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My kids grew up with Barney. I'm sure a lot of parents knew him, as well as Thomas the Tank Engine. I remembered during my kids' younger years, when I used to collect DVDs which showcases all of Barney's sing and dance episodes and my son loves watching it over and over again. So when I heard about The Little Big Club which is home to Barney and Friends, I said maybe we should try to visit it too, after booking Hello Kitty

They were in the same building with Hello Kitty on the first floor and Barney on the second floor, so I guess it's practical to visit both since we were already there considering that its not a usual place that we can visit from home (i don't think we'll be flying back again to Malaysia from the Philippines just for that alone).

So what's in The Little Big Club? Well, its another indoor amusement in Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park, where the popular characters like Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, Pingu, Thomas and Friends and Barney is housed for the first time in the world. The place is small but comfortable. It caters to kids mostly 8 years old and below. It has a series of interactive play zones, meet and greet sessions and photo ops with characters, live entertainment shows, play areas for little tots and rides, all in one roof. 

We came here in between our waiting hours at Hello Kitty because the queue there is quite long. We were greeted by Barney's Playhouse. My son is very much familiar with this because of Barney's series of episodes that usually takes place in this set. It has a soft play zone for younger kids and the classical playground where Baby Bop and Bj used to hang out.

Furthermore, is Pingu's Igloo where we didn't had much time (such a shame but I honestly don't know who's Pingu, hahaha). It was just an arcade where you can play non-stop of the basketball thing and other usual arcade stuffs. There are also sensory learning walls and snowboard rides which we didn't try. For some kids its quite a privilege because they don't need tokens to play such, they can go unlimited!

While goofing around with my kids we were lucky to catch Bob the Builder and had a photo op! The Bob the Builder Play Structure is a nice interactive play area for older kids.

My daughter was caught by a pink room from afar and pulled me to come over. It was Angelina Ballerina's Dance Studio. Each and every little girl were given a tutu skirt, a pink wand and a pair of mouse ears as a head dress. 

I thought after wearing the costumes and having some photos while playing around we're all done, but the host said that the show is about to start so we stayed. Kids were ushered into the center stage and had a few dance lessons with Angelina, the dancing mouse.

I think it was a 20 minutes dance along with Angelina and all those cute little girls loved it! After the dance lessons is a photo op with her, it was an unforgettable experience for my daughter who's been dreaming of ballet. I got here a video of their dance moves and you can check out my Youtube page here for other videos.

We then moved to the 3rd level to check out Thomas and Friends. The place offers multiple rides and play areas for everyone. It was an exclusive Thomas and Friends inspired setting with different stations and train ride at Knafford Station. 

We ride the Thomas Train and Bertie the Bus and my kids enjoyed their time together in the Windmill. There are bumper cars but my kids loved to play and stay at the Sodor Playground instead. I wasn't able to take more photos because I stayed outside. The place was quite cold, I felt a little sleepy and the husband seemed like bored and tired after the long day starting from Legoland.

After the rides on the 3rd level we left the place and headed back to the 2nd floor where the crowd was waiting for Barney's live show. Of course my kids loves Barney so I obeyed. 

The live show was very entertaining for the kids. They participated in dance and mingled with the crowd. They were encouraged to sing along with the familiar songs like Mr. Sun and Lemon Drops and Gumdrops that I've already memorized since I became a mom. The sight was just like the shows on TV that the kids would normally watch.

I guess my kids enjoyed much of their time here because it was indoor and the cool temperature is a big plus unlike Legoland which was scorching hot. But we love Legoland, of course its a different thing! The Little Big Club is quite small and has few attractions but what made it a unique destination is the interactive shows and the adorable fun characters from TV to real life. The face to face encounter with Barney was like a dream come true for the tots. 

We ventured half of our day here in Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park and I guess that was just right. We visited on a Sunday and the crowd is not that big. We didn't queue in most of the rides and attractions except for Hello Kitty down there. Again, it was a wonderful experience for the whole family! My daughter wants to be back but I don't think it can be possible anytime soon! 

Please visit the links below for:

Park Admission Rates here: http://www.playtime.com.my/little-big-club
Entertainment Schedules: http://www.playtime.com.my/little-big-club/entertainment-schedule
Meet and Greet Schedule: http://www.playtime.com.my/little-big-club/meet-greet

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