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Our Hongkong trip was a quick and a not-so-well-planned one. I acquired the air tickets out of my impulsiveness and also because we were confident to travel with another couple who ended up not joining because of an urgent and unexpected matter. When I heard the excuse, I was actually having second thoughts if we will still pursue the trip. But then, after thinking a hundred times, I told myself, "Sayang ang plane ticket! Tara lets go!" My husband and I decided to pursue the trip and I booked our hotel 3 days before our departure.

I always do a lot of research, reviews and blog reads before finalizing a hotel but Panda Hotel is an exemption. Why? Because I booked it through a travel agency and I was too busy to do searches because I wasn't really sure if we're going and I was cramming 3 days before our flight due to a lot of to-do list. So I relied on my travel manager's advise and there we go.

Hello Panda! 
I didn't know that Panda Hotel at Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong is a 4-star hotel and I was not expecting much about it given the price I paid for it including the City Tour. But sometimes, travel managers knows your personal standards and we were given a nice experience at Pandal Hotel. 

From the airport we were fetched by a driver and I thought we're gonna be riding a taxi or a private van, but to my surprise we jumped into a big coaster, just the two of us rolling inside the ride going to the hotel. 

Check in counter 

Hotel Lobby 

As we arrived to the hotel we were greeted by a smiling staff who's not so good in English but she was nice and friendly. Checkin' in was quite a breeze. We then moved to our room by taking the lift but it seemed like forever to be unoccupied.

The hotel is one of the most sought-after accommodation in the city, being one of the largest and most accessible for business, travel and tours. No wonder why the elevators are always packed even in the wee hours of the night. It used to be a catering venue also for weddings and birthday parties which took place at their function halls.

Inside our room 

Our room space was not small, neither big, but was just right. Knowing that hotels in Hongkong are small, I was expecting that kind of accommodation but I'm happy we got a comfortably nice room in Panda Hotel.

Of course there's complimentary coffee, but NOT the water. The microwave is a plus points. And we had a working refrigerator and some eating utensils. We also had a safety deposit box which is now regarded as indispensable in most hotels.

One thing that I always check first in a hotel is the bathroom. I hate dirty bathrooms and thank God the toilet and bath tub is nice, spacious, organized and CLEAN! Interiors of the bathroom are simply modernized. And as long as we got a clean bathroom its more than okey.

I heard about their swimming pool and the sauna, so the next morning we went swimming and we indulged ourselves into the free use of their steam room and sauna on the 8th floor.

Immediately, the pool and the sauna became my favorite. I felt like having these two amenities included in our room package are bonus for choosing the hotel. They got a nice and big pool surrounded by tall buildings. It's like an oasis in the center of the skyscrapers. The climate was quite cold this November, but still we enjoyed the swim even if the water was freezin' cold! 

After the cold swim we tried the steam room. You can choose between a sauna or the steam but we settled for the steam bath together after plunging into the pool. 

Sauna and Steam Bath

There are available lockers that you can access at the 8th floor where you can find their pool, the saunas, and the hotel gym. They also have a children's playground and recreation rooms. 



I just like their idea of tagging your locker key around your wrist, it was kinda brilliant. I can swim and move around without the need to occupy my mind with where's-my-key dilemma.

The hotel has nice cafes and bars. But I was just wonderin' why we didn't had our breakfast there. We were pointed into a restaurant which was the SheungMoon Chinese Cuisine at the basement of the hotel where we had our breakfast served on our table. The place was crowded and most people dining-in are Chinese, I mean, mostly locals and not tourists. 

Everything that was served was Chinese cuisines, from noodles, to chinese buns and dumplings, porridge, spring rolls and chinese tea. Food taste and quality was a major let down. Well, its quite okey but it can be improved or they should have atleast other choices. We actually didn't have our breakfast there the second morning after experiencing it once.

Panda Hotel has a FREE Shuttle which takes guest from the hotel to shopping districts like Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui every hour and vise versa. It was convenient, but make sure you arrange it with the concierge properly because they give coupons for the shuttle ride and it should indicate departure time and place of pick up. We took the free shuttle to Tsim Sha Tsui and arrived there safely.

Waiting for the shuttle ride at the lobby 

I thought we just need to show the same coupon to the shuttle driver at the same pick up and drop off point from Tsim Sha Tsui going back to Panda Hotel, but the driver told us that we need another coupon for that so we desperately took the MTR and walked till our feet was swollen to get back to the hotel after shopping. Some of the staffs are really poor in English especially the ones in the concierge, and they failed me with regards to our shuttle ride.

Anyway, taking the experience positively yielded us familiarity with the city streets, train stations and other places. Coming Christmas time during our visit, walking along the streets of Hongkong was never boring, the colorful lights entertained us along the way.

Panda Hotel is also one of the tallest hotel building in Hongkong with 1026 rooms. The vicinity maybe far from the metro but it is very close to the MTR, located between Tsuen Wan Station and Tai Wo Hau Station. We take the MTR everyday from the hotel walking through the footbridge connected to a mall. The huge building of the hotel is a shopping mall itself with lots of goodies that are cheaper. There are also choices of fastfood restaurants and convenience stores that are open 24 hours within the mall area.

It has been a pleasurable stay with the friendly staffs, the comfortable room, the accessible location and ofcourse great value for money. I might consider this hotel for another trip to Hongkong with the whole family!

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