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I've been wanting to visit City of Dreams Manila for the kids to experience Dreamplay and since it was a special non-working holiday in the province of Batangas that day, [commemorating the celebration of Mabini Day] and it was a nice Thursday, we pursue the long overdue plan. It was also timing that our Big Daddy is present for a 28 days vacation and so we drove all the way heading to the metro. The visit was originally scheduled for my son's 8th birthday coming August, but since its a holiday on a weekday, i believe it was the perfect time to visit, considering also that ticket rates are cheaper on weekdays rather than the weekends and i presumed that the crowd isn't too big which is in fact true that day.

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After arriving at the place, and securing a very nice parking at the 3rd level, we immediately purchased our tickets and started goofing around with the kids. 

Dreamplay claims to be the first interactive entertainment place in the country where your favorite Dreamworks animation comes together live  and allows you to Create, Play and Learn. Indeed, we were greeted by the impressive over-sized structures of Shrek and the colorful theme of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train your Dragon movie animates. It was like a mini Universal Studios indoor theme park, world-class.

It is a 5000 square meter space with 14 attractions, party rooms and food hubs for everyone's convenience. Children below 100cm are FREE of charge however, the attractions are more likely to be applicable to children about 100cm above or 7-17years old. Adults are not allowed to come in without a child with them. And non-participating adults will also have to pay in full price.


Upon checking-in you have to decide how many hours you will be staying inside the area, all your details will be encoded in the tablet, a waiver must be signed and a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) wrist band will be given to each and every guests where your time starts immediately upon tapping it on the entrance gate. 


Gingy's Kitchen

Being mindful of our time, me and my daughter ran to the cooking class to reserve a slot but the time given to us was for the afternoon session already which i think we cannot accomplish in due time, but still we had our slots reserved. 

Cooking with Gingy at Gingy's Kitchen was like a cooking class where kids will learn how to make ginger breads which they can take and eat out after baking it.

How to Fly your Dragon (Dragon Slides)

This activity is one of the coolest for the kids to try over and over again. My son did it twice without us around.

Hand-crafted dragon parts were kept into the barrels and kids must be able to complete a dragon by choosing their type of parts in the bucket.

Upon completion they have to climb up and "fly" that dragon down through the tracks. Then they're gonna be sliding down through those giant twisted slides to get outside. They love the slides!

Afro Circus

There was nothing special about this attraction. It was just a common play area like the ones we frequent in the malls.

A foamed multi-level play zone where kids can climb, jump and shoot the balls around, kinda boring, yes. And not something that you should try to prioritize on your visit if you have a limited time.

Wall of Destiny

Wall of Destiny is a series of climb challenges applicable for older and taller kids. My son tried the wall climbing activity while my little daughter cannot participate yet.

Adults can also try these kind of activities but they have to pay the price of the kids' tickets instead of the adult rates.

Thread of Enlightenment

This is a rope maze where one has to balance himself on a rope secured by a harness to be able to pass across a two-level rope course. The activity is ideal for adults, taller and bigger kids or teens.

Fast as Lightning Kung Fu Fighting

"Ready your fist and fury and prepare to kick the dumplings out of your enemies as you train with these Kung Fu Panda legends"

This is an interactive activity where kids are trained by Po and the Kung Fu Master together with the Kung Fu Panda Dojo through a multi sensory level screen. Kids must follow some sort of dance steps or Kung Fu moves synchronized with the Kung Fu Music. My son participated in the training and was ranked 2nd top performer after the session.


I am not familiar with Dinotrux, while my son is fanatically inclined with it. The Dinotrux attraction is where kids will learn how to build and pilot their own Reptools.

Using a point system through a tablet they will be able to track their tools and point them to run through the tracks on a scheduled time. 

Shrek's Swamp Stomp

Basically, this is Shrek's home where kids can come over and fool around his swamp house. My kids were hesitant to come inside because they thought that Shrek was inside to eat them.

What we just saw was the ogre's throne, the big tables and chairs and kitchen utensils that is fit for an ogre. And the rest was a play area outside his swamp.

Dream Studio

This is a room where kids can learn while sitting on the director's chair, making their own animated film. I just had a glimpse of it because my two kids seemed like the're not interested with the activity so we pass it.

