking more about this hilarious, catty, and heart-breaking read on my next blog!

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