Legoland Malaysia : A Wish Granted!


Children always look forward to their birthdays, most especially their 7th birthdays because that's the time when they'll get spoiled. To the highest extent that they will have all the party favors, the wonderful gifts, the loads of fun, games and entertainment, the sumptuous buffet of foods and candy bars and all the well wishes on their big day. 

I admit that I am one of those parents who dreamed of preparing a grand birthday celebration for my kids and I am willing to endure all the burdens of preparations just to make it perfect. But then sometimes kids aren't the same. And I'm thankful and somehow proud that my son is one of those few little people who doesn't want to have a party nor wishes to have a grand celebration on his 7th birthday. But guess what's his ultimate wish? It's LEGOLAND!

He's been praying for that and even screams every time he watches Evantube on Youtube about his adventures in Legoland. He's feeling excited and really wishes for it 7 months before his birthday and it gets me emotional when I hear the words "Mommy please?". As a mom, I could not help but think about this matter over and over again because having a tour outside the country is no joke. And I prayed for it every night and day because finances are really tight.

But as a parent, my desire is to give them everything they need and want as much as we can, because a part of me really hurts when I see them sad. There are things that I know we can give them but due to some priorities we cannot provide it yet in a snap. So I told him to wait and pray hard for a miracle to happen. I didn't gave him any promise and he has no idea that his wish was already granted (though I was talking about it during mealtime only as a joke) not until it was a few days before our departure. 

Yes, the wish has been granted, because apart from having the trip as a birthday gift, it also served as a reward for my son for being consistent in his class standing and achieving high grades in his academics, so I guess he deserved it! 

I am happy to share our Legoland adventure, partly as a review of the place, what to expect and some helpful tips that you may want to consider if you have plans of visiting anytime soon.

Legoland Malaysia is the first theme park of its kind in Asia. And I thank God that it opened in Malaysia because if not, then the destination would be in California or Florida or maybe in UK and our tour would've been possible after 10 years! Anyway, the theme park is not as big as what Universal Studios is like. But you should never compare the two because Legoland is a different thing. If you're a Lego fan just like my son, then this place is awesome. It's not the kind of amusement park where there are a lot of fancy Disney or Hollywood characters walking around but rather a family friendly theme park where everything is but a bundle of colorful rides and attractions made of Lego and Duplo.

Legoland Hotel 

To Legoland Waterpark 

We came there pretty early riding a taxi from our hotel in Johor. The park opens at 10am and we arrived at 9 am. It is still closed so while killing time, we took advantage of taking a lot of photos and selfies in the forefront. To the left is the Legoland Hotel and further more is the Legoland Waterpark. There's a mall before Legoland, the Mall of Medini and you can stay there and have some breakfast while waiting for the opening of the park. 

We visited on a Sunday and I was just surprised that the volume of the crowd is not that huge. Those who have their annual pass cards can access the themepark earlier than the rest of those who have a regular entrance ticket. I got e-tickets purchased ahead of time then showed it in one of the windows in exchange of our tickets and our maps. 

Few minutes before it officially opened, we were entertained by the staffs with a dance number featuring Emmet! They also had trivia games for the guests and they're giving away some souvenirs as rewards for the correct answers. The kids got over excited after having a photo op with Emmet. 

My kids are crying out loud to get inside because waiting for an hour is not a joke for them. So if you're coming to Legoland, allow a couple of minutes before the opening time but not too early to avoid the boredom of waiting. Foods and beverages are not allowed inside but I got some chips, biscuits, canned and bottled fruit juices inside the kids' bag and another hand carried bag filled with other snacks and bottled waters. Thanks God our bags were not checked or else we will leave all the food that we have outside. But they have lockers for rent starting at RM10 to RM20 outside the park.

At the Big Shop 

Undeterred with the adventure, we followed the route to the left which is supposedly the other way, starting to the right and round the park. I thought the idea was good but it failed because starting at The Beginning going to your right is the Lego City, followed by the Miniland. These two places for me, should be visited first because most of the rides in Lego City are applicable to my kids, 5 and 7 years old, and they'll enjoy the rides before getting tired and exhausted plus some of the rides are covered and the time is just perfect to go boating and trying the driving school while the sun is not yet too harsh. 

On the other hand, Miniland is the limelight of the park but it is totally exposed and the scorching heat of the sun can give you sunburns and worst headaches. So for me, visiting this area first thing in the morning will save you from the latter. Otherwise, you may want to skip this and leave it till the evening comes when its cooler and of course darker.

We took a glance on the map and realized that we've gone a little further so we continued with the other route pursuing the Lego Technic instead of going back. We had our first ride in the Technic Twister while most of the crowd were queueing at the Lego City.

There are kids that are too short for some rides. Kids below 100cm or under 3 years old may not be suitable for some rides. My daughter is 5 years old and there are some rides that she is not allowed so we skip those rides like the Project X which was kinda extreme and the Aquazone Wave Racers because we do not want to get wet.

Project X 

Aquazone Wave Racers 

We then moved to The Kingdoms where we had a short rest under a shaded bench while kids are having loads of fun at the Forestmen's Hideout playgrounds. 

Me and my daughter together with my son enjoyed the Dragon's Apprentice ride, a classic roller coaster for younger ones, though my son got a bit scared and dizzy after the ride.

And then we tried the terrifying Dragon ride passing through a medieval castle while enjoying the sights inside with a fire-breathing dragon. Then the extreme ride took us out for a series of twists and turns along the way. I wasn't expecting my daughter would survive that, I was the one screaming while on top of the ride! 

