When in Batangas: Seafood in the Bucket by Chef Jonas, A Sweet Chili Date!


If there would be one specialty that me and my hubby would enjoy the most, i think that would be a platter of seafoods garnished with the most delectable flavors of butter, garlic and chili or maybe a bowl of  crabs cooked in creamy coconut milk that is hot and spicy. Yes we love "maanghang", but he likes it more than i do.

Just recently, our busy Monday schedule transported us in the city of Lipa, Batangas, reason for us to check out a new place to dine-in, just in time for lunch. The wheels of the car went fast as we approached San Jose, and slowly till we reach the city where we spotted Seafood in the Bucket by Chef Jonas. Actually, i had been seeing this resto for quite some time now and the name sounds familiar. On my frequent googling, i stumbled across this site and thought that oh! it was in the middle east! How am i goin' to try that? But that was just the name similar to this and how happy i was to know that the concept of seafoods inside a bucket is now here in Batangas.

Seafood in the Bucket by Chef Jonas sits across Fernando Airbase in Lipa City. It is housed inside a homey ambiance at the second floor. The restaurant's specialty is none other than what's in their name- Seafoods! But what's interesting was the aspect of offering a variety of seafoods to their guests and giving them the freedom to create a specialty meal that will perfectly suit their taste!

Ordering is fun! Here's how;
First step: You have to choose your catch or simply pick the kind of seafood you would like to devour. They have fish nuggets, cream dory, crablets, fried tilapia, shrimps, crabs, squids and the list goes on! I ordered my all time favorite shrimps of course, while hubby ordered his favorite crabs. These are all served with unlimited rice, sulit diba?

Step 2: You have to choose your sauce/dip. It can be Butter and Garlic, Sweet Chili, Sweet Chili very Spicy, Teriyaki, Barbeque and more on the list! My husband, surely, would opt to the super hot and spicy yet sweet-y kind of sauce, and me as the one who has a shorter tolerance for spicy flavors, i chose the sweet chili sauce that was just mild and sweet.

Next steps would be your choice of drinks, where they can serve you hotties and coolers and if you'll feel the need to add some more for your catch then the choice is all yours. 

Allergic to seafood? Seafood in the bucket by Chef Jonas do not just offer seafoods! They have a variety of filipino dishes that will compliment your dining experience inside their homey space. We also ordered Ensaladang Talong and Grilled Liempo which is a home favorite especially for my husband who happens to eat pork only in the Philippines. They also have chicken, mixed vegetables and soup. 

While waiting for our orders, they served us complimentary cold water in a nice bottle and some chips that are good! Surely, my kids would love it here!

Picture picture while waiting for our orders!
The ambiance was warm and friendly, and the staff was very attentive to our needs. It made us feel very at-home with some relaxing music while waiting for our food to be served. On each tables were neon colored buckets with aprons inside that added color and excitement for diners. Of course we knew how one could get so messy while eating the crabs and the shrimps and this is just a table all set and ready for some messy eating! I actually wanted to take home one of the aprons, if the owner would permit to, i will! Just kidding!

Now, for the food! Ayan, after 15 minutes or so, the food was gladly served where the rice is inside the bucket covered with a tin bowl of seafoods on top! The way it looked is already appetizing. If you're the kind who can get so excited at the sight of food, then you can probably guess how i always feel whenever the glorious food is being served! I'm smiling from ear to ear. Yes!

Tools for the crabs!
The best way to eat seafoods is nothing but the messy way! But they do offer plastic gloves in case you never want to get messy all the way. My husband and i just can't feel the joy of eating seafoods with the gloves and so we opted to eat it with our hands.

Sweet Chili very Spicy Crabs and Sweet Chili Shrimps in the bucket with unlimited rice!
Hands-up, they're really good. The sweetness, the spice and everything is just nice. The sauce has something in it that is quite addicting. 
Ensaladang Talong and Grilled Liempo
The ensalada was really very good with the shrimp paste on top, i love all the spices! On the other hand, the grilled liempo is very flavorful too, served with some fried eggplant and tomato, best pair! So far, so good!
Nevermind the mess, they got wet towels for your hands though. Everything is just perfect here for the ultimate seafood in the bucket experience! I can hear Mr. Crab and Patrick screaming out loud, so where's Sponge Bob by the way? Lol!

I was able to consume all my shrimps while my husband wasn't able to devour his crabs, but i guess he intentionally left the two portions of his order for take home. He wanted it for dinner kase! ;-) Lol!

Right after the sumptuous meal, we had our dessert. We ordered Leche Flan, which i thought would be a fraction of a whole just like any other restaurants, but we were surprised with one whole lyanera of Leche Flan! Well, i really like it here, it's really very affordable, the price of seafoods was cheaper too considering the size of serving. We were also offered FREE hot "Kapeng Barako" and my husband gladly accepted the offer while i cannot already contain my full tummy that time. Sobrang busog lang!

Leche Flan
Nothing really special about this one. I just noticed that the presentation was very much child-friendly with the marshmallows and colorful sprinkles on top! ;-)
Not longer then, we asked for our bill and it was nice how they presented it in a cutie little bucket too!

The overall experience at Seafood in the Bucket by Chef Jonas is totally fun and well worth the cost. Their shout out that says "Our delicious and mouth-watering seafood meals are reasonably priced and served in a unique way..." is definitely true. And oh! There's bonus, your dining experience wouldn't be complete without having a photo taken by their staff with the friendly and very accommodating Chef Jonas...

Photo Courtesy of Seafood in the Bucket by Chef Jonas
Will i be back? Yes, definitely! This place is highly recommendable - value for money, clean place, great food, commendable service and a family friendly dining destination for all!

Till our next gastronomic diaries!

Seafood in the Bucket by Chef Jonas just moved to a new location!

Seafood in the Bucket by Chef Jonas
General Luna St., Marawoy, Lipa City
(Beside Uncle Cheffy)
Mobile: 0917-851-9738
Phone: (043) 757-5590
Open Everyday from 10:00am - 10:00pm
Visit their Facebook Fanpage; Click Here.

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