Cafe Mary Grace, Alabang Town Center


One of life's simple pleasures that gives me immeasurable happiness is to have some quiet time, over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in a nice and cozy place... I can be alone or i can share this moment with a friend or a loved one... 

Just yesterday i was feeling down and sad, reason for me to jump out of my comfort zone and take that most enjoyable long drive away from home. Thanks to my hubby's cousins, Clarise and Claudine for sharing their time with me... The long drive turned out to be so quick and in an hour we found ourselves in the middle of Alabang Town Center (ATC) looking for this cafe, which i was longing to experience. I was actually craving for sweets plus something hot that time, and it was a perfect time to dine at Cafe Mary Grace.

The Cafe is a home for deliciously baked Ensaymadas and Cheese rolls 

Cafe Mary Grace at ATC is a small cafe situated at the ground floor at Corte De las Palmas, near Starbucks Coffee and Conti's. I've heard about this place from friends and colleagues, especially their branch at Greenbelt where the interiors are very nice and has a Christmas ambiance all year round. And so with all the positive comments that I've read through blogs and other social networks, it caused me all the more to crave for it.

During the time of our visit, (and i guess most of the time) the cafe was full of diners from outside to the inside. We actually moved from one table to another because they got small tables good for two or four, and we are three. And every table is occupied that time, but good thing we didn't wait that long...

Glasses of water immediately served 

Finally we got a table at the corner, quiet and cool... 

Happily waiting for our orders 

The waiters are very friendly, accommodating, and smiling all the time. They see to it that the customers are well taken care of, secure and comfortable on their seats. We were destined into a small round table in a corner good for two, but since the couch was nice, my companion opted for that. Lol! We just wanted to have a light snack that time because we are planning to get a heavy dinner at Yakimix later in the evening so we just ordered their signature Cafe Mary Grace Hot Chocolate and their best selling Ensaymadas. I would like to try their pastas next time, it looks really good!

My beautiful dates! 

The interiors are very nice... It has a very homey feel, with all the warm lights around, the wooden tables, the lamps and the customer-written letters displayed under the glass of each tables.

Letters written by satisfied customers under the glass table 

Little details that adds drama to the place 

Perfect Biblical inspirations... 

Another thing that i love about it is that they provide their guests a bag hook under each tables. Not all restaurants and cafes offer this, and i salute the interior designer of this cafe for that. It is convenient, unique and cute!

Utilize those hooks to hang your bags under the tables... 

Highly commendable service and customer satisfaction... 

And while you wait for your orders they will give you a temporary receipt ahead of time. I find this again economical, because you have a copy of your orders first hand, you can review your orders upon serving if they got it right and you can prepare your payment ahead of time. It's convenient as well, because there are some instances that you need to rush no matter how much you wanted to stay due to some emergencies and queuing at the cashier or billing out your orders takes quite a while, so having your temporary receipt on hand will scrimp your most valuable time.

Our temporary receipt 

Our orders came pretty quick! We had a slice of Cheesecake, the Classic Ensaymada and mine is the Banana Chocolate Ensaymada, then we paired it with Strawberry Shake and their signature Cafe Mary Grace Hot Chocolate. Hands up to this hot chocolate! It's the yummiest I've ever tasted. It's thick and sweet and has the Authentic taste of Chocolate. No wonder why there's a lot of good comments about it, it's really a must try!


Cheesecake paired with Strawberry Shake 

Classic Ensaymada 

The Hot Chocolate 

See how rich it is! 

There's too much sweetness on my Banana Chocolate Ensaymada! 

Don't forget to capture that sweet moment with your loved ones! 

...and ofcourse make sure to enjoy every bite! 

Take a short while to answer and rate their cafe 

Wait, there's more! Make sure to bring home some goodies. Their ensaymadas and other baked goodies are always available for take home. They are freshly baked and the prices are very much affordable. I took home some ensaymadas and cheese rolls, and my son loved it! I had it for breakfast paired with my favorite Kapeng Barako!

A picture of a satisfied customer :-) 

Take home goodies... An ideal gift too! 

Cheesy Ensaymadas 

Cheese Rolls 

Yummyness Overload! 

All in all, it was a unique dining experience! Great food, wonderful ambiance, commendable service, and reasonably priced. I promised to be back again soon to bring along my family. Hope to visit other branches too! And i hope i can stay longer in the cafe to enjoy another cup of Hot Chocolate while writing on my journal... It's one great place to enjoy life's simple pleasures! :-)

Live. Laugh. Love. 

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