Hongkong : Madame Tussauds and The Peak!


Without planning for our itinerary, and doing some research on how to get here and there in Hongkong, we ended up being riffed-off by a cab from our hotel to The Peak Tram Station. If I only knew that it was just near Central Terminal, we should've taken the MTR from Tsuen Wan Station where our hotel is located. Anyway, that's a different story.

I was dying to visit the most familiar Wax Museum in Hongkong that is Madame Tussauds and so we headed to the tram station on our second day in Hongkong.

Located at the tram station is the ticketing office for both Madame Tussauds and the Sky Terrace at The Peak, including the ride. During our visit which is a Saturday, the station was full packed with tourists and we experienced a long queue before we boarded the tram that will take us to the peak.

The Peak Tram was said to be the world's steepest 120-year-old funicular railway. It carries both tourists and residents to the peak of Hongkong. It was a 7-minute journey climbing up the hill offering a magnificent view of skyscrapers at different angles. 

It was a nice experience though I wasn't able to get a nice view and I got limited space to take some photographs while enjoying the ride because there are a lot of tourists standing at the middle of the tram. It was crowded and (i guess) over capacitated.

Good thing we boarded first during our turn and was able to get a seat. I was hoping to see greater views on our way back to the station after visiting Madame Tussauds, but it never happened either.

Arriving at the peak tower, we then proceed to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to start the play-cute photo interaction with the stars in wax figures. 

It was a unique celebrity-inspired attraction that connects guests with famous people, famous events and famous times. It was said to be the first Madame Tussauds in Asia but the chain originally started in London.

With Madame Tussauds 

The wax exhibit is actually divided into several areas, among them are the Hongkong Glamour (where famous Hongkong and Hollywood celebrities are displayed), Music Icons (singers and bands), Historical and National Heroes (famous painter, writers, inventors), World Premiere (movie icons) and The Champions (world famous sports champions and idols). I guess my photos below will describe how the experience was like.

There are hundreds of wax figures that you may find interesting and there are costumes in certain areas that you can wear while framing that souvenir photo with the wax sculptures.

There is also an exhibit about the making of Wax Figure that I find interesting. It was just amazing how these statues are creatively crafted step by step, replicating the real one.

As much as I wanted to share all of my photos but I'm afraid this one is already a picture overload, and I guess that's enough. 

After having a fun-filled pose and pic experience inside Madame Tussauds we went out to have lunch and to take a peek at the mid levels.

We didn't acquired admission tickets for the Sky Terrace but the views we had at the mid-level is already worthwhile. It was a bit cold during this time (November) with temperature at around 21 degrees and I was chillin' at the peak because it was windy. But the view overlooking the city was really impressive, something you shouldn't miss. One must really enjoy the views and the cool breeze outside.

The peak tower is a shopping area too where there are lots of nice things that you can buy. Just outside Madame Tussauds was a souvenir shop with a combo of thrift and expensive finds. 

Around the vicinity and the different floors of the building are fastfood chains and cafes so food is not a problem.

After the fulfilling experience at The Peak, we went out to ride again the tram going back to The Peak Station. I actually bought a two-way ticket for the ride. We came there around 10am and we're done by 1pm including our lunch time at the peak. 

From the Peak Station we took a short walk to the Central Station to ride the MTR going to Tung Chung Station for our Ngongping 360 Cable Car ride that will take us to Lantau Island. 

I love taking the train, it was fast, easy and affordable. It doesn't seem to be chaotic like the ones we have here in the Philippines. And the automated ticketing system that Hongkong train stations have was quite an experience for me. 

It was my first time to encounter a machine that dispenses tickets automatically (sorry, wala sa pinas nito eh!) You just have to press the destination where you are going then the small screen will show you how much is the price. Again, press how many tickets you're going to buy and then slide your money if it's a note/bill on the upper right. If it's a coin, just put it inside the smaller hole for coins and your change (if you have) and ticket will come out, all electronic! How I wish we have the same system in our MRTs. Its cool! :-)

Everything was just so memorable for the husband and me! It maybe a sort of picture-taking leisure, but all the photographs we've collected are forever memories of our moments together! Please catch our Ngongping 360 ride and Lantau Island tour on the next blog! 

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