A Day at Kidzania Manila, The Ultimate Role-play City for Kids!


"Anong gusto mo paglaki mo?

The kind of question during my childhood years while i keep myself busy playing bahay-bahayan, luto-lutuan, and school-schoolan with my playmates.

I can still remember well, when me and my sister together with some playmates who were also our cousins will do role-playing activities during our younger days. My favorite role is becoming a teacher where i will get to hold a stick, wear a false eye glasses and stand in front of them as if i was really a teacher who was yelling at my students. Then i would shift to becoming a banker where i would sit on the chair of my mom's home office table and will start signing some old forms, get the calculator, do some computations and pull out some papers that i call "bills" and hand it over to my playmate like we were transacting something. Those were the days, simple yet very happy with the little things that we have. 

Kids nowadays are very much lucky with all the forces of modernization and the technology. How i wish we had these things during our days too, we could've been smarter (lol). Talking about role-playing activities for the kids, just recently we were able to have our first visit at Kidzania Manila where me and my kids got so engrossed with all the role-playing activities that this 8,0000 sq.meter play city has to offer.

A peek inside KidZania Manila
Kidzania Manila is an educational and entertainment-themed city for kids 4-14 years old. It opened last August 2015 and while our schedule permits, i was able to book a ticket for us online, and took advantage of their opening rates. With the facility opened for more than just a month during our visit, ticket prices are lower and will go to a hike coming October 7 onwards.

Checking in at KidZania International Airport
It was a Monday morning and we didn't had trouble finding where the place is (thanks to Waze app we were able to locate it). We parked at the basement of Park Triangle and immediately went inside. The queue wasn't too long anyway, there were just a few walk-in guests but prior to that i saw a long pile of students who were entering the vicinity while we're still on our way to the parking, so i was expecting a huge crowd inside KidZania City.

Checkin' in was exciting for the kids at KidZania International Airport through check-in counters of Cebu Pacific. Each was given an RFID bracelet where our personal details as parents are recorded and connected with the kids for security purposes. Then they handed us our boarding pass with our flight numbers, a map and a check for each kid worth 50 KidZos that they will encash at the bank inside the city.

RFID Security Bracelet
The Check
KidZos - the currency at KidZania
As i was expecting, there was a lot of people inside the city on a Monday! I think that was 2 or 3 different schools who were having their educational trip that day at Kidzania and so we were like out of place for two hours because they queue in each activity by group. However, my kids still managed to line in, even if they don't belong with all those who are in uniform. Looking around the place, i'd say that it really is the best place for schools to hold their field trips. It's very educational, safe, accessible and first class.

Applying for their PaZZports
So first things first, the kids went inside the PaZZport office to avail of their citizenship. If you have plans of coming back here then avail of the paZZport for Php 250 pesos, but it's optional. I decided to avail it in order for my kids to get discounts on the activities and so that they can save more when working on different companies inside the city. We also had plans of really coming back here because the kids wanted to complete the stamps that will be given to their paZZports for every activity that they will complete. Pazzports are also accepted at different branches of Kidzania around the world and is valid until they are 14 years old.

Citizens of KidZania with their PaZZports!
Back to our story, the kids went to the Bank of the Philippine Islands and encashed their checks which they will use to pay for the services that they would want to avail inside the city and also to buy something inside the department stores. Kids are encouraged to open a bank account for a minimum of 20 KidZos initial deposit at the bank.

My daughter transacting at the bank
They will be able to learn how to save the money they have worked for and they will be given an ATM card which they can use to withdraw their money anytime. There are ATM machines especially designed for KidZos inside Kidzania, just WOW!

Now for the activities...
There are a LOT of activities to choose from that me myself is confused which one to take first. But the key is to allow your kids to choose which kind of activity they would like to enjoy giving them the freedom to learn and experience the kind of work or profession they would like to try. There's really no need to go through all the activities.

Be a performer or direct your own movie at the Theater

Become a Feature Writer or a Comic Artist in a Magazine Publishing Company
Kids were advised to take courses first at the University before doing a job if they want to get higher salaries but during our visit it was closed so we went around to look for activities where they can start right away. We were greeted by friendly staffs at every establishment saying "Kai!" which is the KidZanian's friendly greeting for "Hello!".

Get a Bachelor's or Master's Degree at Centro Escolar University to advance your career in the city!
Inside KidZania, the kids rule. All activities are only for kids and adults/parents are not allowed to enter the facilities and participate. However, they can wait outside each establishment and take pictures.

Kids are allowed to work to earn additional kidZos, get additional training  for a fee, or they can spend their kidZos to relax or buy something. They have the freewill to decide what to do with their money, allowing them to learn how to save and make a budget too.

A girl working as a feature writer at Metro Magazine
My kids had different interests... While my little girl wants to try out something girly like the salon, my son likes to become a fire fighter and so i ushered him to queue by himself at the fire station while i accompanied my daughter at the salon. Only kids are allowed to fall in line in the queueing area, hence teaching them the value of patience while waiting for their turn diligently.

