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Finally, after a month long craving i was able to try out the newest and most talked about burger joint in town, the BG Burgers! I was getting curious as to why a lot of people talked about the burger craze over facebook and instagram. So i set a date to visit and check out this burger hype which was according to their tagline is "grilled at its best". My first visit failed, because after attending the church on a Sunday, me and my kids proceeded to the place out of excitement without knowing that they usually start grilling their home-made patties at 3pm! So we went back and source out for another fastfood at SM City Batangas which is just 10 minutes away less the traffic. :-(

A week after, my parents together with my sister visited us home and my craving sets in once again, so we decided to visit late afternoon after picking up the kids at school. And so, the burger story went on!

BG Burgers is housed in a garage-turned resto, the place was quite spacious surrounded by a nice garden nourished by the home owners. In a span of less than six months, it became viral over facebook and other social media. We visited dinner time and we were greeted by a jampacked of diners occupying all the round tables. 

The owner ushered us in a corner and offered us seats while waiting for a table to be available. We had our choices of burgers pre-ordered while on our seats and i wasn't informed that the waiting time was quite long. Anyhoo, i'm excited for the burgers so waiting was not a major snag.

All the while i thought they only offer burgers and fries, when i noticed a small cart to the right corner serving this chocolate shake thing which is the "Chili ChoCold". I talked to the guy managing the stall and asked him a few questions about what's special from that drink.

It's a chocolate drink which was according to him is an original concoction made from cacao. The base of the drink is the pure cacao chocolate extract and they add flavors to it depending on the costumer's choice. They got sweetcorn, buko pandan, mocha and cookies and cream for the flavors, then a chili syrup is added for a fiery yet sweet distinctive sip. 

They also had an impressive marketing strategy for this business sited on the stall specifying the health benefits of cacao. Well, its good know that it reduces cataracts, contains very high amounts of antioxidants, improves heart function, alleviates stress and the lists goes on... 

Me and my mom tried it anyway (with my curiosity and my mom for the quoted health benefits!) for a reasonable price of Php 45.00 each. I tried the pandan flavor and my mom opt for the sweetcorn. It was good with that hint of chili after every sip, though i can taste more of the chocolate flavor than that of the pandan. Maybe they should make the flavors more dominant than the cacao. 

And just before we finish our cacao shakes, the most awaited burgers were served and i was so excited to devour that big grilled patties! 

My son and my sister ordered the Regular Burgers, while my mom ordered the Bacon Cheese Burger. Hungry as he is, my son immediately grabbed his burger and took a bite saying it was big and yummy! And for me? I ordered their best selling Double Bacon Cheese Burger!

Regular Burger 

Bacon Cheese Burger 

We preferred the meal over ala carte, so every burger was served with fries and a regular iced tea. But i would suggest they pair it with soda instead, to complete the heavy meal with a burping effect! Lol! Or it can be better if they will come up with their signature house blend iced tea and not the regular one.

Double Bacon Cheese Burger 

Anyway, let's talk about the burger! Notice how thick the patty is? And yes it was big! So i guess paying P220 for a Double Bacon Cheese Burger Meal is fair enough! Not only that, it really tastes good! The grilled patty is so rich and flavorful. I love its hickory smell and the juicy beef patties bundled with the bacon strips, the onions and the cheese! I also like the sandwich itself, other burgers had this light and airy sandwiches that doesn't tastes any good. But it was a bonus that they got a fine selection for sandwich buns. It was fluffy and dense, quintessential for the chunky patties. 

So, i guess you're now craving for the burgers?! What I've just said was drooling! Now, how do you gobble down that sizable double bacon cheese burger? Ofcourse, just like everyone else, i used their knife and fork to devour that thing till im halfway full! Burgers were ideally taken by the hand but since it was big, do the sossy way of eating burgers! Lol! 

BG Burgers satisfied my cravings. It was surely a hit among the Batangueños. As a costumer and a blogger, there are just some glitches that they may want to handle and hopefully improve, like the long queue, and the waiting hours. The service was quite good and the owner is friendly and accommodating. They were known for their garage setting but this burger joint became viral because of their cheeseburger which was totally great! But i hope they will transfer to a more accessible location. 

I really enjoyed my cheeseburger, and maybe some other time when my schedule permits I will be back again to devour another BG Burger! And by the way, while enjoying your meal at their garage, they'd be happy to take your photos and you may grab it at their facebook fanpage. I just did! :-D

Photo courtesy of BG Burgers Facebook Fanpage

Hope you'll find this article helpful. You may share it using the share buttons below the title! NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post. You can visit BG Burgers at Pallocan East, Batangas City. Passing by Pontefino Hotel going to Greenwoods Subdivision, and from there that would be (i guess) 500 meters away, the destination is on your left. Grilling starts at 3pm! :-)

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