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Basilica de San Martin de Tours 

The sleepy town of Taal is one of the most visited places here in Batangas with it's famous ancestral houses and the magnificent Basilica de San Martin de Tours (Taal Church). The town's rich cultural heritage has been preserved despite the pressures of modernization and it has always been close to my heart.
Ancestral homes along the national highway 

The number of heritage houses lining along the streets always fascinates me everytime I pass by. Taal can be a better alternative to Vigan- though I haven't visited it yet. Ancestral homes in Taal are alive, you can get inside and marvel at the place, eat or sleep.

The Heritage Town of Taal 

As a Batangueña, I am proud to share my journey on this historical place through photographs. And I would like to promote this town and reveal a few places and interesting pursuits that is worthy of your time and visit. I was amazed with the beauty of this town, that for the longest time that I was wandering around since my college days, I never thought that having an organized tour around the place can be so amusing!

Our Costume Pictorial at Villa Tortuga 

Apart from holding a prestigious place in the Philippine History, Taal also holds a special memory in our Love Story (me & hubby), because this is the place where I said "yes" to him seven years ago! So when I came across a buying site that promotes a day tour in Taal which includes a 5-course colonial lunch and a pictorial in full Filipiniana Costume at Villa Tortuga, I get it right away! It was a guided tour and I really don't have any idea that walking tours are now available at this town which is just 30 minutes away from our place.

An old Filipiniana 

The tour includes The Taal Basilica, Marcela Agoncillo Shrine, Villa Tortuga for lunch and pictorial in costume, Our Lady Of Caysasay Shrine & Sta. Lucia Well (w/c we skipped due to the heavy downpour), the Leon Apacible Museum, Galleria Taal Camera Museum and The Villavicencio Wedding House

The Marcela Agoncillo Shrine 

Colonial lunch at Villa Tortuga 

The Leon Apacible Museum

Galleria Taal Camera Museum 

The Villavicencio Wedding House 

After the museum visits we find our way to Taal Market for some native delicacies and pasalubong! I've been coming back to this market several times but wasn't aware of their Empanada. Our guide pointed us to a small stall which sells Empanada de Taal, one that is said to be famous in town. And true enough it was yummy! Another one is the "Tableya" or "Tsokolate", these are just some of the native delicacies and local food that you should try when visiting the town.

Thanks to our new friend Sir Rogie Reyes who accompanied us and cheerfully provided us more knowledge about the historical value of the place and it's people. 

A visit to the town of Taal, Batangas is such an unforgettable experience. I would like to encourage every Filipino especially the Batangueños to visit this place and share the beauty of Batangas all over the world!

...I'm a Batangueña! PINOY and PROUD!

Check out my Taal Heritage Tour 

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