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Subic is known for it's diverse culture, a place for leisure activities and extreme sports. There are a lot of places and adventures that is worthy of your time, but for a short two-day trip with the whole family, an overnight stay will never be enough. 

Zoobic Safari is one destination in Subic that we never want to miss especially the kids. Before driving back home, we spent half of our day in a twenty five-hectare land surrounded by exotic animals roaming around in their simulated natural habitat. It features a wide range of habitats present in the forest.

The tour is divided in two parts the Walk-thru which is 30-40 minutes walking inside Zoobic Park. Then the Drive-thru, where groups will go through different attractions riding a Tram or their own vehicles.

Behind us is the tram which took us around the park. 

Riding the Tram for P50pesos each, I thought it was included in the tickets. 

Welcome to Zoobic Park 

Places of interest at the park which we initially visited are The Savannah, Sepentarium and the Rodent World.

Inside the Serpentarium 

Some of the reptiles inside the Serpentarium 

Preserved and stuffed animals inside the Forbidden Cave 

Fascinating how they preserved dead animals 

Stuffed animals 

The Savannah - Walking around and photo stops are prohibited. Vehicles are only allowed to drive thru because some of the exotic animals are aggressive including the ostrich and wild boars.

We passed by a tunnel at the Savannah. Tunnel "214" was said to be a hide-out, used by the Americans during the time of war, according to our tour guide.

Tunnel 214 

A wild boar... 

Rodent World

Tiger Safari

Our group was then transferred to a customized Safari Jeep securely covered with grills and we entered a gate where tigers are moving around. It was a close encounter with the Tigers! We bought a whole dressed chicken for Php200.00, chopped into quarters and a feeder joined us on our ride. The feeder gives the tiger quarters of chicken one at a time and we amazingly witnessed eye to eye how the tiger ate the chicken meat.

The Safari Jeep Ride 

The Tiger was named Krisna 

From the Tiger Safari we ride again the Tram to visit the rest of the park including the Croco Loco, Bird walk and the Aeta's Trail. Then back to the main building of the park are different animal shows and animal photo ops.

Croco Loco

Again, you can feed the crococodiles for a quarter of chicken which is worth P50pesos. The chicken meat is tied in a string and held by a long stick.

Bird Walk

My kids feeding the birds... 

There are a lot of feeding activities for the kids to enjoy at their Mini Petting Zoo. Animal feeds are NOT free, you need to purchase them in certain amounts and quantity in order for you to experience the animal feeding program. It was actually a brilliant idea from the management because their animals are being fed by the visitors and the food alloted for them are being paid for. ;-)

Petting Zoo 

Feeding a goat with a bottle of milk 

My son fed the Bearcats with bananas on stick. 

A sleepy Camel... 

Zoobic Safari is one huge place to enjoy. I used to think that this entertaining close animal encounter in a forest setting was a simulation of Singapore Zoo, but still very far from it. It was a nice concept anyway, having a similar attraction here in the Philippines. Make sure to visit their Zoovenir Shop for cool animal stuff toys great for kids!

The Free ticket!

After purchasing a few items at the Zoovenir Shop, I was luckily entitled to a raffle. The "Pick a prize promo!" Maybe I was just so lucky that day that I picked the prize - One free entrance ticket to a Zoobic Safari Tour! You might just be one lucky guy on your visit so please go and see the Zoovenir Shop!

FREE TICKET: I have no plans of coming back anytime soon so I'm giving it away! 

Admission tickets are quite steep, but I got vouchers purchased ahead of time from Metrodeal, I got twelve (12) admission tickets for only P149 pesos each including the kids, instead of paying the regular price of P495 per adult and P395 per child. Great deal! It was another experience worth sharing. I don't have plans of coming back again to this zoo, but will definitely visit again Subic for other activities!

Till then,

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