A Night of Inspiration with Pastor Joey Bonifacio


Before i start my work today let me just share to you how our weekend went all well, especially our Sunday's Best. Going to church every Sunday is one thing that me and my husband would like to implement within the members of our household especially to our young kids.

Attending church services is one thing that I've been used to since my childhood. I grew up into a family of Christians, where my mom is very strict when it comes to worship and religion. And now that i have my own family, one of my priority is to raise Godly children, who knows how to pray and to be reminded that there is one big GOD who is above everything in this universe. And i would like to encourage other parents too, because I do believe that having our youths drawn into walking with God and teaching them how to be righteous in all ways will change (maybe) not the universe in a snap but the environment where they belong and then gradually they can change the world. And this will not be possible without having a relationship. A relationship between us parents and our dear children, and a relationship with God.
It was just so amazing how one of my favorite pastor, Pastor Joey Bonifacio discussed about discipleship in church, stressing about relationship as the foundation of everything. I wish i had the chance to record all his talks especially how he answered the question and answer portion between us (the attendees) and him in front after his long talk. I actually forgot about the time we finished the seminar, because i was so engrossed with every words he was telling and how he stressed out the value of relationships and trust. It was so rewarding having him in church last night. He is truly a blessing! 

Pastor Joey Bonifacio with My Husband, our Son and Me 

My Husband and Pastor Joey Bonifacio with his Book "The Lego Principle" 

Pastor Joey is one of my favorite Pastors, a christian book author, and i do read his blogs from time to time. 

Pastor Joey is happily married to Marie for 31 years and they have three adult sons, Joseph (who is married to Carla "Rica Peralejo", one of a few woman of Christ that i look up to), David and Joshua (married to Kristie). He has one grandson, Philip. He serves in the International Apostolic Team of Every Nation Ministries, a worldwide family of churches and ministries that exists to Honor God by establishing Christ-Centered, Spirit Empowered, Socially Responsible churches and Campus Ministries in every nation.

He is a member of the leadership team that oversees Victory, a local church in Manila and a movement of churches in the Philippines and is one of the lead pastors at Victory Fort. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Real Life Foundation, a Philippine based non-profit organization that provides educational scholarships to the marginalized. 

Pastor Joey has authored 3 books: The Promise No One Wants, The Mystery of the Empty Stomach and The LEGO Principle (which i am reading right now). To know more about him you can visit his page.

Pastor Joey is one great man of God that has inspired a lot of people. I do admire his love for God, hoping that i will be able to grow in the ministry. The lessons that I've learned last night really hit me like a hard rock and I keep on praying that God will continue to change me... Thank You God for this wonderful warrior of yours... I hope he will come again her in Batangas! 

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