Mommy Bloggers at the Blogapalooza 2015: #ResponsibleMedia


The biggest B2B - Business to Blogger event of the year happened last October 25, 2015 at One Esplanade and the best thing about it is that, i was a part of it! Hooray! 

The Venue
Blogapalooza is a community of bloggers and online influencers wanting to feature and connect with businesses. Blogapalooza has been running since 2011 and every year it just gets better and better. It was an invite only event that only bloggers and businesses can attend. Not all bloggers can be qualified too because prior to the event, each and every blogger will undergo a screening. Fortunately, i was able to pass the screening together with my MumsDailyPh team and we’re so excited to go!

The 1.5 hours drive all the way from Batangas, (yes!) doesn't really matter at all! I was so happy to be informed via email that we are entitled to bring a plus (+) one, so i requested my all-time favorite cousin in the world to join me as my ever reliable photographer for that day! (Thank you so much Josh kahit napilitan ka!)
Blogapalooza Seasons 2015
We arrived at the destination a little later than 10am and were informed that the parking was already full, so we were pointed to a paid parking just near the location and parked immediately. It was a prickly sunny day and we took the sidewalks to get to the venue and registration was a breeze!
Register here!
Stepping inside the place gave me a sudden buzz! Did you see my cheeks flushed with excitement? ;-) I’ve been attending exhibits and some other expos related to my business and other interests before, but this one was just different! Feeling masaya lang! Maybe because it was my first time to be a part of a blogger event ever since I started my so-called career in the blogosphere last 2011. It was thrilling!

Booths are quite few, but I can say that most of the businesses who participated in the event is on my common interest, and im in high hopes to probably collaborate with them in the future. I came here not just for loots (although that was really a bonus) but primarily to gain insights from businesses, meet other bloggers and hopefully acquire event partners for our mommy events in the south.

Attendees of the Blogapalooza 2015 includes influential bloggers, tweeters, facebook influencers and media outlets. The whole place was really jam-packed. If you're not yet aware, bloggers are becoming one of the most influential people online. And blogging, (according to a forecast) in the coming years is going to be mainstream, so the time is now guys! ;-)

I really don’t know where to start until one of my co-mommy blogger came in and we started the journey around each booth. I think we were on the side of good luck that day because we were able to participate in games and  win prizes! Yey!

Free Cookies from Chips Delight
Chips Delight gave away free cookies which i ate while visiting around other booths. It is a family favorite when it comes to cookies, especially my kids! They are a fan! 

Mommy Yami, my co-mommy blogger and partner at MDPH
We also got our photos taken at Emporia booth and they gave away freebies. Emporia is the Philippines' newest digital platform that features a variety of online brands, offering convenience and security in cyberspace shopping.

Style starts here at EMPORIA
I won a t-shirt from Victoria Court's booth after participating in their game and was able to hoard quite a few number of discount cards for their hotels. Victoria Court has now established a name in the hotel (not motel anymore) industry with the rise of its first hotel in Pasig with 38 rooms offering an innovative and first class amenities, bigger rooms with thematic atmosphere. I got so excited with my discount card! Me and my husband would like to try it. (Hey, that's good news for him! Lol)

Tshirt from Victoria Court
Discount cards from Victoria Court :-)
JB Music has a free photobooth and we got our souvenir photo taken with their guitars, while, Breville Philippines offered a free tasting of their nutritious juice from their well-known Juice Fountain Max. 

Photobooth at JB Music
Our souvenir photo!
Breville Philippines
Grand Videoke gave away free fans, and i got product samples from Minoxidil Regrow - a Hair Regrowth topical lotion and hair thickening shampoo plus a notepad. Dr. Kong Philippines gave every registered blogger a VIP Card that can be used when purchasing at their outlets. They also offered free consultations at their booth. That was pretty cool too. 

Grand Videoke Booth

My VIP card and Free consultation at Dr. Kong Philippines
I got 3 vouchers of 3 FREE workouts (total of 9) from Curves, but was hesitant to try it due to my distance from the metro. Nevertheless, i was happy to know they are open for collaborations and partnership in the south! This is what bloggers like me is so interested about! No doubt, i'll be paying another visit at Blogapalooza 2016! (Hello! Early bird registration here?

