When In Batangas: Jovita Cafe's Bagels, Pasta and Fruit Teas


It was a gloomy Sunday afternoon then. The kids were off on a short vacation at their granny's place due to a long weekend celebration once again. While me and my all time favorite cousin Josh were left in the house and that day seemed to be a lazy, sleepy, kind of Sunday. Still, we managed to get up in the afternoon and attended the 4pm Sunday service in our local church. I love Sundays, probably because it's the kind of day when i had the excuse to not cook or prepare any dish for lunch or dinner (we usually eat out). I love it too because it's that one day of the week where i can be on the lookout to try new restaurants or cafes around the city or maybe in the nearby towns after attending church.

We dropped by  at Jovita Cafe along Port Diversion Road in Batangas City before heading home. It's the traffic-free and most convenient route for me to take, especially when i came from the city proper. I've been seeing this resto-cafe for quite some time now and heard about some good reviews of it from my friends, but wasn't able to try it though, because of time constraints. Fortunately, i'm in my mood that late afternoon to try out what's blogabble from their menu and hoping i could share this foodie finds here in my blogosphere.

Okay, enough of the side stories...

I am not familiar with their bill of fare, and so what i always do (if so) is ask the staff  what's worth trying and started choosing from there. I've made a very quick selection and was ready to order when the staff was kinda busy that moment doing some chatter with another staff, (hey there! i'm here! i'm listening! ;-0) but since i'm not really that hungry, i waited for her to get done with her business then i placed my order right after (I'm so mabait, right?

Here's what we ordered:

BAGEL BURGER  (Served with Fries) P160

How do you like Bagels? Well, i love them for three reasons: They're dense and chewy, bland in taste, and big enough for a (always) hungry tummy. I like it because i can add everything on it depending on my mood. I can put any spread of choice or i can just load it up with everything flavorful.  Its perfect when hot!  

But let me confess that this is my first time to try out Bagels for Burger. It was surprisingly delicious! Rich in flavor, soft and just appetizing on its own. The patty, sauce, and veges comes together perfectly. It was also served with fries and for the price of P160 for a Bagel that was value for money!


They said it was the newest on their list and so i tried having this Spicy Seafood Pasta. Basically, it was good, the serving was even great for sharing, and what i noticed is the abundance of "seafoods" on it! I love seafoods, and as we all know, seafoods on restaurant menus are a bit pricey compared to other foods. But this was just perfect in size and serving. See all those squids and shrimps? Hindi sya tinipid! And i love the harmony of flavors on my palate, never too bland or salty nor sweet or spicy! It's kinda oily though but it's a perfect blend for me ;-)


My cousin Josh ordered this for himself, i knew it was his favorite. And we were like sharing everything on the table that afternoon. This is something that you should try too! I love Carbonara more than Spaghetti and so far this is one of the best Carbonaras i've tried. It has the right fusion of creaminess and flavors with substantial amount of sauce. The grilled chicken was very yummy too, and the portions are sufficient.


For the drink, this must've been their best-seller according to them. I don't know what's with my tongue that afternoon that i really cannot appreciate the taste of Watermelon and Kiwi, i was like thinking where did all the flavors go? Or maybe i was just too overwhelmed with all the food on the table, i really cannot distinguish what's it for the drink. I should try it again next time ;-)


Oh and there's more! Imagine we're just two and it's like 4 people who were feasting on our table! We still had clubhouse sandwich, but it was actually ordered by my cousin too! The serving was really worthy of the price and the taste is fairly good. I just wished they would serve it with potato chips rather than fries. For a change! ;-)
Overall the food experience and the service was commendable. The adequacy of the serving just exceeded my expectations plus the taste factor. Infact, the quantity of each menu is good for sharing, so, it was value for money considering the prices of their food. It was fairly reasonable. 

The ambiance is warm, cozy and friendly. Simple and yet, it was spacious. It can be a good venue for intimate coffee parties for friends and close families if so. The guy staffs who served us were nice and friendly, in fact they are very attentive to our needs. I just wish the people on the cashier who take orders will be more engaging and friendly and would attend to customers' queries quickly. 

Other than that, it was a good place to dine-in and relax, enjoy a good book over a cup of coffee or seize the moment with best friends over a glass of frappe, or maybe enjoy a good snack or dinner over pastas and bagel burgers with a significant other. Yes, the Bagel Burger, i will never forget! I'd come back for that!

They got cakes and pastries too from Conti's, yes! And they have Sola iced teas and canned beers available. Will i recommend this? Of course! When in Batangas try out Jovita Cafe! It's worth every penny! ;-)

See you on another Sunday's best!

Jovita Cafe
Port Diversion Road, Batangas City
(Near Batangas State University)
Opens Monday to Sunday 8am-11pm
Telephone No. (043) 984-4776

Visit Jovita Cafe on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Jovita-Cafe
Check out Jovita Cafe's Menu at http://www.letseat.at/jovita-cafe/menu

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