Ilocos Travel Diary: Laoag - Vigan - Pagudpud DIY Travel Itinerary


While planning our trip to Ilocos, I've kept myself busy for a week reading blogs, searching for hotels and listing down top grossing places to visit in a stretch of 4 days including the travel time which is more than 10 hours from Batangas to Manila, then to Laoag, and a few more hours till we hit Pagudpud (one way).

All through my searches i have found quite a few do-it-yourself travel itinerary (mostly, travel agencies) but the exact  itinerary that i was looking for are the ones made by travelers who took the land transportation instead of flying by plane and i need the precise sequence of activities each day.  There are a few but still, it's not what i was looking for. So i thought of sharing here our DIY travel itinerary, in complete sequence of activities. For me, this itinerary is more convenient for budget travelers, family or groups, although we skipped some places due to time constraint and unexpected circumstances.

Batangas City to Manila was around 1 hour and 45 minutes drive to EDSA (105 kilometers) and from Manila to Laoag City, that was a tiring 8 hours and 45 minutes drive (490 kilometers), not to mention the washroom breaks and stop overs for our driver to rest. (Yes we hired a driver). Riding a Toyota Hi Ace with 13 passengers we took the normal speed taking the most convenient route going to our destination. And from Laoag City to Pagudpud, that is another 1.5 hours with occasional stops to complete our itinerary for the day.

Below is the sequence of our acivities, time consumed and the destinations listed on my original travel plan.

I L O C O S   2 0 1 5
MAY 24-27, 2015

Day 00      9: 30 PM Assembly
               10: 00 Departure From Batangas to Manila
               11: 40 Manila to Laoag City

Day 01      8: 00 Arrival at Laoag City
                8: 30 Breakfast
                9: 00 First Stop: Juan Luna Shrine (Badoc, Ilocos Norte)
              10: 00 Marcos Museum and Marcos Mausoleum (Batac, Ilocos Norte)
              10: 30 Batac Empanadahan
              11: 00 Travel time going to Pagudpud
              11: 30 Lunch
              12: 30 Arrival at Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
                1: 00 Departure at Cape Bojeador
                1: 20 Arrival at Kapurpurawan Rock Formations
                2: 00 Departure at Kapurpurawan Rock Formations
                2: 30 Arrival at Bangui Windmills
                3: 00 Departure at Bangui
                3: 30 Arrival at Pagudpud (Market)
                4: 00 Travel time going to Saud Beach
                4: 30 Arrival at Saud Beach (Overnight at Cathy's Home Stay)
                6: 00 Dinner

Day 02     6: 00 Wake Up Call
                6: 30 Swimming at Saud Beach
                7: 45 Breakfast and Pack Up
                8: 30 Departure at Saud Beach
                9: 20 Arrival at Patapat Viaduct for Photo Stop
                9: 45 Arrival at Bantay - Abot Cave (Picture Taking)
              10: 05 Arrival at Blue Lagoon (Quick Picture Taking)
              10: 30 Arrival at Kabigan Falls Drop off point
              10: 40 Start of the 30 minutes trek to Kabigan Falls
              11: 10 Arrival at Kabigan Falls! Picture picture!
              11: 30 Departure at Kabigan Falls and another 30 minutes trek
              12: 00 Arrival at the Drop Off Point
              12: 45 Departure at Pagudpud going to Paoay
                2: 00 Dropped by at Pasuquin Bakery to buy Soft Biscocho
                2: 30 Arrival at Laoag City (Quick Stop at Laoag City and Sinking Bell Tower)
                3: 25 Arrival at Malacanang of the North Paoay, Ilocos Norte
                3: 45 Departure at Malacanang of the North      
                4: 10 Arrival at Paoay Church (Photo Stop)
                4: 30 Arrival at Culili Point for Paoay Sand Dunes
                5: 30 Departure at Paoay going to Vigan, Ilocos Sur
                7: 00 Arrival at Vigan City
                7: 30 Vigan City's Musical Dancing Fountain Show
                8: 30 Dinner at Chowking
                9: 00 Overnight at Vigan Home Stay

Day 03     7: 00 Wake Up Call / Breakfast
                8: 00 Departure from Vigan Home Stay to Hidden Garden
                8: 25 Arrival at Hidden Garden (Picture Taking)
                8: 45 Departure at Hidden Garden to Baluarte
                9: 10 Arrival at Baluarte Zoo
               10: 30 Departure at Baluarte
               10: 55 Arrival at Vigan Heritage Village (Calle Crisologo)
                         Souvenir Shopping and Picture taking
               11: 20 Start of Kalesa Tour
                          Bantay Bell Tower
                          Burgos Museum
                          Pagburnayan Jar Making Factory
                          Bagnet and Longganisa Factory
                12: 40 End of Kalesa Tour
                 1: 30 Picture taking at Plaza Salcedo and St. Paul Cathedral
                 2: 00 Departure at Vigan going back to Manila

There are other places on my actual list that i didn't include in the itinerary above because we skipped it. But it can still be interposed if you wish to do so. In our case, we are really dead tired and the sun was scorching hot so we decided to omit it from the list like Herencia Cafe at Paoay because eating is not our priority during that time though we really wanted to try the Pinakbet Pizza (I know there'll be next time!), as well as Fort Ilocandia. We also skipped Aqua Grande Park in Pagudpud, and other museums in Vigan because some of the group doesn't feel like visiting it, me too!

Nonetheless, we almost, if not all, took a sight of the top places in the Ilocos Region and i believe it was all worth the long drive and the petty arguments we had along the way discussing and locating these places through our GPS! Thanks God we're not really behind technology nowadays! Lol!

So that's it! Hope this itinerary would help other tourists and occasional explorers like me and i hope to share more DIY travels in the future. In case you'll be visiting Ilocos anytime soon, you might just want to consider my do-it-yourself itinerary.

I'd be happy to now your comments and your questions if any?
Just leave me a message below!
Thanks for dropping by!

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