A Spooktacular Halloween Party at Lima Park Hotel


Trick or Treat is a special time of the year that me and my kids would always look forward to. They've been joining the yearly festival since 2011 and they love it for three reasons: the (1) sweet candy treats, (2) the games with loots and prizes and of course (3) the costumes! October of every year is the season when both funny, cute and scary costumes are out in the shops and kids were excited to wear and follow different characters annually. I must say that this year is quite different from all of the years that we've been through, because as much as i wanted to dress them up cute and colorful, last week became a different vibe. It was their first time to dress in black and looked scary (but they're still cute)! Anyhoo, we agreed to that effect because we just wanted to follow the theme for this year's scariest costume party! And i wasn't expecting that it'll be that super spooky! 

Halloween parties from 2011-2014
My kids used to join Fun Ranch's Trick or Treat either at Ortigas or Alabang because we find the treats more appealing plus the ride-all-you-can or the play-all-you-can ticket included in the package and the food. But due to my busy schedules this year, the date doesn't seem to match my availability and so i looked for a party that was earlier than the usual and somewhere more accessible than Manila. On my frequent googling i saw an ad about Lima Park Hotel's Halloween Party and so i called the hotel right away to reserve the tickets! The rate was fairly reasonable considering the inclusions but i was actually not expecting so much about the program and what "pakulo" they has to offer for the kids. I knew i cannot compare it to Fun Ranch's overflowing food carts, magic shows, giveaways and play-all-you-can-tickets, but definitely more enjoyable than SM Supermall's free trick or treat for children every year.
We arrived just on time and got our tickets upon registration. There were a few number of kids already, together with their parents.

The party started a little later than 3 o'clock and so my kids were getting bored yet excited for quite some time. Thanks to the balloons they were entertained for a while. We also took some photos while waiting for the program to start.

Finally the emcee arrived and gathered all the kids to come in front for a short introduction and for the judging of  the Scariest Costume Contest. Almost everyone was so prepared and moms are excited than the kids with all the efforts they've done from the scary make-ups to the spooky costumes.

I think i cannot do that (the make-up), I'd still want the kids to look cute! But who could ever deny the excitement?

Lima Park Hotel will be giving away an Overnight Hotel Room Accommodation with Breakfast for the 2 lucky winners from the Male and Female category, plus Gift Certificates from Asian Flavors, the restaurant at Lima Park Hotel, for the runner up. Oh well, that's really something everyone would like to have, an overnight staycation for FREE! ( I was actually wishing too!)

Each kid made a very quick self introduction through a short interview. After the judging , the party went on by hosting games for the kids, i mean a game (without the "s" yet)... because as far as i can remember, the game was just "Bring Me" for the whole time. But lucky, my son was able to win a prize after bringing the host two gray hairs and nobody seems to have one except me? (I'm really old ) And so he got it so quickly, and that was quite painful on my head!

There was an intermission number too, a dance number of zombies that entertained the audience for  while.

After the "Bring Me" thing, it's time for the "Trick or Treat"! I was wondering where could they be bringing the kids outside the pavilion? I presumed they were like going around on table booths or corners like egg hunting for some candies, but to my surprise they were ushered into 4 rooms. I wasn't expecting anything wow but when we entered the first room (Booth D if i was not mistaken), on the second floor, i was WOWed!

I never thought that booths were themed into such a scary and tricky manner with smoke effects, scary people, a hanging ghost, and eyeballs soaked on waters beside a snack booth where kids can get treats like chips, candies, and bloody drinks (strawberry/cranberry juices), and it was too dark!

My daughter screamed out loud causing the staffs to tease her more and so we went out immediately. Not only her, but a lot of kids really cried! Does it really need to be so scary? (Just saying) So far, that was the most surprising trick or treat they've ever encountered! And they never want to come in again even in other booths!

Not until my little girl was consoled by a lovely fairy and told her that the other booth isn't scary at all. So we agreed to visit it and she was captured by an enchanted garden with fairies around, giving them candies, sugar lollies and drinks, causing her to stop crying.

They were able to get more candies from there and my daughter liked the fruit punch and requested for another one (nauhaw ba?!).

While the kids were a bit ok now, we then proceeded at another booth where there are lesser screams and was well lit. The candies are yummier and they got "pastillas" that are good, i was the one who got it for myself. Lol!

The people inside the booth were quiet but they're scarier than the first one that we encountered. It was like a mystical side of the world where strange and bizarre human beings reside.

I got curious, i wanted to visit another room that looked scary too, because it was also dark. But my daughter doesn't like it, so i obeyed (wag makulit mommy!). We went back to the pavilion and waited for another announcement if we're gonna eat now or there's another "bring me" activity.

As expected, there was another "bring me" activity, and was followed by the most awaited activity of the hour - the chasing of zombies to grab their halloween flags!

My son got 8 flags after doing a slide on the floor while chasing the fast running zombies... I was wonderin' if zombies do really run fast? I thought they were slowww moving creatures. Most of the kids cannot chase them so well, i wish they would run a little slower so the younger kids can follow, to be fair enough (it was just me saying).

The one who can get the most number of flags will win another gift certificate from Lima Park Hotel and the runner ups will take home a gift certificate from Asian Flavors. The food was served for the kids, while the adults had a full buffet snack. I wasn't able to take a snap of the food but it was just average. The announcement of winners followed right after.

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience for the little ones. Not the usual halloween party that they used to attend previously with all the funny, nice and colorful vibes of the surroundings. The spirit of halloween  trick or treat and scary plays has been portrayed very well.

The celebration has been ongoing for 3 years now and expect that next year it's gonna be another awesome and hopefully not a very scary party for everyone. Each and every kid took home loot bags filled with goodies and that's the best part for them. Who knows maybe next year, we can join again? You can come with us! ;-)

Have a Happy Halloween!

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