The Father Power


I will always remember how our Dad raised us, and how he provided us everything that we need until we finished schooling. I can also remember how firm he was with his decisions and how consistent he was when he says No. At that age it took me a while to understand how Dads can be so mean while Moms can be just cool and easy. Well, as far as i can remember, my Mom is the most negotiable person in the house i know, yet she is caring and can be demanding too all at the same time, but minus the firm qualities. 

On the other hand, there are times that my Mom can be too serious and my Dad would be the clown. He never fails to make us laugh with his funny jokes. But more than the joke, it was the lessons and truths that we are learning behind his jokes. I also admire him for being a great cook. During our younger years he always come up with delish foods prepared on the table like my favorite "Kare-Kare" and a bowl of fresh crabs cooked in creamy coconut milk. He manages to make simple dishes look special, like a hotdog turned into a flower or that left over rice turned into the yummiest chaofan ever! (Chowking isn't existing yet that time). 

And i can never forget how he taught me how to ride my first single bicycle when i was 6 which brought me scars on my knees. And then when i was in junior high school he brought our first mountain bike from a surplus shop and i would ride on it on weekends biking around our little town. And even today that i'm matured enough to run my own life, my Dad is always there to mentor me, and even accompany me during long drives when i'm off to an important meeting, just to make sure i will not be driving alone late at night. He is also the best "Lolo" that any grandchildren would wish to have! And there's a lot more of happy memories and involvement with my Dad which contributed so much to who i am today as a mom, as a wife and as an individual.

I know well that not everyone has been given the chance to have a Dad, but every child did have a Father. [We wouldn't be here on earth without a father in the first place.] But i can consider myself as one blessed daughter who grew up to have a great Dad who's been a good provider, a great disciplinarian and a hands-on Dad. Why did I say that? 

I remember how my Grandmother would always tell me stories about my Dad when i was a baby. He used to throw me up in the air like an airplane and i would giggle with glee. He changes my diaper, feed me and prepare my milk when he's off duty and my Mom is at work. And during those times that i am sick with colds and coughs my dad would sip my nose to unclogged it in order for me to breath. We would play kite made of old newspapers and he would bring me and my little sister at the plaza, riding his ever reliable bike with a sidecar.

But he is also the most strict and most protective person i know. Most of the time, when it comes to discipline and order in our house, i find his ways a little too harsh like when he's being so mean with a stick to spank on our butt (me and my sister would cry out loud). Maybe it has something to do with his military training (hahaha!). 

But looking back those years, i just want to give back the gratitude for raising us into what we are today. We may not be rich at that time, but Dad and Mom has been so generous with so many things, materially, and emotionally. And those firm qualities of my Dad thought me lessons in life more valuable than gold, like self control, discipline, orderliness and organization, leadership, confidence, independence and sometimes a little bit of rebellion. But there's always a mom who do her part of reminding us, children, that everything they do is for our good. I just have to agree that Fathers help their children prepare for the reality and harshness of the world. And i just want to honor and appreciate my Dad for doing such a great job. 

Now that i'm married and blessed with a loving husband and kids, i can sense the importance of having a father figure in the family. Everyone is uniquely created, therefore, there is no perfect Dad. But i am happy to share that having my husband as the father of my children brought me enormous joy and happiness. 

Dads can have a hard time adjusting to the parenting life but through the years i have learned to appreciate their struggles and realized how important is the "father power" to the successful development of the child. My Dad and my Husband is a lot different when it comes to their parenting styles and in so many ways (and I'm not comparing it), but there's just one thing than i can say is common to them. Both of them are more than willing to sacrifice and endure all the hard work and pains just to put up a roof on our head, clean clothes on our back, food on the table and money on our pockets, to support our education for a brighter future.

Now what did i learned? 

"Fatherhood turns out to be a complex and unique phenomenon with huge consequences for the emotional and intellectual growth of children."

A father brings unique contributions to the parenting job that no one else can replicate. And their role to a healthy child development is just as essential as the role of the mothers. Why? Because fathers parent differently, play differently, communicate differently, discipline differently and this diversity, provides children with a broader, richer experience of contrasting relational interactions by learning that men and women are different, and these factors gives them knowledge on different levels on how they will deal with the reality of life. A father's way builds confidence- preparing the children for the real world by showing them the firm and masculine side of men on how they can cope with life differently.

I do believe that all of these knowledge builds emotional security, safety and healthy proper balance. And every involved fathers — especially biological fathers — bring positive benefits to their children that no other person is as likely to bring.

As we reflect on this Father's Day celebration, let us remember and appreciate these important men in our lives. There is no such perfect father and nobody was, so instead of finding fault, may we all appreciate every single thing that they do. Let us pray for them and give them back all the love and respect that is all due. 

The most special greetings goes out to my FIRST HERO and my FIRST LOVE, my DAD! 

And most especially to my Son's First BESTFRIEND and my Daughter's first BOYFRIEND- my ever loving HUSBAND, You'll always be our No.1 Dad! 

"Everyone can be a father, but it takes someone really special to be a DAD!"

Cheers to all the great Dads!

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