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If you happened to read my blog about Hacienda San Benito with it's fine-dining restaurant, I have mentioned there that we got some problems finding where that place is. Because another Farm that sounds the same is "The Farm at San Benito" but please don't get confused with them, they are different, and that's where we headed first out of confusion! 

So just to keep you out of any uncertainty, let me explain to you the difference between the two. The Farm at San Benito is a medical and wellness resort, while Hacienda San Benito is a residential farm estate that grows organic crops and has a restaurant which is the Terrazas de Barako. Both were situated in Lipa Batangas but in a different location or barrio. But anyway, i'm glad we visited both and was able to capture some nature photos.

The Farm offers great views of trees, gardens, ponds, tropical plants and flowers, lagoons and alot more of nature. We just passed by this land area going to another farm. And since we got the chance to get inside, we walked around the place to see what its like. They offer spa treatments, healing sanctuaries, medical services, golf facilities and some other wellness programs for children. They also have an organic and vegan restaurant that transform vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits into delectable culinary delicacies. Hmmnnn...I love that! I fell inlove with the place and I never wanted to leave, but I'm afraid we should go. I hope I can experience one of their spa treatments soon, they offer the best in the country!

Till my next blog!

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