It was funny how my husband and my son skipped the Dragon ride and opted for the pony riding experience at the Royal Joust and the high speed Merlin's Challenge carousel which is more likely for the younger ones.

One of my son's favorite is the activities inside the Imagination park. An interactive play area where kids can be challenged with their creativity and imagination.

By this time the heat of the sun was extremely hot and the kids are tired so we stayed inside the Build and Test corner while the kids enjoyed building their Lego models. 

It is fully air conditioned and my son loves this place so much because of the loads of Lego and Duplo pieces that he can play.

There is a corner inside the Build and Test where you can build your own tower and then test it if it will stand an earthquake-like scenario. The platform is controlled by the circular knob that causes it to shake and you may adjust the intensity of shaking if you wish.

Build and Test 

Another build and test challenge is building your own car. The wheels are provided from the desk near the entrance and you will use your creativity on how to make a race car out of the pieces of Lego provided on each tables. Then you can test your ride by placing it on a race track controlled by a press button to start.

While the kids are so engrossed with their building activity, me and my husband doesn't want to waste the time by watching them so we decided to go out and explore the rest of the park. The kids agreed and so we left them and started snapping away to enjoy "our" time. (But that was really not a good idea especially for the younger kids to be left behind, are we bad parents?) We ride the Observation Tower which is a covered deck that meanders upward in a slow circular motion and allow guests to see a 360 degree view of the entire Legoland and the areas surrounding it.

Then my husband tried the Kids Power Tower, an energy consuming activity where you have to pull the rope to move upwards while rotating to get a nice view from above. 

Seated right next to the Kids Power Tower is the Duplo Playtown, another appealing and interactive playground for younger children which is like a small town with farms, hospitals, slides, houses and a small train which is the Duplo Express that roams around. The kids would love to stay here because it is a comfortable, spacious covered area with a fully carpeted flooring.

Across the Playtown is the Lego Studio. It is a theater that offers a variety of shows scheduled over time. My kids also enjoyed here, having a fascinating 4D movie experience. 

The next stop is the Land of Adventure. We didn't explored much of the rides because it was lunch time and the sweltering afternoon heat at 12noon is really painful. My kids are hungry and tired too, so we just passed by some areas, took some photos and left for the next park. The only thing that I wanted to experience at the Land of Adventure is the Dino Island - the journey to the peak of a forgotten volcano while on a boat-like ride along a river. But unfortunately it was closed to the public due to some repairs and maintenance, not our lucky day!

There are a lot of photo ops that you should never miss along the way. If only the sun is not too hot, maybe we got a lot more pictures at every corners of the park. I can be satisfied with it even without the rides. The displays are quite enough to call it a day.

And because we turned the other way around, lastly, we visited the Miniland. Legoland Malaysia is not actually that big. We started the tour past 10am and we're almost done by 1pm. If only it's not that hot and humid, we would've stayed longer in Miniland and spare a couple of minutes for the kids to enjoy the Lego City that we missed! But for me, having the Miniland is more than enough! And this is my favorite among all the others.

It boast an animated display of 17 Asian Countries made of 30 million Lego bricks which took them 3 years to accomplish.

For sure you'll never want to miss this because Miniland is the centerpiece of every Legoland. Included in the greatest concentration of Lego bricks in the park are the famous landmarks of different cities like the Merlion Park in Singapore, Petronas Twin Towers, the Great wall of China, the Taj Mahal and a lot more cities in detailed miniatures.

The miniature cities are animated. There are push buttons in some landmarks that when triggered will make the city come to life such as boats sailing, buses and trucks moving, the Merlion squirting water as well as the people. During night time it can be more entertaining because of the beautiful lights. The tiniest details are just so amazing!

The problem here is that, the Miniland is entirely uncovered. You may want to leave this and come back late in the afternoon when the sun sets. Otherwise you open your umbrella if you have one but still its very hot. We continued the trail and chased after the scorching heat just to finish this one last park before having our lunch because we'll also visit Hello Kitty Town as part of our itinerary that day.


  • Please make sure to arm yourselves with sunnies, hats, umbrellas and sunblock lotions to protect you and the young ones from the extremely pricking heat. There are a few trees but they are too young to provide shade. 
  • Bottled waters is a must to keep you well hydrated because the park is entirely exposed. Candies can be of good help too, you'll need extra sugar as energy booster. 
  • Prams and or umbrella strollers are also necessary if you have younger kids who cannot endure the long walks, however, there are strollers for rent near the ingress of the park. 
  • Bring extra shirts/clothes because you might get wet with some rides and of course you'll produce a lot of sweat. 
  • Where to eat? There are a lot of nice cafes and food outlets inside the park but I find them pricey. If I were you, you can go out and eat at Mall of Medini where there's Burger King, KFC and other fast food chains. Just make sure to have your hands stamped before leaving the park so you can go back anytime after lunch. 
The park is a bundle of fun and so much enjoyment for the whole family. The rides are definitely not as terrifying as the ones in the Universal Studios but everyone can enjoy regardless of your age. The building activities offers a unique and interactive hands-on activity for the kids, developing their creativity and imagination. This place is one of the happiest place on earth for everyone to experience.

God has always been a provider for everything that we need and our protector and savior all throughout the trip. Without HIM, none of this has been possible. It was a blast celebrating my son's 7th birthday in a different way. And as a family, we were blessed to have experienced a thrilling world class family-friendly attraction in Malaysia. It was definitely worthwhile and truly unforgettable!

"You can always make more money, but you cannot always make time and memories. We work to live and not live to work. Family, love, travel, freedom, health and memories are the real wealth in this life." 

Forever Thankful,

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