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Whatever Floats Your Boat

In here, the penguins of Madagascar will be needing your help to create a sound seafaring vessel. The kids were challenged to create they're own boat and upon completion they will have to sail it down and round the river with obstacles along the way. 

Me and my husband as the "non-participating" adults we're joggling inside the theme park merely as companions of the kids, however we were allowed to participate into 4 attractions only, The Dreamtales Libray (No Socks, No Entry), Madagascar Plane, Dream Theater, and the Science Exhibits.

Dreamtales Library

The Dreamtales library is were story stelling with puppet show takes place. Younger kids can enjoy this attraction without the minimum height requirement.

Make sure that everyone, both kids and adults are wearing socks, or they will not allow you to get inside just like what happened to me. Sad :-( So my kids together with their Dad enjoyed the show and the story telling with those puppets that come to life.

Madagascar Plane

The plane located on the 2nd floor which was like a replica of an aircraft was a fun experience for the kids with its propelling parts.

They could pretend like pilots inside the plane and the smaller kids can enjoy here a lot. The place on the second floor was kind'a dark which is quite unsafe for kids to play around without supervision.

Science Exhibits (No Photo)

I was actually looking for the Science Exhibit Room when a staff pointed me to go upstairs. What i saw again was the Madagascar plane, function rooms and another small room where no one is present so i suppose its not quite interesting to pay a visit and so i headed on the ground floor again. 

Dream Theater

Just like the other 4D experiences we had previously in Malaysia and Singapore, this is just the same. A one of a kind experience where you will be able to feel the excitement while watching a 4-dimensional dreamworks movie production in a short span of time. Be prepared to get wet and note that cameras are not allowed inside.

The Dreamshop

Ofcourse, there will always be a place to shop for souvenirs. But if you are the kind of mom or parent who's budget conscious like me, the merchandise can look so fascinating but you might just grumble at the prices too! My kids are very much disciplined when it comes to shopping that when they knew the price is high and the budget is tight they will never buy ;-)

There you have it! The attractions are quite few considering the price you have to pay for it. But nevertheless, it was a worthy experience for the kids and a great family bonding moment. It is a high class facility therefore you still get the price you paid for, i just wish they'll offer longer hours like 3 hours for the same rate and discount for bigger groups. I can't wait to go back! We availed the 2-hour ticket but was so bitin!

  • Adult visitors without children are not allowed to get inside the theme park.
  • You can purchase tickets at SM Tickets if you do not want to experience long queues especially on weekends.
  • I'd recommend that you avail the 4-hour ticket. Enough for you and your kids to experience everything without hurrying.
  • Be mindful of your time. Once the 2-hour or 4-hour pass has already expired, guests may still enjoy the attractions BUT charges for extensions shall be billed at the check-out counter.
  • For participating adults: Shoes and Socks is a MUST.
  • Slippers, open-toed shoes, sleeveless shirts is not allowed inside the facility. Wearing of clothing with rude, vulgar, or offensive language or graphics may result in refusal of admittance or ejection from the facility.
  • Outside food and beverage are not permitted but my kids' bottled waters were allowed.
  • Picture taking is allowed however there's insufficient lighting inside the premises.
  • Upon entering the facility be sure to register first at Gingy's Kitchen followed by the Dream Theater because they usually have long queues and the cooking class must be booked ahead of time.
  • Check the schedule at the Dreamtales Library so that you wouldn't miss the puppet show and be there on time.
  • Be sure to eat and have a full tummy especially the kids before getting inside the park so as to avoid waisting your bundle.
  • The only place to eat inside is Chez Gingy where they serve burgers, pizzas and dimsums at quite  an expensive price.
  • For those with infants, lockers and strollers are available for rent.
  • The best time to visit is in the morning where the crowd are still few. Be there early!
They do not provide maps. So here's a copy of the map from Dreamplay. Ticket prices for weekdays and weekends are also provided below. 

City of Dreams Manila
Aseana Avenue, Corner Roxas Boulevard,
Entertainment City, Paranaque 1701,
Manila, Philippines 
Tel No. (02) 800-8080

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoyed our blurry photos! See you on the next blog!

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