Kurlz Beauty Salon
The Fire Department
After a few minutes my daughter landed a job in the salon. She was given two options, one is to become a customer where she has to pay 8 KidZos and a staff will pamper her according to what she need. Or she can choose to work as a hairstylist or a spa attendant to earn 10 KidZos. Being wise, she chose to work and earn additional KidZos!

On the other hand, my son enjoyed his training at the Fire Department. They were taught about the basics of fire safety and protection and fire fighting while wearing their suits and going outside the city to perform some inspections.

The little firemen!
Some of the groups were able to experience an actual fire fighting event which took place in a hotel inside the city. The whole place was turned into an actual fire scene and the little fire fighters came in no time riding the fire truck and started putting out the fire with the command of their instructor. It was such a high level role-playing experience for the kids! Something they would really look forward to and try out over and over again!

Hotel on fire!
Off to do their jobs riding the firetruck!
There are a lot of other interesting activities that my kids wanted to try, but due to a volume of guests that day we only prioritized the ones that they really really like.

Artists at the Theater performing at the grounds of the city.

Be a Pharma Scientist -conduct experiments and manufacture medicines at the Product Lab.
Or become a Snack Engineer and manufacture a bag of snack!
Little Food Technologist preserving the goodness of processed meats through different techniques. 
Or they can work at the Coca-Cola Company or Cookie Company and produce quality products!

Become a Pastry Chef and decorate your own pastry with icing, toppings and sprinkles at Goldilocks!
Be an actor or a performer at the Acting Academy
A Logistic Officer or Pick-up and Delivery Team Member in a Courier Service
A Model in a Fashion Boutique
A Recording Artist in the Music Studio
Or find the right job for you at the Employment Office...
There is also a City Tour Bus that roams around the city where parents and kids can ride on a scheduled time role-playing like tourists or a tourist guide. Bookings are made ahead of time at the Central Station and it was like a city tour inside KidZania where the bus stops at popular spots of activities along the main roadway of KidZania Manila.

The City Tour Bus Sponsored by Chuckie!
Another interesting activity that my daughter tried was in the hospital joining the paramedic team in an emergency room. They were taught about first aid and the basics of emergency protocols. She enjoyed their ambulance ride and the company of her new friends while doing the activity inside KidZania's St. Luke's Medical Center.

Paramedic Team at St. Luke's Medical Center
It was just amazing how realistic the setting was at every corner of the city. Everything was just cool especially the battery operated cars that added excitement for the kids and adults alike. The establishments were sponsored by companies and brands giving the kids a simulated experience of the actual city where they really do big things independently as citizens of their own nation.

Brave Paramedics off to a rescue!
After becoming a part of the paramedic team, my daughter then joined the nursery team at St. Luke's Baby Care Center. Little Nurses were taught about how to properly handle a newborn, change nappies and baby clothes and put them back to their cribs.

While watching outside the glass windows, i can sense how amazed my daughter was and how attentive she was with everything their teacher was telling them. I knew this was something she really liked and she was dreaming too!

While my little girl was busy on the medical side, my son enjoyed another activity which i guess is something he really liked too. Whenever i will ask him what he wants when he grew up, he would always say, "I want to become like Daddy, I want to be an Engineer". And so when we got there at KidZania he was excited to become one! 

He worked as a construction worker, building the walls of a house with bricks and mortar together with other kids and he enjoyed it so much that he wanted to queue again. One thing that made him want to stay at the site is that for every work that he does, the establishment will pay him 10 KidZos for the labor he toiled and that was additional money for him to save or spend later!

Busy Construction Workers
From the Nursery the little girl then moved upstairs and tried the Urban Garden where she became an Arborist. They examine and care for trees in the garden and around the city wearing their green jumpsuits that looked so cute on them.

The Urban Garden
Ideally, the activities inside KidZania is applicable for kids 4 years old and above. However, if you have kids below 4 years old together with the older ones, they cannot participate in the activities but they have a special place on the 2nd level where they can also play and enjoy under supervision. 

The Kindergarten
The Kindergarten is a free play area where younger kids can also discover their skills and abilities by playing with educational toys and spend quality time with parents or a guardian.

Back to the grounds, my little man enrolled himself at the Driving School where he undergone training - learning about traffic regulations and vehicle operations and was given a driver's license after passing the test to be able to drive at the Shell Station.

Honda Driving School
Other features of the Honda Driving School is the car dealership program and car designing where they can make their custom design for cars.

On the other side is  the Shell Gas Station where they can work as a Pit Crew Member or a Mechanic. They will operate the gas pump, change oil, check tire pressure, or care for a customer's car. In my son's case, he doesn't like to work, he just wanted to drive around and so he paid 10 KidZos for that. NOTE: You cannot drive a car without acquiring a license first, therefore you must enroll at the driving school before you proceed.

