PALAWAN: Honda Bay Island Hopping


On our 3rd day at Puerto Princesa we had our Honda Bay Island HoppingFrom our hotel we ride a van together with a tour guide and they took us to the jump-off point which is located at Barangay Sta. Lourdes Tagbanua about 12 kilometers east of the town proper where pump boats could be hired to reach the different islands.

Activities for the day includes swimming, snorkeling, syempre EATING! (my favorite!). From the wharf our first stop is the Pambato Reef. According to a source, Pambato Reef was accidentally discovered by a fisherman when his fish hook got entangled in the reef. From then on boat-owners association decided to make it another tourist spot in Honda Bay.

Our Honda Bay tour was a package tour which i booked at our hotel's local agency. It includes our lunch by the beach, our snorkeling gears and the entrances and boat rides to and from the island. The only thing we  rented was our aqua shoes, and we bought a pack of bread for fish feeding. Aqua shoes are required because the reefs are shallow and you may hit it with your feet.

It was really nice bringing along my digicam because from a store where we rented our shoes, they have available camera shields which can be used underwater! You can rent it for 250pesos, not bad! Because you will be able to capture and share the underwater experience even if you don't have the professional underwater camera! Winner!

From our boat, we jumped off to get to the floating cottage and from the cottage we have to swim to get to the snorkeling area. Please make sure that you are in proper swimming attire upon riding the boat because changing at the floating cottage is a hassle, just like what happened to me. There's an available comfort room but its too small and a total mess! 

Our private lifeguard, Ferdie assisted us in swimming and snorkeling.You have to swim into a certain distance to see the coral reefs and the wonderful underwater life. 

From the Pambato Reef we ride the boat again going to Pandan Island, where our lunch is waiting and again, swimming and snorkeling plus fish feeding will be our activities.

The food served was really great. It was abundant and really yummy, they also served some fresh fruits and i think we really has a full tummy afterwards. 

After a fully loaded meal that afternoon, i took a short walk around the island and stumbled across a man who was holding a starfish. I just saw some of our group doing the pose while the man was clicking the shutter with that starfish. I did my thing too and i gave him 20 pesos just like anybody else did as a tip. After everyone has got their photos with that starfish effect the man carefully returned the starfish into the water.

Just when it was about to rain, we started our snorkeling with our life guard. This was the first ever snorkeling experience i've had in my entire life, so pardon the over excitement! I really can't help it! Lol!

We fed the fishes and we really enjoyed the experience down under. I saw Nemo and other colorful fishes and corals under the sea. 

The waves are a bit big that time because of the strong winds, but thanks God it didn't rained hard. It was just a quick drizzle and so we were able to finish our snorkeling time with our tour guide and at the same time our life guard, Ferdie. He was very kind and very courteous, he always ensure our safety and he listens when we wanted to stop. And most of all, he also served as our photographer underwater and all his shots were just so amazing! Thank you Ferdie!

Now, we're at the wharf after the tiring but fun-filled day! Two thumbs up for Honda bay! And i wish we could do more of this activity in the future... 

I'll be seeing you again Palawan!

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