The Marcela Agoncillo Shrine


Doña Marcela Marino Agoncillo is the distinguished Taaleña matron who sew the first Philippine flag, which was waved during the Independence of 1898. The house where she grew up was built by her grandfather, Andres Marino in 1700s. Now the ancestral home was turned into a museum for historical and heritage tours. I've visited the place once during my highschool as part of our educational fieldtrip. 

In its garden stands the bronze statue of Marcela Agoncillo, cradling in her arms her legacy to the nation.

The shrine showcases the antique furnitures, furnishings and personal memorabilia of the Agoncillo family. A diorama depicting the sewing of the first Philippine flag will welcome you upon entering it's doors. 

A tableau of the historical sewing of the Philippine Flag 

An effigy of Doña Marcela Agoncillo 

Marcela Agoncillo was married to Felipe Agoncillo, a lawyer who stand as a friend and adviser of General Emilio Aguinaldo and General Antonio Luna during the revolution. He was recognized as the first outstanding Filipino Diplomat . Together, they had six daughters, one of them died at the age of three and the youngest of them died on July 1995. 

Portrait of Don Felipe Agoncillo 

The five Agoncillo sisters 

A dress worn by one of the members of the Agoncillo sisters. 

Other artifacts that can be found inside the house...

The "comedor" of the Agoncillo's where they share family meals altogether...

They have Mesa de Altar inside the Oratorio, a room where religious devotional practices like the recitation of the rosary, novena to different saints and special prayers were carried out.

The colonial bedrooms...

I also saw the portrait of the youngest among the five Agoncillo sisters. Maria Agoncillo who died in 1995 at the age of 95years old. All the five Agoncillo sisters were teachers and none of them got married, so there was no one to continue the generation.

A lot more of furnishings and remnants that emphasize its link with history...

Wonderin' how old is this? 

The bathroom with a bathtub! 

Palayok, Takalan, Tapayan and Gilingang Bato 

The Old "Gilingang Bato"...
This brought me back some childhood memories during the time when my "Lola sa Tuhod" (great grandmother) was still alive, she had this gilingan (grinder/millstone) where they used to make puto, suman, kutsinta and other sticky rice recipes.

Sungkaan of the Agoncillo Family, where they play "sungka", a Philippine mancala game.

The Agoncillo Library... 
Agoncillo's were a highly educated family. Felipe and Marcela Agoncillo wanted their five daughters to pursue their studies and vocations with excellence. They instilled in them the virtues of diligence, industry and charity.

Learning History is fun! 
Planning your visit? Please note of the following info:

Museum Schedule: Wednesday to Sunday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Shrine Curator: Ms. Sylvia Alvarez
Contact Number: (0928) 227-9126

Check out my Taal Heritage Tour:

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