PALAWAN: A Special Valentine


Valentine's Day is one occasion that I always look forward to, most especially if the husband is on home vacation. For me, it is an exclusive couple event that we seldom celebrate together because of his work schedules. And this year he had a favourable vacation to celebrate Valentines Day with me, so we booked a trip to Palawan!

This is actually one of the few Valentine's Day celebration that i call "special", not just because we are together but also the place made it extra special. It was so timely that I chanced upon a promo at Airphil Express covering the month of February on it's lowest fare so I guess it was just fair!

14th of February, we spent the night by having a romantic candlelit dinner at Tanglaw Restaurant, the dining arm of The Legend Hotel Palawan where we were checked-in. As tourists in Puerto Princesa, we had no idea where to spend the night because almost all the famous restos were fully booked and we were so tired of the whole day's tour around the city, so it was just perfect to stay in the hotel and enjoy a 5-course dinner with the husband. 

The husband told me to reserve a table for two at Tanglaw. I was not expecting so much about what it could be, having a valentines dinner there because we always have our buffet breakfast in the same venue. Just the fact that we were together that night in a place away from home is more than enough for me. 

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were greeted by romantic drop lights, candles and petals of flowers on our table, a lovely music played by the piano, and a lot of other inlove couples around. Just then, it overcame my expectations.

And so to begin with our romantic dinner, we had our Pre-dinner Cocktail - Assorted Canape paired with Strawberry Cocktail...

Followed by the Head Over Heels Salad - Tossed Green Salad with Vinaigrette Sauce...

Then we have the soup. Romantic Prelude -Vegetable Chowder Soup with Soft Rolls... I love how they presented every dish in a nice yet simple way. And they even named each and every crafted meal romantically!

Then for our Main Course, we ordered a different meal for each. I preferred the Love Meat Tender - Honey Glazed Pork Spareribs with Mashed Potato and Chateau Veggies...

And the Husband's Main Course - From Shore with Love - Prawns ala Muniere with Stuffed Potato with Mushroom and Melted Cheese... 

Wait there's more! For our Dessert we had Sweet in my Heart - Fruit Crepe Flambe with Ice Cream topped with strawberry and Chocolate Sauce... 

Just right before our dessert was served, there were complimentary red roses given by the waiters to the husbands/men from the crowd, for them to give it to their dates! How sweet it is to receive a flower over a romantic dinner! But it can be sweeter if the husband bought a bouquet himself. But anyway, we're tourists here, and i can consider it as an exemption! (Lol!)

It was a lovely experience for us. The food was great and the serving was just right. I love everything from the ambiance, the service, food quality and the value for money. I never thought that spending valentine away from home, in such a place can be so romantic, we actually don't need to spend much, like dining in a 5-star hotel, it was simply perfect. 

After our dining experience we walked around the hotel before heading to our room and found some other group of crowds celebrating hearts day. There's a buffet dinner held at their pavilion for a more affordable yet romantic atmosphere for the public and there's another set of cocktail tables for the singles along the hotel's walkway.

I am always fascinated with cupids, valentines, flowers, candles, dinner dates, and love stories. It makes me feel carefree and laid-back, seeing equally inlove couples, especially husbands and wives who never fail to keep the fire of love burning by celebrating occasions like this. 

Well, I'm just so happy to share our Valentine's date in Palawan. Why do I blog all these? Because when we are old and we cannot do much, I hope to look back, smile and say, "Ah, we indeed lived a life and made humble memories together!" 

Always in love,

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