When in Batangas: Fire Brick Grilled Burgers at BURGER STREET


Aside from coffee shops and cafes who offer delicious pastas and sandwiches for the foodies, don't you know that burger joints were also popping-up like mushrooms, everywhere in Batangas? In my town alone, i think i can count five (5) garage burger stalls (if i'm not mistaken) or more! And they offer nothing but BURGERS! The slowest kind of poison for the health conscious buffs but perhaps the most satisfying comfort food to many.

Photo Credits to BRGR ST. Facebook Fanpage
On my occasional afternoon burger hunting, i stumbled across this burger place in Alangilan, Batangas City. I used to try out different garage burger stations, but this one, i guess, is the second most blog-able for me and it deserves some space here in my blogosphere. Let me share to you my BURGER STREET experience. I'm not quite sure if it's BURGER STREET or BRGR ST.? Ano ba talaga? 

Anyhoo! Most of the time, if i'm not with my husband who is not a fan of burgers, and would prefer LOMI rather than the patties, i will hang out with my favorite cousin, Josh! He's my favorite because he's my mortal enemy no.1! Lol! Kidding aside, i love going out with Josh, because he can drive, and he can eat my leftovers in a snap. (Pag sobrang dami kong inorder at diko na talaga kayang kainin lahat!) Sharing is caring right?! [Insert a big grin here]

So here's what we ordered!

Toasted Bun, Lettuce, Dressing, Triple 1/3 lbs Patty, Cheese Sauce, Chili Meat Sauce, Pico De Gallo served with Fries and Bottomless Iced Tea

It was huge! For the price of P300, it's fair enough with unlimited fuel of iced tea from their jugs. Lol! They introduces fire brick grilling for their patties. And i can attest to the hickory taste and smokey flavor of the meat.  

However, what i noticed was, the patty is kinda oily, of course i don't like it dry, juicy it must be! But not too oily like it was dripping from within, all the while i thought it's not well done. Baka nga?

On the contrary, i super love the combination of Chili Meat Sauce and Cheese Sauce. It has perfect combination and i love the spice! It's the intriguing part of eating Burger Street's best-selling burgers.

Meet Josh, and paboritong kong cousin! ;-)
I enjoyed the Tower Burger, sharing it with my favorite cousin at naitumba namin yun in a snap! In fact, i thought it was just the burger that we will eat, i almost forgot my Buffalo Wings pa pala kami!


When you say buffalo, expect it to be spicy, and warning! Spicy talaga sya! It's a bit pricey for P350, maybe they can add, mga 2 wings pa! Hehehe! But the presentation was quite impressive and the taste is equally good like the burger, masarap!


I really don't know what's with me, pero whenever i check out new restos and food hubs, there's a certain feeling na parang gusto ko orderin lahat! That's why i ordered pasta and Tuna Alfredo was recommended by the chef. Nothing is wow with the pasta, it's just tuna, pasta, cheese and 2 half slices of toasted bread. It's good but nothing extraordinary about it. That's it!

-All in all, the food was satisfying considering the adequacy of servings. 
-The price of the burgers are just okey but if they can make it a little cheaper for the locals much better. 
-The place is just fine, i mean, we all know the concepts of garage burgers. In fact, their space was quite bigger than the other burger stalls that I've visited but still they can get crowded a lot of times. But more than anything else it should maintain cleanliness at all times.
-Their supply of iced tea was in the "jug" and when you order bottomless, you have to come over to the side and refill your glasses with iced tea from the jug. There's no problem with that, self-service is okey. But i wish they can improve the container of their iced tea. It must be something presentable and appealing to the drinkers and not the ordinary water jugs. (Just my two cents)
-And maybe it would be better if they can come up with a special house blend iced tea that is more refreshing and flavorful.
Yun lang!

Overall, BURGER STREET or BRGR ST. is something worth trying if ever you'll crave for some gastronomic burger experience! 

Virgo St, Madonna Homes Subdivision, 
Alangilan Batangas City, Philippines
Opens Tuesday - Saturday
Time: 4pm - 9pm
Contact #: 0936-910-0008
Facebook Fanpage: BRGR ST.


Burger Street just keeps getting better and better! Way to go for fire brick grilled burgers! 
Now they had branches at the following areas:

Photo Credits to BRGR ST. Facebook Fanpage
And the newest addition to their menu is now up for the foodies out there! I can't wait to get my hands on those Nachos! It's my favorite! :-)

Photo Credits to BRGR ST. Facebook Fanpage

Join me on my next Burger Street foodventure!

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