Ilocos Travel Diary: Baluarte Zoo and More!


I've mentioned on my recent post about our Vigan tour that i'll be sharing more of Baluarte in another blog, and so this is it! Honestly, i'm not in the perfect mood to write another installment for this Ilocos Travel Diary so please forgive me if this is gonna be some sort of photo overload, words are hiding at this very moment. Lol!

While some of our group got so busy hoarding some souvenir shirts inside the zoo (because the price is right and the prints are nice) me and my kids took advantage of walking around every corner hoping to see more of the animals that they like.

There are Zoo'venir shops and Cafes inside the zoo which i think are just new, while the rest of the place were not yet fully developed and there are still a lot of new uprising structures under construction.

There are side vendors along the way to different attractions and prices for goods are not really expensive. In fact, we found some cheaper goods here, than the previous bargains we had. Bottled waters, juices and snacks are not really a problem, they are everywhere all for the right price.

I admit, i'm too tired and so desperate about the scorching heat, sayang ang glutathione ko dear! But the kids are so high in spirit and it seemed like they just don't care about the summer heat anyway. So we walked and walked uphill and just by the time i thought there'd be nothing more to see, they pointed out into a white building and we saw a few people coming in and out. At first, i thought it was a chapel and i told myself, oh so there's a chapel in here huh? 

While feeling wobbly with my favorite umbrella we went inside and a big portrait of the Governor Chavit welcomed us upon the entrance door.

Inside the place was a private collection of his hunting trips - from photo souvenirs to the manifested animal, well- preserved and displayed inside this museum. The place is still under construction but the displays were all good and in order. Downside is that, it is not air-conditioned, which could've been better if it is (well, yes there are a number of ACs but they're not yet working at the moment). But the entrance is FREE! 

Animal heads are piled along side the walls, just above the windows that looked like real and alive. And there were also rare animal skins/covers displayed at the platforms in the center of the museum, each with photos of the Governor. I presume that these are all from his hunting trips here and abroad and now his collections.

I remembered the same animal preserves at Zoobic Safari in Subic, there are preserved and stuffed animals on display, those that just died for certain uncontrollable reasons. But this one is a huge collection and i suppose everything was done out of his habitual liking for wild animals and his leisure pursuit of hunting.

Everything was just amazing and the kids, as well as me, was captivated by what we saw. Countless photos of the governor holding his hunting gun, with a dead bloody animal was a heinous sight to behold and the animal on the picture is now something on the museum, displayed. 

I wonder how rich people can really do a lot of luxurious things like that. Eh di wow! But for me, the idea of killing animals is not fun... again, it was just me. And my heart bleeds for them. There are also some paintings of animals with faces of the Governor joined into it. Hahaha! He must have been so obsessed with the wild... (just a thought!)

Well, people from different walks of life have different passions and desires and i respect that. For me, there's nothing wrong about it as long you're happy and you're doing good because there is always a divine justice. What we just witnessed is another learning experience and new discoveries for my kids, leaving them questions like, "Mommy why did he killed the animals?" "Is he a hunter?" "Is that okey?" "Is that in Africa?" And a lot more of hanging questions that only those involved into such frenzy can give out the best answers.

Nevertheless, it was a fun-filled and memorable day at Baluarte Zoo! Hope you enjoyed the photos! See you on the next blog!


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