Ilocos Travel Diary: Vigan Home Stay - A blessing in Disguise


If ever you'll be travelling to Vigan on a summer or maybe on a weekend, make sure you book your hotel atleast a week or days before you plan to go. I just made a terrible mistake of not booking our room ahead of time, thinking that its a Tuesday so most probably, the hotels are available though it was a peak summer season. We left Batangas on a Sunday night and headed straight to Ilocos Norte, targeting Pagudpud on our first day. While i enjoyed so much of the places in the North, and we got a nice stay at Saud Beach which i just booked that same day when we arrived, I thought i can do the same thing at Vigan. But that was a major epic fail!

Our Vigan Home Stay
While on our way to Ilocos Sur from Paoay (our last itinerary for the day at Ilocos Norte) I had my shortlist of hotel (that i planned to book the day before) on hand. And thanks God almost all of the budget hotels i listed had their mobile numbers all working and available so i called them one by one. I actually had this list ready a month long before we proceeded with our tour as part of my Ilocos Travel Itinerary but my failure to book one for our group brought me this major disasters - my phone went battery dead and as we get nearer to Vigan, half of the hotels on my list were fully booked!

We were a group of 11 plus 2 kids and finding a huge room to accommodate us all is not quite possible that time. Then i got 2 hotels with last 2 rooms available and i got it on hold to ask the group if the rate is okey with them. But fate is really not on my side that night. Because the moment i was about to book that one perfect hotel that qualifies our specifications, the last room was finally taken that instant.

And so we arrived at Vigan City just in time for the Musical Fountain Show. We parked at the nearby Chowking just across Plaza Salcedo and the crowd waiting for the show is huge already until the show started in no time. I was trying to console myself that night by enjoying the Musical Fountain Show at the Plaza without having dinner yet and not even sure where to sleep. I was actually worrying and some kind of depressed because the group might blame me for not booking it ahead. While the rest of the group were watching the show, my Mom and my Dad together with our driver were already gobbling down their lauriat at Chowking.

After the show, me, together with my cousin in law and some friends went for a walk to search for an available hotel around the vicinity. Not longer then, my Mom called me that there was this crew in Chowking whom she had spoken with, just to ask for a transient house where we could stay for a night, enough to get a sleep and take a bath the next morning. And so this crew told my Mom that yes there is, in fact it was his uncle's home that is for rent. I never bothered to ask where and how does it looked like, all i care about is we need to rest and sleep because the next day will be another tiring day for us, most especially the kids.

To make the story short, we ate our dinner as fast as we can while the crew is waiting for us (it was just timing that he was just about to get out from his duty and the place where he's taking us is also the same place where he stays.) and I thank God for sending us this angel that night!

We traveled for like 15 minutes and as we get nearer,  the surroundings became so dark and we were like traveling somewhere not anymore in the city. A lot of scary things ran through my mind and I was praying that Lord, Kayo na po bahala!

When we reached the gate, the whole place was dark - because there was NO ELECTRICITY pala! The owner of the house then welcomed us and said that the room was actually ready and all of the sudden the power interruption in the area occurred. He then told us that it wouldn't take too long and the power will be on. We waited for quite some time and then finally boom! There's light! And to my surprise the whole place was nice. There was a garage with 4 or 5 cars (i think) parked and  two houses inside one compound. The first house was the owner's house and right where we were being entertained by the owner was the room where we will spend the night away. 

We had one room just enough for all of us, one queen bed, and 2 pull out beds for the rest of the group, and a decent bathroom was inside that house. It was air-conditioned and that's all that we needed for a goodnight sleep. We all lined up to the bathroom to refresh and clean up before hitting the sack.

The next morning we were advised  that we can cook breakfast for free and we can get hot and cold water from the dispenser for free. The owner was very accommodating and "makwento" and you will really  feel at home at their place. They got 2 other bathrooms outside open for guests. The whole place is clean and spacious. If you are a family traveling in a group, cars can park inside their premises.The location is quite distant from the city but is very accessible for tricycles or private cars. They even have a van for rent in case you wanted to charter one for a Pagudpud - Laoag Tour. (I wasn't able to take photos of the interiors and the bathrooms as i was dead tired that night, all i really wanted is to rest.)

Governor Chavit Singson's Private Airport

We had a goodnight sleep, and a refreshing shower, some hot pandesals from a nearby bakery, hot coffee and we cooked hotdogs (our own) for breakfast, there was a porch where we hang out while grabbing our quick breakfast and a television to entertain us, all for the price of P3500/night (we are a group of 13pax) and that was just a great blessing for us who happened to fail in booking a hotel room ahead of time. On our way back to the city we passed by the governor's private airport along the way. 

Vigan Coast - Photo Source
BONUS: If you have some spare time, go and check out the beach in Vigan, it's just a tumbling away from there.The place is very accessible to the Hidden Garden and Baluarte too. To sum it up, i would recommend this transient home if you're a big group and looking for a budget accommodation at Vigan City. Drop by at Vigan market and buy something to cook for dinner and breakfast before heading here.  

Vigan Home Stay is located at Brgy. Mindoro, Vigan City
Rate: P3,500/Night
Contact Person:
Mr. Alex Hernandex (Owner)
Mobile No. 0917-568-2832

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