When in Batangas: Orbits' Pizza, Pasta and the Monster Burger!


I love Burgers! 
Even if you'd say that it's the slowest form of poison that can eventually impair our health conditions in the long run, burgers will always be well-loved and considered as a comfort food to many. I've been eating burgers once in a while but not as frequent as before (like weekly? but definitely not everyday!). I've learned the shoddy effects of junk foods for my health and i'm in caution already with my diet, especially my food intake. But once in a little while, the craving just won't stop! Let me call it a "cheat day", like once in a month craving for some delectable pica-pica, pasta and burgers! 

Few months back, my sister introduced to me a pizza place somewhere in Lipa City where they tried an awesome burger that was really good according to her. My Dad and Mom (who were seniors), keeps on talking about how flavorful, affordable and big it was and so i craved! Finally, during one of my scheduled visits in Lipa, i squeezed a little of my time to pay it a visit and try that controversial giant burger. 

I remember the last time i had a giant burger was at Hungree Burgers, originally from Makati, but i had my first bite of it at their Laguna branch four years back, and i just don't know if it still exists up to date. 

Apart from the Monster Burger which they call it, we also ordered some pasta, thinking that the burger may not be enough for lunch. I was again, with my favorite cousin Josh. (He was like my "adopted" brother and so he lives with us.) Our orders came pretty quickly and we were just so hungry then! 

Meaty Spaghetti served with Garlic Bread P55

It was sweety and averagely good... The serving for the price of P55 was quite cheap compared to other establishments.

Tomato "Tuna" Hot Basil served with Garlic Bread P85

Tuna is something that i really love and i would come back for this! It's deliciously good. The spice is just right!

Monster Burger P265

The patty was average, it would be better if they can still improve it but to me, its just okey.  I love the sweet-y sauce inside the burger and all the veges and flavors it has. Definitely one giant burger to crave for. Cravings truly satisfied! For P265, it's sooo affordable right?
I find the prices for their food so affordable, yet the quality and taste is still good, while the serving is just average. The place during our visit was quiet sad though. Maybe because there were just a few diners that time and it was almost past 1pm already. 

Shoot first before eat!
We ate the pasta first then i had my first slice of burger. From the pasta itself, parang hindi ko na kaya! Thank goodness we were not really on a hurry that day, and so i said, pacing pacing muna! Kaya natin yan!

Chunky and plenty amount of fillings!
Medyo "umay" mode na?
While my cousin was really hungry that time, i allowed him to gobble down that monster. Hangga't kaya mo sige lang! Until he was slowly giving up, so it's my turn now... to make it short, still, we won the battle for the giant burger!

Now, who's the monster?
Instantly, it became my favorite local hang out when in Lipa. I'd suggest it to friends and relatives whenever we go out and visit the city. Why? Because it's affordable, the place is clean and spacious, they got a variety of toxic foods that everyone just loves and it was very accessible. Orbits Pizza Place is conveniently located along the high-way, just a few meters away from SM City and very accessible for public transportation jeepneys going to and from the city proper and the Malvar-Tanauan routes.

On another scheduled visit to Lipa with my mom-in-law and sister-in-law, we visited the place once again, only to get some food to go. But we ended up dining there while waiting for our Monster Burgers for take home.

On the following visit, i just ordered some fingers foods and iced cold drinks while my companions ordered their pasta platter which include a burger and a drink plus the Monster Burger for take out.

Pica-Pica Loaded (Mojos-mojos, French Fries and Nachos) P200
Orbits Oreo Frappe (I forgot to take a photo) P85

I was actually surprised with the quantity of the Pica-Pica Loaded! It was served in two separate plates, one is the Nachos and on the other plate was the fries and mojos. I never thought it was too much for us! We even took home the fries and mojos. All for the price of P200. The Nachos are surprisingly good!

The place looked a little better than it was before. I noticed the newly built menu board that hangs on their counter, which was just a tarpaulin on my last visit. The place was well lit and has a happier vibe now. I can see how their food has improved also, as well as the service. They also have Barkada Meals available that are so affordable, ideal for big groups and students. They also offer a variety of rice meals to choose from.

They even host parties for different occasions like birthdays, baptismal, weddings and other group events. They also have a conference room, plus the main resto as the party hall and the Orbits Backyard - a reception area at the back of their resto that can accommodate up to 100 guests. 

There's still more from their menu that i wanted to try like their best selling Orbits Pizza, the Tacos and Tortilla Wrap and their Salad. It is just an ordinary place, nothing really wow, but definitely a value for money. No wonder why they survived for more than 2 years now, running 3 years in January. Their notion for affordable food without compromising quality and taste made them stand in the business, i guess. Surely, there'll be next time! 

Stay tuned for more gastronomic diaries!

Along National Highway,
Marawoy, Lipa City, Batangas
Open Mondays-Saturdays 10am-10pm
Sundays 10am -9:30pm
Tel. No. (043) 702-4390
They accept reservations for birthday parties, meetings, catering and bulk orders.

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