Why hello there, September!


It has always been a tradition in my home to welcome the first day of the "ber" months, somewhat extra special. I just feel like its the most wonderful time to start the countdown before the holidays, do some gift giving lists for Christmas shopping and probably the most awaited time to dig into the storage room and clean that colorful lights and lanterns in preparation for Christmas gatherings! Yes! 
September is also the month start when birthdays of my family members would ring a bell! A reason for me to save the dates on my calendar and prepare the gifts if needed be! And what's most exciting for me and the kids is the Christmas tree! Yup! You heard it right! The Christmas tree is due on display in a couple of days maybe. (Just give me time,okey?)

But before that, allow me to congratulate myself for writing today after a month long absence in this space. The past weeks has been a roller coaster! I felt the need to enjoy some me-time, do some over-sleeping and over-eating while doing a lot of cooking for the kids. On the other side, my weeks was filled with so many things like doing research for my Yashica business plan, talking a lot with my manufacturer and our chemist, meet-ups with my MumsDailyPh team, doing a lot of work in my office in between and not to mention my "home" works, because we don't have a house help dear.  

I was losing grip, that writing a blog was like hitting my head with a hammer. May time talagang ganon? But I thank God for HIS promises. Blessings are streaming down from heaven and i can feel the rewards of all the hard work i poured into all our projects lately. 

ASPIRE: The First MumsDailyPH's Meet-Up
I'd like to share in this short post, how happy I am together with my partners for the success of our community's first ever workshop. Our desire to empower moms around the region to uplift their passions by realizing their purpose while finding balance between family and work is slowly being realized. And i'm just amazed how each and every single steps can make a big difference not just in other's lives but in our day to day journey as well. Learnings and realizations made room for self-improvement and the fellowship of good friends who are working on the same purpose is entirely a great privilege to be a part of.

More than the blessings I thank the Lord for the experiences, for the hard times i've encountered, the feelings of frustrations, the scarcity of resources at times that made me and my team a little worried and the inconveniences we faced in order to get through. God's provision and guidance all throughout is really evident and we were so overwhelmed by God's favor upon us. Truly, more than what we contrive, it is God's work that is amazing! 

MumsDailyPh Founders
Now that the season of sharing was pulling near, i believe we're made even stronger for a greater purpose at a more challenging pace. God has placed us on a mission and that is to be committed to give more and be generous of our time and endeavor. And i am praying that we will be able to deliver joy and inspiration to the community that God has entrusted us. 

True influence isn't about the number of reach, it is about impacting behaviors, through passion, relevance, and trust. Advocacy is the highest expression of brand, because it is seasoned with love, and therefore, when nurtured, becomes influence.

"Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you've always imagined. Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can..."

Make a difference!

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