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Visiting the Asia's World City in 72 hours including travel time is not bad. In fact, Hongkong is one place that I wanted to visit not just once but as many times as possible. So if i'm not able to dig in a lot of destinations here, there's next time! There can be a lot of things and places to discover in this city apart from the usual tour packages offered. As a couple travelling without kids, theme parks is not an option at all, because I really do have plans of booking another trip for our kids. Our trip to Hongkong made it up for the holidays since my husband will not be around in Christmas time for work and its nice to have an intimate and quality time with him alone.

Our first day was totally consumed by our travel time. Upon arrival at Panda Hotel, the only thing that we did was to eat and sleep to recharge for the following day's itinerary. I didn't plan anything for this trip, except visiting Tripadvisor for travel tips, to have an idea where to go then packed our things the night before we left.

On our second day, we decided to visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum at The Peak and then right after that, we went to Lantau Island riding the Ngongping 360 Cable Car. On our third and last day, we had this "mandatory" city tour included in our hotel room package and I'm not really excited about it.

During our city tour, of course we were picked up from the hotel and our tour guide, Mr. Cliff of Asia Pacific Travel warmly welcomed us aboard. After picking up some other guests from nearby hotels we wasted no time and headed to The Avenue of Stars at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade.

The Avenue of Stars was officially opened in April 2004 to pay tribute to outstanding professionals of Hong Kong's film industry, to promote tourism, and to consolidate Hong Kong's position as Asia's World City. The place was very nice, the air was cool and the sights are such a beauty to behold. Across the Avenue of Stars is the Victoria Harbour.

After some photo shoots at the promenade our tour guide took us to JC Jewellery Factory where you can see how they make a piece of jewelry and they houses a wide selection of jewelries for sale. I doesn't like the idea of factory visits being included in most city tour packages, it's a waste of time. Anyhooo, I was tempted to buy a necklace for myself in this jewelry factory that later on I was tired of wearing because I see a lot of people wearing the same.

After the jewelry factory we headed to Repulse Bay. Actually, I was not expecting this, because it was not in our list of itinerary for the City Tour but I was glad we came here and was instantly deflected into a different world, from skyscrapers to the beach!

The air is fresh, it was cold and windy and the view is just amazing! I was like transported from the bustling city to an oasis of green shrubbery lawns, golden sand and blue waters. It was a tranquil and romantic place for us, lovers.

Repulse Bay is located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, and it was said to be the most spectacular bay in the region. Its name comes from a 19th century battle in which the British army repulsed attacking pirates. Today, Repulse Bay is a luxurious residential area for dining, relaxation, and aquatic activities. We stayed here for a while and enjoyed taking a lot of photos.

Sometimes I hate tour packages because of the time limit they give to tourists, but I'm just thankful that during this trip our guide was very flexible and he gives us ample time to enjoy each places. Repulse bay is ideal for a quick family getaway or a short picnic on the beach with the kids and replete barbeques on stick. They got nice playgrounds, gardens, shaded benches, beach activities and sports and the crescent-shaped sandy beach!

Not so far away was the Zhenhai Tower Park, built in the traditional Chinese style, located near the beach.

There are huge statues of the Queen of Heaven and the God of Mercy (Kwan-yin) that sits in front of the park. Kwan-yin is well known among Chinese as the goddess dedicated to the rescuing of seafarers. Traditional and religious statues around the park are nice photo ops though I am not at all aware of their siginificance.

Next stop, is the Aberdeen Fishing Village. The largest satellite town with a population of about sixty thousand. According to history, it was a pirates' den two centuries ago and later turned into a simple fishing village.

Aberdeen is not far from the city and upon reaching the place and taking a short boat or sampan ride around the fishing village I was like, again, transported into the good old days of Hongkong life. I find it interesting with all the old-fashioned boat houses where some fishermen and their families dwell. It's quaint and I was distracted by some sort of disgusting sights from a dweller in one of the boat houses.

The place was framed by high-rise buildings around and a number of luxury yachts signifiying modernization and progress. It was a contrasting picturesque of an old and modernized waterfront resort set in the same metropolis.

Just along the Aberdeen Harbour is the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. One of the famous seafood restaurant in Hongkong. After the sampan ride at the fishing village, each of us were collected HKD20 each for the ride. I thought it was already included in the package and we'll not be paying anything for that! Anyway, it was quite an experience.

Our last Stop for the City Tour is the Victoria Mid-level Peak. A drive pass and a short photo stop in a viewdeck overlooking the city of Hongkong.

The sights offer a panoramic views of Hongkong Island, the New Territories and Kowloon. Among the buildings are some of the desirable residences of celebrities, leading government officials and diplomats.

Hongkong is a great city. I love the cool climate and the flaunting skyscrapers especially during night time. The trip was supposedly a double date with our friends, but they ended up not joining even if their air tickets were already booked due to some unexpected appointments. Anyhow, the trip was still a blast! We enjoyed our time together, taking the train, riding the bus, shopping and enduring the long walks, holding hands while walking. I'd be happy to come back!

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