Kids in the Business: Our First Kiddo+Preneur Christmas Bazaar Experience


Earn. Save. Invest. Donate.

We send our children to school to learn. Perhaps, some children, just like my kids, learned about money at school in the subject called Math, but teaching them the value of money- how it is earned, how it should be spend, how to invest it and how to save, they would probably learn it from us, parents. 

I can still remember during my younger years when my parents would tell me that i should study hard in order for me to get a job and then work hard in order for me to earn and save a lot. But when i landed on my first job, i just realized that with the elevated cost and standard of living, having a 9-5 job will never be sufficient to be financially stable. I kept telling myself, Why do i need to get stucked in the rate of my salary, working hard for a company, if i can be my own boss anyway?

I realized that more than earning and saving, we should also teach our kids the value of investing. And while kids are still young, this is the perfect time for them to start working smart to help them build a foundation that will equip them to face the challenges towards financial freedom. One activity that will help kids to learn entrepreneurship, first-hand, is through practical experience like the concept of Kiddo-Preneur, which is an exercise in entrepreneurship for the young minds.

Last November 29, 2015, me and my kids together with my MumsDailyPh team, came up with KidsDailyPh (the little company of our offsprings) and decided to join the Kiddo-Prenuer Christmas Bazaar that happened at Glorietta Activity Center.

Hundreds of kids showed up and participated in the event and the result was so overwhelming. As a first-timer, witnessing them work, by selling their products, marketing, handling the sales, talking to customers, giving out flyers and everything was just so awesome. It has been a world of small people doing big things, the kids ruled here!

Kiddo+Preneur Bazaar was launched by a mother-daughter tandem, Maiki Oreta, a business journalist for ABS-CBN News Channel and her daughter Brielle with the mission to help kids learn on how to earn, save, invest and donate through its events. It was the first of its kind where the kids can become an entrepreneur for a day, of course with the little help from their moms.

Our team gathered in one table and tried our hands in the entrepreneur side with our kids as the main person of the event. Before anything else, our creativity in setting up our booth became a challenge, all of us, without having any background in styling. But despite the differences of our concepts, we were happy that our resources blended perfectly resulting to a nicely done booth.

Our products were divided into two categories. Food and Non-Food.
My two kids' little company named, A and A Naturals were selling soaps and other skin care products from my skin care business Yashica Skin Care, while the rest of the group were selling colognes, hand sanitizers, and an assortment of home-made sweets and books for a cause.
The first few hours was even more grueling when it comes to our sales, because our kids are newbies in this kind of activity without any background in marketing and promotions (what would you expect though?). So what happened was, as a mentor, i was tempted to take over!

I was forced to work as a "promodiser" for a moment in order for my kids to see how business should work, how to introduce their products to consumers and how they can get shoppers to buy from their booth.

At first, the task seems to be boring for them because they are fond of playing and are very shy people, but when one customer came in- grabbed a soap from our booth, then gave me the money as payment for it, they got interested, (thinking about the monetary reward they can get, Lol!) and so they cooperated to sell and send out flyers and promote our products. Seeing them learn and put value in what we, as parents, are doing for them, just made me feel so proud.

All i ever wanted was for my kids is to be exposed, to gain confidence in mingling with people, to learn the importance of investing money and to be fully aware on how it is earned through hard work in order for them to be efficient and successful in the future.

I have to admit that starting the kids young was never easy as 1, 2, 3. If given more time, i would've planned for a well-thought concept of actual selling for my little kids ages 8 and 6 years old so they can run the show on their own.

My youngest was throwing tantrums later on. But then, we came here with a mission and a purpose. And with so much encouragement from me, later on my son and daughter agreed to deliver it well, at the last minute. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, i knew I've made a difference in their lives, by allowing them to grasp that investing, earning and saving can go a long way, and that hard work, will eventually pay off!

The Kiddo-Prenuer is a passion project which started in 2011 and is now going on for 4 years. Through its events and initiative, it teaches the kids to not only earn, save and invest but also to develop an entrepreneurial drive and spirit, learn about the value of hard-work and perseverance, about healthy competition, to think outside the box,  and that business can be fun and rewarding. It is a bi-annual event, and is open for all kids ages 5 to 16 years old.

One of the highlights of our day was meeting Mr. Jose Marie Chan who happened to visit the area.
In a wrap up, it has been an invaluable and productive day for all of us, having so much take away from the event. As first-timers in a bazaar, our booth was able to raise a good amount of sale, and what's more rewarding was seeing our kids enjoy, while learning and getting-to-know each other as partners. Hooray for a job well done kids and for more worthwhile activities in the future!

We plan to join again on the next Kiddo+Preneur Bazaar and i would like to encourage other moms and kids as well, to be a part of this passion project. Who knows? One of our little tykes might be the next business tycoon in the future.

Together let us earn, save, invest and donate!

Learn more about Kiddo-Prenuer at

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