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After the sweat-drenching wanderlust at Legoland we took a short taxi ride going to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. We were lucky to get a red teksi (budget taxi) after waiting for a minute in Mall of Medini. We left Legoland some time after lunch and reached Puteri Harbour after an 8-10 minutes drive for RM10. 

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is located in Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park inside the Little Red Cube - another shopping destination in Nusajaya, Johor. Unlike Legoland which is an open theme park, Hello Kitty Town is an indoor amusement park. It is the first Sanrio Hello Kitty attraction outside Japan. The place is at the first floor of the building together with The Little Big Club on the second and third floors which I will be discussing in another blog.

Hello Kitty is all about Hello Kitty! It offers an interactive walk-through daily activities for guests. I got e-tickets purchased online so we proceed to the entrance right away. Since The Little Big Club is also in the same building, we were given the electronic wrist tag for both.

The place is just small and unlike Legoland which is extremely hot, here in Hello Kitty it's quite cold. If you're a person who can't stand the chills then a scarf or a light sweater can be helpful but for me it was just okey, though my husband went out the last hours because he felt uncomfortable with the temperature inside.

We were given our daily activity cards where we would collect the stamps that we will acquire for each activity. We went into different rooms where there are series of activities that we need to accomplish.

We started with the cookie decorating activity at the Cookie Studio. My husband felt awkward doing the activity because its for younger children, and most likely for girls! But then he managed to cooperate by just sitting next to our table. My kids, especially my daughter enjoyed it and took a bite of her cookie after.

After the cookie activity we proceed to the Hello Kitty themed souvenir making activity. We were handed small pieces of round papers with a hello kitty art that we need to color. After coloring, it will undergo a sort of press-down mechanic, converting it into a personalized Hello Kitty badge. The finished products that you made here will serve as souvenirs that you can take home with you.

After the badge making project we went to the iconic Hello Kitty's House filled with everything Hello Kitty from top to bottom. It was more of a photo op activity. It took us awhile before we set foot inside the house because of the long waiting queue before us. 

It was enticing because of the Hello Kitty themed interiors of the house. Again, my daughter enjoyed so much with her brother (and Daddy!) posing at every corners. Everything inside was just nice and fascinating, an eye-catching homey space for every child.

My daughter loved every pieces of the house, the kitchen, bath tub, closet, the enchanting bed and everything else. Kids will enjoy this place especially the little girls who loves Hello Kitty!

One of the highlights of the park is the Black Wonder, an interactive activity for both kids and adults, and my daughter again was so excited with it. I find it a bit boring but I was curious about it so we proceeded anyway. We were given lamps upon entering into a dark cave-like room. Our mission is to rescue Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel who was kidnapped by Kuromi (i don't know him actually, that's the first time I heard about him, hehehe!) 

It is an state-of-the-art experience that uses sensors and a computer where you need to find the letters for the magic words that would save them from captivity. We got little problems with our lamp's sensor or maybe we didn't do the right thing, and the computer didn't worked out fine so we weren't able to get a password for that. 

Anyway, Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel is not going to die even if you didn't get it right and you can always come out anytime you want, though, having the password will entitle you to a certificate upon checking out.

The next activity is time-consuming (i wanna skip this if not with my daughter who insists). A sort of hot-melt Hello Kitty art making activity. You'll need to fill out the patterned spaces with tiny tubular plastics in different colors to come up with a Hello Kitty or Badtz Maru face. Then you'll hand it over to a staff to melt it with an iron and take it home as another souvenir. 

You need to finish them in 30 minutes, and because of that we weren't able to push through with the other activities like the Jewelry Making, Nail Painting and the Character Dress Up thing where the queue seemed like forever.

We were lucky to have spotted Melody in this friendship land and had a photo op with her at the Dream Photo Garden. There are official photographers that will take pictures of you with the theme characters and you can avail your photographs at their booth for RM30 (hmmnn...quite expensive).

We actually moved from Hello Kitty to the Little Big Club in between our waiting hours since it was just in the same building/mall connected with escalators. Queueing can be time consuming and we do not want to waste our time because the park is open until 6pm only. 

There's a playground for smaller kids and nice cafes inside Hello Kitty to refuel yourselves in between the activities, but we didn't tried any of those. Foods and beverages are not allowed inside, they do checked our bags before heading upstairs. 

There are entertainment shows scheduled from time to time. For weekday and weekend entertainment schedules you may check it here.

We were able to catch the Happy Carnival Parade an hour before the closing time. It took place in the small grounds of the theme park and up on their Purrfect Stage. 

It featured a colorful parade of carnival dancers in their costumes together with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. The kids participated in the play-and-dance-like-activity with them.

It was appealing for kids ages 5 to 9 years old (maybe) because they got a pretty close encounter with the characters while playing and dancing with the other kids. Below is my short video taken during our visit.

Our day at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town ended with a meet and greet with Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty after the carnival parade. We weren't able to have an exclusive photo op because we missed their schedule while we were at the Little Big Club with Barney. Anyway, the kids enjoyed their stay.

The only concern I had with this theme park is the admission ticket. Adults and kids has the same rate of RM75 each. The price is quite a riff off considering that the park is small and the activities are few. Only kids below 3 years of age are free of charge. But anyway, the happiness it brought to my children and the bonding moments we had as a family is PRICELESS, something I cannot trade for anything else in this world...

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