When in Batangas: Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe, A Social Media Detox


Restaurants and cafes are opening one by one  in our locality nowadays and it only signifies that our community is gaining progress. Going back to our days, i remember how we drive all the way to Alabang just to meet up with friends over a cup of coffee and a plate of scrumptious dish while setting the perfect mood to start a nice chat in a sound ambiance. But now, coffee shops and a lot more of chic restos are here! Thanks to social media buffs for putting the limelight on these establishments that are now gaining popularity. 

Weeks ago on a rainy day, me and my kids together with my "ampon" (adopted) cousin slash brother went to Lipa to visit Lolo Daddy and I've decided to dropped by at Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe for a quick snack to fuel up the kids who just came out from a long day at school. I've heard a lot of positive reviews about this house-turned-cafe inside a village and i wanted to experience it myself. So, despite of the heavy rain, off we went!

Downside of the place is the parking, where it can get crowded at times and since it is situated inside a village, the streets are narrow. However, upon entering their premises we were greeted by dreamcatchers and a lot of arts and crafts. Both recycled and upcycled interior decorations added a different vibe! 

The rain was a 'lil bit uncomfortable outside and so i immediately grabbed a table for us right behind the entrance door. Their hand-written (i suppose) menus on chalkboards, clipped on the walls caught my attention. (Ang tigaya ng gumawa nito!)

Pardon my blurry photos using my camera phone!
Still undecided what to order from a handful of menus they offer (which i think are all good), i asked the staff on the counter which among their food is an all-time best-seller. She happily assisted me on what to order and gave me her top recommendations. I usually do this on restos, and i always order their signature course, that way i will be able to vouch on them perfectly!

Our Table was an old sewing machine! Cool!
I would like to try out their frappes but since it was kind'a cold weather i'd thought of ordering a cup of coffee, but then the kids wouldn't allow me to have a cup, they were screaming for juices! So we had pastas, wraps, and healthy cold drinks (malamig din!), plus a dessert.

Beef Lasagna
I used to cook Lasagna at home (its my favorite) and i have my own preferences for the flavor and the taste. However, this one is just average for me (it was just me). I love the malunggay pandesal (i think so) in garlic butter flavor and the overall serving was just right. There's just something about the taste that is lacking for me. I just couldn't figure it out but it was good!
Dreamland's Spaghetti
I love the sweety taste of the sauce. The kids like the sweety spaghetti rather than the sour italian sauce. The serving can be good for sharing too if you are ordering other side dishes. 
Goodness in a Wrap
All the goodness of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper, onions, cheese and marinated chicken strips layered with their signature secret recipe of mayo and ketchup in a whole tortilla wrap plus cheesy potato wedges on the side! This one's a surprise, i love everything in the wrap!
Triple C
The fillings and the serving size is good for two(kung hindi ka matakaw). The taste and flavors are synonymous to the wrap so it was good too!  We had this for sharing and the kids love the chips more than the sandwich as usual... I love that squashy mayo dip!
(Make your Own) Pipino/ Cucumber Smoothie
I love the cool and refreshing taste of fresh cucumbers and its hydrating after taste effect! 
Minty Strawberry Lemonade
My kids enjoyed this drink and i so loved it that i ordered another glass. I love the sweet strawberry taste and the hint of mint in every sip! It's the perfect drink that is flavorful and truly refreshing.
Green Tea Black Sambo
My gastronomic diaries wouldn't be complete without having a dessert. Everyone knows how i love cakes, pastries and other delectable goodies! But this one exceeded my expectations. It's never too sweet nor pale. Just sweetish with a chocolate surprise and the trace of green tea. I love how it was presented in a little jar covered with a paper doily. Crafty!

My Overall Verdict: Prices for their food was reasonable, the serving was just right and the presentation was way cool and descent enough to be appetizing. Overall taste is good, nothing super duper wow but good enough to tickle your taste buds. Looking around, i can see the consistency of their style and we were taken good care by their accommodating and friendly staff.

What's most appealing to me was their idea of being a "Social Media Detox" Where there is NO WIFI! It was a perfect place to not only indulge in their sumptuous meals and benefit from their healthy and mouth watering smoothies, but it was indeed a great place to intimately enjoy the company of friends and loved ones by having a heart to heart talk and engage into a deeper sensible chat.

The place is a haven for dreams and creative pursuits, expressed by the owner's love for arts and crafts. There are crafting corners and hand drawn images on papers hanging on the walls which i suppose are made by some guests.

There is something about those dreamcatchers that made me feel happy and light, i really love the goodvibes!

Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe is not just a Social Media Detox and a chic restaurant. They also have a boutique inside their place that showcases some of their hand-made accessories, clothes and some arts and crafts materials. "Indie Green Culture", Hand-made Goodies for the Indie Souls!

While waiting for your orders, one can make him or herself busy checking out their store for some interesting pieces if you have a penchant for such.

They can also make customize dreamcatchers for you at a reasonable price, and i think i'll be needing that soon! It's somehow therapeutic!

That cutie little mermaid, i wanna take her home!
With the influence of social networks, our fast-paced life and the forces of modern technology, most people may have overlooked the real meaning of communication and the joys of meaningful work that arts and crafts can bring. FREE-WIFI on every corner, at home and even in public transportation vehicles sounds good enough to leave the essence of a real and deep communication behind. But let us not forget that communication- to life is like an oxygen, without it, it dies.

The next time you plan your date with your partner, your husband/wife, your bestfriends or even loved ones, take them to Dreamland and unplug! There's NO-WIFI, but surely you'll get a better connection in the most genuine way!

I'll be back! ;-)

Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe
By Indie Green Culture
Open Daily from 8am-10pm
Located at Yakal Street, Villa Lourdes Subdivision
Purok 5, Brgy. Tambo, Lipa City, Batangas
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DreamlandByIndieGreenCulture
INSTAGRAM: @indiegreenculture

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