The Leon Apacible Museum, Taal Batangas


After a sumptuous colonial lunch prepared at Villa Tortuga we proceed to the continuation of our walking tour. This time we set foot on one of the oldest ancestral house in Taal, the Leon Apacible Museum.

According to history, Leon Apacible is a lawyer and a judge of the Court of First Instance of Batangas City. With the proclamation of the Revolutionary Government, Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo appointed him as finance officer of Batangas.

This time it was only me and my hubby together with the affable Sir Rogie who continued the tour. As we move along the place our guide shared some strange stories about the house which was experienced by the caretaker and some of their visitors in the past. I really don't want to hear much of it because I'm a skittish one when it comes to ghostly stories but then they kept on talking so I had no choice. 

The moment we stepped in I felt chills on my spine, and a very cold wind-like upshot at the back of my head. The feeling was strange but then I kept my poise and warmly accepted the greetings of a welcoming ghost. Maybe it was because of the stories that I heard or maybe then it really has something spooky inside the place. Again, not everyone has been given extraordinary gifts that sees extraordinary things. I guess the latter is expected in places like this. It's all up to you to continue the tour or just leave pleasantly. But for me, I would love to go on inspite of the goosebumps that I'm having.

The interiors and furnishings of the house were impressive. It was spacious, clean and well-kept. From the windows to the floors and the ceiling, it was polished. The house keeps a collection of antiques, chinawares from England, Italy and China and old wooden furnishings dating back to the 18th century. 

All my shots are pretty fine not until I stumbled upon an old high chair in one of the corners of the dining hall. According to the caretaker the high chair was owned by one of the twins of the Apacibles. I was just wonderin' why in the hell should I get a blurry/smokey effect on that one picture while all the other shots were stunning. I even took another shot but really can't get a clear one, it even got worse so I gave up. A friend must've been sitting there watching us. 

We then moved downstairs to acquaint us to another area of the house. It showcases an exhibit of 19th century farm implements, household artifacts and home & kitchen equipments which belongs to the original owners of the house.

Before we left the Leon Apacible Museum, I demanded hubby to shoot me a frame with the old "Kalesa". Presuming that there will be a welcoming ghost that will greet me in the picture!

There are still a lot of Spanish ancestral houses in this town but sad to see that most of them are decaying. Tourism should make a strive to preserve the houses in this historical place for the future generations to witness and enjoy. 

Leon Apacible Museum
M. Agoncillo St. Taal, Batangas
Opens Wednesday to Sunday
8:30am to 4:30pm
In-charge: Ms. Edsel Mendoza
Contact No. (0999) 344-8976

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