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No doubt, summer will always be the most exciting time of the year to book for a beach house, dig in the closet for bathing suits, pump up those floaters, fill up the picnic baskets and go for a swim! But with the complex series of climate change, especially the El Niño phenomenon happening in our country today, summer can mean anytime of the year, like December or for people like me and my family who always had a longing for total R and R- any day and any season is just perfect to hit the road for a short fun away especially on weekends.

Aquaria Waterpark in Calatagan, Batangas is a perfect destination for families who wanted to spend a quick weekend at the beach, have some barbecue party along the shores while playing sand castle or just bask in the calmness of the sea, while day dreaming. 

I've been wanting to visit Calatagan for a long time, because I've never been to any of their beaches which i heard are nice and perfect for the kids due to its calm and shallow waters. So, when i chanced upon a discount voucher for a day trip to Aquaria, i booked it right away together with the whole family. 

Aquaria Waterpark, which is more familiar as Playa Calatagan (because it is housed inside Playa Calatagan Residences) was developed by Landco Pacific Corp. and it is now under the management of Fuego Hotels & Properties to maximize its waterpark amenities for all guests. It is ideal for quick weekend trips because of its proximity from the metro. It only took us 1.5 hours from our place and Oh! I just love driving all the way, traffic free!

We came here pretty early, taking a shortcut from Balayan-Nasugbu national highway. Upon arrival we headed straight to the grand lobby for the registration and fees (because we had additional pax who wasn't able to get the vouchers i had earlier) then we were provided with wristbands.

Cabanas near the pool area and the beachfront are available. Food and beverage are allowed inside with applicable corkage fees. Foods are only allowed at the beachfront cabanas, therefore we availed the cabanas near the beach area where we can also rent a barbecue grill for our fresh foods. For those who do not want to bring food, they have a restaurant called The Sands which offers local cuisines and seafoods in ala carte or buffet style. 

The distance from the lobby to the beach front is far, so carrying a lot of things from the parking lot going to the cabanas was quite a hassle. However, they provide guests with a trolley, but they are very limited, at a first come, first serve basis. (I wish they could add more of it for convenience)

The Beach

Ok! We then had a lovely breakfast at the beach front, as we set up the barbecue grill while admiring the serenity and calmness of the sea. Their cabana is a gazebo type accommodation with a mattress, shaded by curtains, perfect for an afternoon nap, as the gentle breeze would make you fall asleep easily.

Apart from the cabanas, there were also tables and chairs for rent at the beach area. There are a lot of big trees which provides a cool shade, therefore there's nothing much to worry about, except that when it rains, your things can get wet. Other guests brought along picnic mats and tents, and set up their own spaces at the white sands of the beach, and i find it way better. Cool though!

It was very low tide that day and so the supposedly main beach was too far away from the shoreline. The water came pretty high between 3 to 4 o'clock in the afternoon and so we weren't able to swim earlier that day. From afar is the beautiful sight of another favorite playground for tourists, The Stilts Calatagan- another resort that i am longing to visit...soon!

Nonetheless, we still enjoyed, because we didn't just came here for the beach itself. More than the kids, the "kids-at-heart" were also excited to try out their 3-storey giant pool slide at the middle of their interconnected pools. Aquaria Waterpark has a total of seven (7) pools for adults and kids connected to each other.

The Pool Area

My kids enjoyed so much at the kiddie pool where it was spacious and never boring at all with its functionality and entertaining features.

It was also very safe because a life guard is always at watch in every corner of the facility. I was able to take a nap at the bench while the kids were playing and making splashes at the pool, they really doesn't care about getting toasted from the scorching sun.

Whats more appealing to us, especially to my son, is the giant slide, synonymous to Splash Island, but this is a smaller version of it. You can ride the slides unlimited too! My son has certainly gotten a lot of hype from this pool feature that he tried it countless times that afternoon.

What's noticeable about the whole place was its cleanliness and orderliness of the surroundings. Everything is just organized and well-maintained even if some of the amenities were old already, still they managed to take good care of it, making it functional and look polished.

I love the shower rooms or what they call the "Bath House". It is very spacious and clean and the staffs are friendly and very accommodating.

Water sports such as kayaking, jetsking and banana boat riding are also available at their beach. Guests can also partake into different activities such as beach soccer, beach volleyball, and Frisbee games. The water is so clear and the sand is very fine and white that my son indulged himself bathing under the sand while me and my husband took advantage of doing some photo shoot along the shore. But why! This is just perfect!

Snorkeling is also one activity that anyone could try out, the sea is rich with natural wonders even at its shallow part. My in-laws together with my kids and my husband was able to capture a starfish and sea urchins from afar, but we also put it back in the waters afterwards.

To wrap it up, our first trip to Calatagan was very memorable and fun even for just a day. The road trip was smooth and just along the way, i found an interesting site, like the rubber trees that to me are so lovely to look at. We stopped by for a moment and i insisted to have a picture with it. Trip ko talaga sya!

Aquaria Waterpark nailed it to my bucket list for a quick white beach getaway, ideal for family and friends. It made our boring weekend enjoyable and we hope to visit again soon! I wish there'll be overnight accommodations, because as of the moment, they only offer day trips for the guests.

  • Resort Opens everyday from 8am to 6pm Except TUESDAYS.
  • Swimming in the pool and beach are strictly prohibited AFTER 6pm. NO overnight swimming and accommodation.
  • Use only proper swimming attires: bathing suits, rash guards, board shorts, trunks. (Lycra Material Fabric, NO Cotton).
  • Alcoholic Beverages are welcome with a corkage fee.
  • Foods are NOT ALLOWED in the POOL CABANA but it is ALLOWED at the BEACH CABANA.
  • Corkage fee for food is P100/adult and P50/child.
  • The Sands Restaurant is available for ala carte menu or buffet dining starting at P150-300/pax.
  • Cabana Rates: Pool Area (max.15pax) P2000; Beach Front Area (max.8pax) P1200
  • Tables and Chairs for rent are available for P450/set.
  • Entrance fees: (Child rate applies to children 4ft and below, 1 year old and below- free of charge)
             LEAN SEASON
                   -Weekdays and Weekends- P399/ADULT; P199/CHILD

             PEAK SEASON
                   -Weekdays P500/ADULT; P250/CHILD
                   -Weekends P700/ADULT; P350/CHILD

  • Locker rooms are available for rent at an applicable rate.
  • Parking lots are available for free.
  • 24-hour Water park security.
For more information about Aquaria Waterpark Resort visit their website at

Brgy. Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas
Reservation Nos. (02) 553-8888/ (02) 750-1894
Mobile No. 09258526326

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