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I seldom go out with friends. With my full time profession as a mompreneur who works as a homemaker and a mom, plus an online entrepreneur on the side, schedules are too tight and going out with friends can mean a luxurious amount of time for me. But then, there are just a few friends who are so close to my heart that despite of my grueling schedules, i cannot afford to make it pass. 

So, i took some time out of my busy weekdays to meet up two good old friends Analie and Aiza. Both of which are my closest housemates way back college days and our itchy feet brought us in the City of San Pablo Laguna, where we had a quick chit-chat over some good food (that i still can't get over with) at Sulyap Gallery Cafe. It was really an unplanned trip but worthy of the long drive and the heavenly gastronomic adventure. 

Sulyap Gallery Cafe is a two-storey Spanish colonial house turned restaurant which caters local Filipino dishes and houses a collection of antiques and century old stuffs. It is located inside a spacious complex where there is also a gallery or museum that is also open to the public.

Museum (We didn't check what's inside, Entrance Fee P150)
The place spells serenity and relaxation, with it's quiet environment, the tall trees which provides shade and bracing fresh air to the whole surroundings. There are also a lot of interesting finds outside the restaurant before sitting in to order food OR while waiting for your orders, you may want to go outside again and do some photo shoots!

Within its premises is a Bed and Breakfast facility too, the Casa de Obando. Another olden structure of an ancestral home which has been preserved to accommodate guests who likes to experience a different kind of staycation, mixed with revival feelings of the past century.

Inside the main restaurant was a collection of antique pieces and other valuable things of the past. The wooden walls and furnitures reminds me of the Spanish era, with all the capiz windows, and colonial interiors from floor to ceiling.

But more than its impressive fusion of century old surroundings, what we really enjoyed was the food which is so delicious and truly satisfying.

Pasta in Red Sauce Php 240.00 
Pasta in plumed tomato sauce with garlic sausage, served with garlic bread. 
Everything on the plate is just scrumptious. The sausage is juicy and not dry, the sauce is very flavorful and the texture blends perfectly.

Tulingan Pasta Php 230 
Sulyap’s original recipe - Pasta in flaked tulingan meat cooked in olive oil & black olives. 
Served with garlic bread.
This is mainly a pinoy recipe with the tulingan fish on it! I can say it's pasta with a twist! Roughly tastes tulingan fish sauteed in olive oil and garlic over thin pasta or angel hair pasta. It's worth a try!

Boneless Bangus Belly Php 370.00
A prime choice cut of milk fish, sauteed in minced garlic. Served with sliced grilled tomatoes.
Big serving for a fraction of Bangus and it tastes really good. Hands up to this! I super love the sweet-y garlic flavor of this, it really has a different taste that is addicting. Super love! 

Kulawong Puso ng Saging Php 340.00

An original recipe of San Pablo City, finely sliced Banana heart in smoked flavor coconut milk,cooked in fire brick stove, topped with sliced grilled pork belly. Can serve 2 persons.
According to the waiter, "kulawong" is a native of San Pablo Laguna so i ordered it, because i wanted to try it. It blends perfectly with the Bangus Belly, best paired with plain rice or fried rice. It's actually a "ginataan" kind of recipe which is one of my favorite!

Monte Cristo Php 185.00
Sliced bread, dipped in egg and pan fried, with ham & scrambled egg
One of the best tasting sandwiches that i have tried so far. It's like a ham and cheese sandwich but has a creamier taste, t'was dipped in egg and then fried. Served with scrambled egg- slightly cooked. It has a sweet-y taste that i cannot explain and i just can't resist. It's so yummy, i swear!

Mango ala Mode Php 195.00
Served with vanilla ice cream
One of their best-sellers among their dessert menu is the Mango Crepe. The Mango is sweet and it complemented with the crepe and the ice cream, plus a generous squeeze of chocolate syrup made it  even sweeter and yummier.

Sulyap Gallery Cafe is truly "A Taste of the Past"...
Looking alone at the photos makes me want to go back again and indulge with all their scrumptious and divine foods! The prices for their serving of pasta was a little expensive as well as the rest of the menu, however, everything is deliscious, so, sulit narin! (With picture picture pa!)

"God gave us friends in order to enrich lives. The many joys of friendship include building dreams, discovering new things, sharing moments and making memories. Add in getting together, laughing our hearts out, and enjoying an unforgettable meal..."

Brgy. Del Remedio, Cocoland Compound, 
San Pablo City Laguna
Tel. nos. (049) 573-2907 
Mobile nos.: Smart - 0920-9519185
Smart - 0999-9953165
Globe - 0917-5968760

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