Reflections of a mother on Mother's Day


Somebody said it takes about six weeks to get back to normal after you've had a baby, but honestly, when you become a mother, "normal" is history. Then somebody said that the hardest part of being a mother is labor and delivery, but the truth is, every stages of motherhood is hard like watching my "baby" hop on the school bus for the first day of kindergarten, or soon, on a plane headed for a much deserved career when he’s all grown up. Another, somebody said a mother can stop worrying after her child gets married but don’t you know that marriage adds a new son or daughter-in-law to a mother's heartstrings?

TRUTH: Motherhood is more than just a stage— it’s a lifelong calling from God. Finding a piece of yourself separated and apart into something you couldn’t live without, all at the same time, is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood.

And there can be times, or maybe most of the time, that we, as mothers, feel like giving up because of the sheer length of challenges that we are facing on a day to day basis. YES, Motherhood seems to be the toughest job and the most complex role, but it can also be simple, gratifying, joyfully difficult and beautiful with our unceasing efforts.

While all the other moms are out celebrating this day as an honor and tribute for the self-sacrifices we made for our families, i chose to celebrate this gift of motherhood by reflecting and contemplating how my motherhood journey has been for the past 7 years. 

.....It was hard, and the adjustment and transition from being a young single professional to a mother of one, then another one after a year is really not that plain and simple. Many times I almost gave up, but looking back, and fast forward to where my mommyhood journey has brought me today, it rewarded me of two things, Joy and Pride.

The road was not at all smooth and easy, but standing where i am today surrounded by the laughters of my children, showered by their warm embraces and spoiled by their sweet kisses, motherhood just seems to be so rewarding and fulfilling. 

Let me also share, that this hallow opportunity to bear a child and to become a parent brought me lessons and experiences that are far more valuable than what my high school or college education has taught me. Patience, sacrifice, self-control, understanding and forgiveness are just few of the fruits that helped me to become a better mother and individual day by day, year after year. It also opened doors of opportunities to grow in the process of maturity and in the discovery of my inner talents and passions that helped me a lot in defining a vision for myself and my family.

For some, motherhood can be a curse in a minute or a day. But for me, motherhood is a blessing by all means. It is God’s gift freely given and with that, I am forever grateful.

There are still times that I struggle to find joy and meaning, trying hard to improve as a parent while sustaining my hunger for personal growth and development. But if you let God and let go of your weaknesses, everything else just falls into place... I am still far from being a perfect mother, and i think nobody was. But by focusing on the why and what of my day to day movement and finding my balance, while staying connected to God--- it just makes all the difference! 

So how was your motherhood journey so far? I hope everyone will find motherhood simple, joyful and awesome... I love being a MOM and I will never trade it for anything in the world! Happy Mother's Day Mommies!

Much love to give,

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