When in Batangas: Taza Mia Coffee, Now Brewing at Batangas City!


"What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee?"  

Last Saturday, I was invited by a dear friend to come over to the grand opening and blessing of the newest "tambayan" in town. Guess what? If you think that only burgers are popping out today like mushrooms in every corner of the streets here in Batangas, don't you know that coffee shops are also massively penetrating at every town nowadays? These coffee shops excites me so much! For the love of coffee, yes it is!

Now, here's good news for all the coffee connoisseurs to try!
Taza Mia Coffee now opened its 8th branch in Batangas City last Saturday, November 7. From the first opening of its mother branch at San Pablo City Laguna, the name has established a good reputation in the coffee and casual dining industry which succeeded into an aggressive expansion of their branches and franchises, invading the Southern Tagalog region primarily and will be eyeing other parts of Luzon and on the north in the coming year.

From its tagline "Where Family, Friends and Partners Meet", it sounds out and out, right? This locally produced enterprise that (i must say) is globally competitive, simply aims to delight its customers with great tasting coffee blends, beverages and full meals at an affordable price, in a homey and relaxing ambiance that is perfect for family, friends and even business.

Here's a preview of what Taza Mia Coffee has to offer to the Batanguenos.

Taza Mia Coffee offers a wide array of coffee flavors from specialty coffees, cream-based drinks, frappes, hot and cold coffees, smoothies and flavored iced teas. 

Apart from the usual coffee favorites, they also offer All Day Breakfast Meals, Pastas, Appetizers, Lunch and Dinner, Sandwiches and Soups. Plus, my favorite, ofcourse - the pastries!

Now, where can you find everything in one coffee place? I can say that they all have it in one-roof. Cravings would be truly satisfied! And i can't wait to try and feast at everything on their list!

The place can also be your luxurious coffee comfort zone as they provide comfortable couches for guests, cool and fully air-conditioned facility with free wifi, and a small function area for intimate group or business meetings and a generous parking area outside. It sits conveniently in the newest commercial complex at Total Gas Station, Diversion Road, Balagtas, Batangas City.

During the opening, the place was jampacked, and so i wasn't able to take more decent photos of the interiors of the cafe. I was unable to try their entrees too, from their bill of fare, because lunch has been served to all the guests who attended the grand opening ceremony.

What i tried for to-go was their best-seller Roasted Caramel Frappe where the whip was intentionally missed, but it was all good! There's still a few more glitches that they are refining in the work area, but rest assured that everything is fully operational on the following day. Don't worry, 'coz i might frequent this new "tambayan" and expect another installment for his blog. Let's try the food and i'll be writing my verdict! ;-)

Wait there's more! Did i mention already that they do have acoustic nights? YES! Happening every Friday from 7pm til 12 midnight is the jazzy acoustic night where live band performance with captivating music that will soothe your ears while enjoying your favorite frappe or dinner. Isn't it nice?

We were sampled by a saxophone player during the opening event and his music was truly entertaining. I snapped a short video of his buoyant performance while i enjoyed my lunch on the next table, check out the video below. By the way, according to the co-owner of Taza Mia franchise (who was my friend), this talented guy is just a hobbyist! What a passion he has for music, right?

Taza Mia Coffee has also a branch at SM City Lipa and expect another branch popping out soonest at SM City Batangas! I would like to extend my greetings again to the owners of Taza Mia Coffee Batangas City! Congratulations and more power to the company!


Total Gas Station Commercial Complex,
Diversion Road, Balagtas, Batangas City
Opens Monday-Sunday; 7am - 12 Midnight
Acoustic Nights: Every Friday 7pm-12 Midnight
Serving Breakfast to Dinner
Free Wifi Zone
Free Parking
They also offer coffee bars/booths for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations.
Contact Nos. 0936-928-7464/ 0947-994-5097/ 0906-564-4107
Visit their Facebook Fanpage HERE.

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