Ilocos Travel Diary: Cathy's Home Stay - A Home in Pagudpud


While planning our trip to Ilocos, i had listed quite a few number of hotels and resorts where we could stay overnight, considering the budget, location and safety. Searching through the internet and reading some other blogs i came across this transient home in Saud Beach. I was actually wondering how nice it could be in reality, because it got a good rating from travelers- budget friendly and nice! I wrote it down on my list but honestly, its the least on my options.

Cathy's Pension House

We've had a number of stops already before we arrived at Pagudpud and while traveling i texted the number provided on the internet to inquire if Cathy's Home Stay is still available. I was glad she responded promptly and answered all my queries that instant. I just felt that maybe this place is just for us, considering that we are a big group traveling together. She gave it at P350/head so I booked it through text few hours before we reach the place.

Arriving at Pagudpud i texted her again and she provided us directions on how we can get to the place. Before we proceed, we grabbed some late lunch and we dropped by in the wet market to get something that we could cook for dinner and breakfast the next day. And it turned out to be a picnic because we got a package for food, (Takot magutom ang peg!) also knowing that it's a beach and i have learned through my searches that there are no restaurants nor fastfoods available in the area. 

Cathy's Home Stay is situated at Saud Beach, beside the other beach resorts. We didn't have a hard time finding the place because there are signage everywhere and Ate Cathy texted us precise directions. As we arrived, we were greeted by Ate Cathy and she showed us the rooms. There were 3 rooms available and what she was giving me was the two big rooms where all of us can fit in. Each has 3 double beds and a bathroom. The rate is P2,000/room but we agreed earlier on the rate per head which is P350. There's a small room that is good for two for the rate f P1500 per room. My husband seemed to be so generous that day and he decided to get all three rooms and Ate Cathy gave it for P5,000/ night (3 rooms) instead of P5,500.

Our Room
The room was very basic but it was all spacious and clean. The two big rooms has 3 double beds while the smaller room has 1 double bed and 1 single bed. The air-condition was cool and we had a wall mounted flat screen cable television. The bathrooms we're basically good and in order. We also had an available electric fan inside the room.

3rd Bed inside our Room
2nd Big Room with my cousin-in-law on the photo
The hallway was airy and there were tables and chairs provided. We then prepared the food and we cooked in her kitchen for free. During night time, the boys wanted to drink and relaxed a bit so they got cans/bottles of beer and grilled on some meat, hotdogs and squids. It turned out to be a real picnic! While the rest of us girls, and the two kids went to sleep early.

First Room: Small Room
In the morning we visited the beach. Cathy's home Stay has no beach front. You need to walk through the neighboring resorts to get a good swim but it's okey. The entire shoreline was big and long enough for you to stay and swim wherever and whenever you wanted to, though it can get crowded during peak season. You'll get great views of the windmills on both sides and the sunset during sunny days are amazing at this part of Pagudpud. 

Overall we had a nice and convenient stay at Cathy's Home... and it is highly recommendable indeed for big families. Budget-friendly, accommodating and truly a sweet home in Pagudpud! More of Saud Beach on the next blog!

Thanks for dropping by!

Cathy's Home Stay
Saud Beach,Pagudpud
Ilocos Norte
Contact Person: Cathy Respicio 
Mobile No. 0915-190-4905
Other Nos. 0909-944-4089

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