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(Warning! Photo Overload)

Gone are the days when paintings, arts and museum tours are deemed as boring. I'm glad that paintings, just like movies, were now revamped to 3-dimensional work of art that is interactive and fun for everyone. I must say that i am one of those few people who appreciates arts, especially paintings. If given enough resources to splurge on an auction for a prestigious painting i would love to have one for my home.

Last November, we visited ART IN ISLAND in Cubao, Quezon City for my kids' school field trip. This was my daughter's first ever field trip since she went to school and she's Grade 1 now. If not for Art in Island we will not be joining this school year's field trip again, because the places were actually repeats of the previous itineraries and we've touched them before, on our regular out of town family trips.

Since we were in a group, i didn't enjoyed much of the views, all i can see are little kids in uniform goofing around with their parents or guardians. It's too crowded. However, my son was very zippy in queuing and running quickly for photo ops, hence we still manged to take some decent photos. 

Years ago, we visited a small Trick Art Museum in Manila Ocean Park and i just don't know what happened that it closed. Just saying, this tricking art experience isn't new to us anymore but the kids were just so delighted because it's a spacious ground of paintings here that are so nice and extremely fun!

Art in Island claims to be the largest 3D museum in Asia, in terms of the number of 3D paintings which is around 200 masterpieces founded by Yun Jae Kyoung and other Korean partners. However, the biggest 3D museum in terms of area is in Jeju Island in Korea which is 4,100 sqm compared to Art in Island which is 3,800 sqm only.

First things first, SHOES ARE NOT ALLOWED inside the premises so everyone must surrender their shoes at the counter. And with so many shoes from different schools, i was thinking baka mawala yung sa amin! 

Of course, this is the perfect place to unleash those creative poses, connect with the paintings and release the shutterbug in you! You can take as many photos as you like but remember that FLASH IS NOT ALLOWED.

Art in Island has different zones which includes the Aquatic Zone, where there are imaginary aquatic animals, sea creatures and the like.

Masterpiece Zone, where one can interact with the famous paintings around the world. 

The Central Hall, where on can join in the art and explore the dungeons of ancient times.

Religious zone, where you can find religious art works.

The Fantasy Zone with magical and mysterious walls. 

The Christmas Village where the Christmas vibe can be felt the whole year through!

There are also multi-colored and rotating Optical Illusion Arts that can deceive you!

TIP: To make sure that you're getting the right angle for a photo, look for the markers that will guide you to the right vantage point. There are also sample pictures displayed on the wall to give you ideas on what you can do to get that picture perfect photographs. Make sure that each snap will not go to waste, follow the sample poses which are very helpful although creativity is highly encouraged.

We've covered the whole area for less than an hour, skipping a lot of the paintings because of the crowd and we headed downstairs to get our shoes. While one can get tired and hungry from cam-whoring upstairs, Art in Island has a cafe where you can order some food.

They have Cafe Minou on the second floor and on the way out before claiming your shoes.

Now, where's our SHOES???

The funniest part was looking for our shoes! If not for the kids i don't want to leave my shoes and i will just stay in the cafeteria. We were with some other schools and the collection of shoes at their exit was huge! Parang Shoemart!

We were pointed to a different group of shoes from another school, even if i told them earlier, before finding our pairs, that we are from PSS. Buti na lang, my son was so keen that he was able to find his shoes first, after going through so many baskets and there my shoes are, together with my daughter's. Huh! Na-stress ako dun kase maiiwan kami ng bus! :-D

Art in Island is a place for everyone! It allows visitors to interact and have fun with the art pieces. Whether for the young ones or young at heart, surely, this place offers fascinating and fun activity for all ages. I thought of bringing my Lola here (she's 83 years old), and i guess she'll have fun joining with the art too! I wanna see her pose and emote with all the colors around, she'd be happy to! Hahaha! 

Art In Island is open to the public from TUESDAYS-SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS. They offer discounts for senior citizen cardholders and PWDs and they also have events and promotions every month and all year through.

Art is Fun!

175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro,
1109 Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact No. +63 2 421 1356

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