I got a Pure 'N Fresh Feminine Wash from the pick your prize promo of One Esplanade while Pond's booth doesn't have anything for their guests. (I suppose they aren't ready or they just popped out that day without any surprises from their booth, c'mon take  a look!)

Look at Pond's Booth! Seriously?
Anyhoo, Flawless' booth must've been one of those frequently visited because they got pretty cool games and "pakulo" for their visitors. I played the golf thing and wasn't lucky enough to shoot any holes, BUT i still got a P500 worth of gift certificate that can be used at any branches with minimum purchase of P2000. They also got a cool instagram frame for photo op! I love that!

I got 3 missed holes! :-( NO luck!
I also registered at Project Headshot for Responsible Media Campaign and did my registration at John Robert Powers, made some inquiries at Misibis Bay and they gave me a discount voucher that was dated October 25 as the last day of booking, how instant was that??? (That was October 25 - Sunday, take note!)

John Robert Powers Booth
"Misibis Bay just for today..."
I had the priviledge to meet Dr. Marnie Prudencio, author of the book "How to be a Money-Smart Parent and Raise a Money-Smart Kid" together with the boy on the cover of her book who was her son. I got so engrossed talking to her about our mom community in the south that i forgot to buy a book! Her books were on a discounted rate that day! (Sayang!)

Other participating businesses at Blogapalooza 2015 are...

Ginhawa Spa and Dining offers Free Massage
Nicely done customized cases from The Diff!
Oh! The Lechon Cebu that i missed!
Chemworld Fragrance Factory
Nice and interesting finds at the Gaming Library
Footwears at BAMBU
Sosro Fruit Tea is jampacked!
While there are some booths that i haven't visited because of the long queue, i still got a haul of prizes from Snipe after downloading the application and participating at the challenge, an umbrella from Eagle's Wing Enterprises, a cooled water and 2016 calendar from Aquabest after the sweet treats at Amada's Leche Flan. I'm not really techy but was just lucky to win a FREE Total Security Anti-Virus that is valid for 1 year from Bitdefender. Plus another t-shirt from Food Panda after reciting 15 restaurants in 30 seconds. Awesome right?!

A cutie little stuff toy i won from SNIPE. Download Snipe now!
Umbrella from Eagle Wing's Enterprises
Aquabest gave away free bottled waters and calendars
Food Panda also gave away food stubs to be claimed at BAGWINGS outside, that was Free lunch but the waiting time was too long, their service was too slow considering the number of people vs their staff...
Need i say more? Well, here's more for me from Blogapalooza 2015!

- A desk calendar and glass mug from Ace Water Spa and Ace Hotel and Suites
-Tumbler from Getgo.Ph courtesy of Cebu Pacific's booth
-Pouch from SMDC
-50% off Value Card from Microtel by Wyndham Hotels
-3 Gift Certificates from Sogo Hotel
-3 P600 credit voucher from Hotel Quickly

Quite a few, right? Lol!
But more than the loot bags, freebies and prizes, the best part of my day was really meeting people, honing my social communication skills, connecting with businesses and future clients, collaborating with my partners, and engaging into a productive yet meaningful divertissement.

With mommy bloggers slash partners!
Picture taking while Ms. Maxene Magalona talks on stage.
It was also a day filled with learnings and insights from speakers, while, meeting and talking face to face with some of the most influential people in the media today became the highlight of my first blogger event for this season.

Ms. Maxene Magalona for Flawless
Ms. Valerie Tan for Blogging 101
Me and my team together with Ms. Valerie Tan
It was a rare chance to get involved and be exposed on social media. Definitely, it is one of the best Sundays that i am so much thankful for. 

The highlight of my day, meeting Mr. Vince Golangco, Founder, CEO and Publisher of
Vince Golangco of with ;-)
Me and my team had been so blessed to be a part of this event and we are looking forward to join another awesome, bigger and better Blogapalooza next year!

Congratulations to the whole team of Blogapalooza and thank you to all the sponsors and businesses who took part in making such a huge event a very successful one! Nonetheless, it was a worthwhile experience! 

See you again at Blogapalooza 2016 ;-)

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