Shell Gas Station
There is also a climbing activity where kids will work as Cable Service Installers or a Service Team Member. They will service an establishment and climb up a building to install cable service connections and will earn additional KidZos too.

Sky Cable
Not all activities are applicable for the same age groups. Other activities requires 6 years old and above to participate so better check the guidelines posted on each establishment before queueing to avoid hassles. 

All children will work independently and parents are just there to accompany them inside the vicinity.

Another favorite activity of the kids is the Aviation Academy where they received professional training as Pilots and Cabin Crews. An introduction to the tasks that pilots and cabin crew members do before, during and after each flight.

The Little Pilots
Cebu Pacific Aviation Academy
While there were activities that they tried separately, my kids also tried other activities together like working in the housekeeping of the Hotel. 

The Holiday Inn Hotel
The busy housekeeping staffs.
They were both happy to receive their salary right after the activity, learning the value of hard work and money.

Receiving their salaries after a job well done.
Working at the Supermarket as an employee - a cashier and a bagger is one of my favorite for the two! I felt like it was a dream come true especially for my daughter because play shopping is one of the things that we usually do at home. Yes!

Healthy Options Employees: The Cashier and the Bagger
Me and my daughter would play once in a while when i'm not busy. I will be the cashier because i was the one who is in front of my laptop most of the time and she will bring all her mini toys and pushcart in my home office like she was hoarding some groceries and i will scan them one by one through my monitor. 

The realistic setting of the Supermarket inside KidZania City is so much fun for the kids.
It was so much fun for her and i really enjoyed watching them. So cute and so cool! Below is the video you might just want to check.

Kids can play independently inside the city and their safety isn't something that we parents should worry about especially when they're grown up. KidZania is a safe place for the kids with well-trained staffs and no one is allowed to get outside the facility without their parents or guardians checking out at the immigration with them. All their whereabouts are monitored on their individual RFID bracelets and you can locate them easily.

Hubby inside the Sky Zone- parent's lounge
So, while your kids are enjoying their freedom in their own nation, parents can relax, worry-free at the Sky Zone- the parent's lounge at the 2nd floor just beside the Aviation Academy. 

Dads and Moms can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching tv inside this comfy area where there are couches and Mc Cafe where you can order a snack and rest for a while. NOTE: Only parents are allowed inside this facility!

Mc Cafe inside the parent's lounge
As much as we wanted to try more activities but our time is so limited, we decided to check out and do some store visits at The Fort to maximize our travel. But before heading out my kids dropped by at KidZania Tiangge and rewarded themselves with some arts and crafts for 10 KidZos. 

KidZania Tiangge
Arts and crafts inside the Tiangge
Then a quick visit to the Department Store to spend a few more KidZos to buy something that they like after a whole day of work and training. Funny how my son expend all his KidZos while my daughter had sufficient amount of KidZos left to buy something and still was able to save a lot to be deposited at the bank. KidZos can still be used when you visit again at KidZania together with their paZZports.

Food hubs are available inside KidZania like McDonald's, Via Mare, Yellow Cab, Mc Cafe, Mini Stop and other food kiosks, so grabbing a snack or lunch isn't a problem, though Mcdonald's can get really crowded all the time.

KidZania Manila is also open for parties and celebrations. They offer blowout packages with perks and benefits for all the guests and the celebrants including food and beverage. To know more about these features you may check it here.

KidZania is located in 19 countries around the world and Manila is the 20th branch, the first and only in the Philippines as of today. Tickets are available online at Ticket World and counters opens at 8am inside KidZania. I'd suggest you book your tickets ahead of time via Ticket World to reserve your slot because they have limited number of visitors per day. Once they're fully booked, walk-ins are not anymore entertained.


  • Mondays to Thursdays:  9AM to 4PM (1 shift)
  • Fridays to Sundays (and National Holidays): 9AM to 2PM and 3PM to 8PM 
KidZania Manila is absolutely an awesome place for kids! A one of a kind, fun and life changing experience for our little citizens where they can take home a lot of knowledge and learnings about the value of work and the advancement of skills through interactive, hand-on and reality based environment.

It is truly an educational and entertainment city that will help our kids learn 21st century skills such as independence, communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and financial literacy by allowing them to earn and manage their own money. Definitely worth the price and time and having all these for the kids of today - i wish i was a kid again! Surely we'll be coming back soon!

Thank you for dropping by and hope you enjoyed our KidZania experience through our photos. It would be nice if you and your kids can visit too! That would be awesome!
P.S. Allow a whole day to maximize your stay.

Park Triangle, North
11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City

Available Parking Areas:
-Park Triangle (Pay Parking)
-Market! Market!
-30th East Parking Area on 11th Avenue Cor. 32nd St. with A, B, and C lot parking
For directions you may refer here.

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  1. What a fun place to be at. I'm sure any kids would love to go there including mine.

  2. Kidzania is five minutes away from our place, as in walking lang, but we haven't taken the kids there yet. We need preparation.


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