Ilocos Travel Diary: The Towering Beauty of Cape Bojeador Lighthouse


Seeing a lighthouse, whether a picture, an illustration or a concrete one, usually gives me random thoughts. The one in horror movies made me think that lighthouses are such creepy places where ghosts and other outside of the world activities can take place any time of the day. On the lighter side, when i see one on photos seated on calm waters, it give me feelings of hope and dreams, sending me a message of beauty, joy, peace and the need to be still. Truly, lighthouses are a favorite scenic spots and those I've mentioned were just some of the facile declaration of my fondness for such edifice.

Back to my Ilocandia series, after traveling for more than 62 kilometers from Batac (1.5hours), we arrived at our next destination, the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. From the main road we were pointed to a narrow two-laned winding road going up to the lighthouse base. We parked in a small corner and walked uphill until we reached the flight of stairs going inside. 

I've visited a lighthouse before somewhere in the part of Lobo, Batangas but that's a different story and has a disparate vibe. On the contrary, Cape Bojeador is another libretto and there are just three things that i so love about this place which made it to my favorites: The cold and windy atmosphere, the wonderful view of the South China Sea from over the top, and its timeless architectural appeal.

Climbing up the stairs and feasting my eyes on the 360 degrees view of Ilocos is such an overwhelming experience and the storm strong wind slapping through my face is just so relaxing. I just can't imagine how it could be so romantic to spend an afternoon up there and witness the golden hours of the sunset. Kakakilig!

While stepping slowly through the brick staircase, i was imagining how lovely this place was during the Spanish times. Another escape of feeling, transporting me back in the 80s. But sadly, it was slowly losing its elegance as i was looking around. This old lighthouse which has turned into a national treasure and heritage site needs to be recreated and refurbished. The old and supposedly decorative grills and windows are now rustic and creaking. But i could still sense its beauty and how it has been a significant structure during its glorious times.

It houses old memorabilias in a room but i didn't bother to stay longer and took more photographs of it because there's just a certain unexplainable feeling, like a hair-raising incident that happened to me that very moment when i was about to enter that mini museum inside the lighthouse. (Okey, sorry if it scared you a bit, i won't be talking about it)

I have read a few ghost stories about lighthouses and during my usual blog reading habits i stumbled across some creepy tales from Cape Bojeador Lighthouse like ghosts appearing in photographs and the caretaker who used to maintain the lighthouse has shared some ghostly apparitions during his stay at the lighthouse. Takot ka?

During our time of visit there's quite a volume of tourists that day and thank God there is, or else i might not have the mood to go up and climb that stairs and have a peek of the interiors of the lighthouse. This place could be both a tourist attraction and a place for paranormal buffs.

Anyway, on the happier side, down the staircase outside the lighthouse is a market place vibe with a number of vendors selling snacks, fruit juices, and souvenir items like shirts and replicas of the lighthouse and windmills good for home displays.

Until the rain began to pour, we left the place and started again our journey to the next destination. This charm and elegance of Cape Bojeador deserves to be well-protected and whatever mystery it has in store must be respected by the people.

“We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won't need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don't fire cannons to call attention to their shining- THEY JUST SHINE.”

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