Hotel H2O Staycation: Aqua Room, Fish Spa and Hot Bed


We really wanted to travel once in a while, but there are some projects that we need to prioritize. Also, believing that this is a year for investments & wise spending of our hard earned money- i didn't book any flights or trips for this year. Instead, hotel staycations will be our alternative. Speaking of hotel- our first staycation officially kicks off at Hotel H2O Manila!

I know staycation simply means vacationing at home, unplugging & relaxing in the comforts of your own private sanctuary. But it can also mean vacationing in our home country- not going abroad, and not taking a plane ride somewhere else in Pinas. It simply means driving from a short distance, to try out different hotels one at a time and still get the maximum pleasure from a vacation.

Hotel H2O, is the first aquarium-themed integrated resort hotel in the Philippines. Situated beside Manila Ocean Park behind Quirino Grandstand, and just a tumbling away from Rizal Park. If you want to explore more about Manila's historical places you might as well take a peek at Intramuros which is just about 10 minutes drive from the hotel.

We availed their Aqua Room wherein a huge aquarium sits beside our queen bed and live fishes swim from time to time. They are sooo cute! The kids and kids at heart will surely love this! And with this entertainment alone, Hotel H2O nailed it to my top picks!

Our room looks spacious because of the glass walls and the aquarium. We have the basic amenities that any guest will need plus other compliments from the hotel. Everything is in order from the clean and modern toilet and bath and our comfortable and soft bed mattress. Remote controlled roller blinds is installed within the aquarium area in case you never want to be disturbed by the fishes and for maximum privacy reasons.

I got Hotel H2O's RFID E-Wrist Tag (Radio Frequency Identification) for FREE included in the promo of the hotel. This system makes Hotel H2O the first and only tech-savvy hotel property in the country today. By using and activating this wrist tag you can automatically send information, posts, files, pictures, etc. directly to your Facebook, Twitter account wirelessly and you can be accessible anywhere within the hotel premises and the Manila Ocean Park. 

We didn't plan anything for that day so we just enjoyed our time together until dinner time came where we reserved a table for two at Barbara's Intramuros. After dinner, we headed back to the Hotel and tried their Spa.

They have Zenyu Eco Spa which does not only offer pampering and relaxation services, but also a healing component through the negative ion hot bed treatment. According to them, Zenyu Eco Spa means "complete healing" in Japanese.

Foot Fish Spa and Hot Bed Treatment

Foot Fish Spa is also available in Manila Ocean Park, but in here, it's a total fish spa where you will sit in a pool with your whole body being treated by doctor fishes! The experience was great for me! It's tickling your entire body but once you get used to it, it was really good and relaxing. Super bitin pag 30 minutes lang! 

Right after the Fish Spa we had our Hot Bed Treatment. We were asked to wear a suit for the treatment so we changed clothes. The Hot Bed Treatment facility is the negative ion hot bed treatment which promotes healing. 

From the start of the treatment you'll really feel its therapeutic effect. I love this hot bed and i really wanted to try it again and again. A very relaxing experience before bedtime indeed!

The following day we checked their Liquid Pool and outdoor lounge and decided to spend a few hours swimming and relaxing at their jacuzzi. 

I really don't like the pool area, especially the big olympic-size pool. The surrounding isn't conducive to a relaxing swim. 

The big pool.
The kiddie pool is quite okey because it's a covered pool just inside the lounge, but there's really nothing special within the area and the rest of the surroundings, just plain and simple swimming pools! However, i love their jacuzzi, it offers a little privacy compared to the big pool.

Kiddie Pool
Our Hotel H2O staycation allowed us to simply relax, pamper ourselves and to forget about everything. No pressure on waking up early, what to do, who to talk with and who to meet. We simply enjoyed our hotel stay, the spa, watching the movies on TV, laughing like kids and just being together. I cannot vouch for their food but they have a restaurant that offers local and international cuisine, by the way. We hope to visit it again and we'll be bringing the kids next time. Yes, its a honeymoon ;-) (sort of..hahaha!)

Manila Ocean Park
Luneta, Manila, Philippines 1000
(Behind the Quirino Grandstand)
For Reservations :
Tel. No. +63 2 567 3377 / +63 2 238 6100
Hotel Inquiry :
Visit their website at

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