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A tour in Taal will never be complete without a visit to the local market. I've been coming back to this place once in a while to visit a close friend whose business was to make "panutsa" or "sweet peanuts", another native delicacy of the province, which is distributed in the local market and other neighborhood towns. 

After visiting a number of ancestral homes in Taal, our friend Sir Rogie introduced us to Taal Market and told us about a local store which was famous for having the best Empanada in town. I bought ten pieces of each kind just to try it. They have choices of vegetables and meat empanada.

The crescent-shaped empanada is the vegetable-filled one and the rounded-shaped is the meat empanada. They are newly cooked, hot and deliciously good all the time! I love both flavors but my favorite is the vegetable one. For the price of P10 pesos (vegetable empanada) and P16 pesos (meat empanada) it's a total value for money! The serving is quite bigger than other commercialized empanada and the filling is rich, tasty and really appetizing. For the meat, its tender and has a wonderful blend of spices that honest-to-goodness makes it scrumptious. I wanna buy more of it next time!

The store has available flavored polvorons too for P5 pesos each 

Bong & Wena's Empanada, Taal Market 

Empanada is not the only reason why one should visit Taal Market. It's also their delicious and as pure as cacao "Tsokolate" or "Tableya" as what the locals would prefer to call it. It's the sweetest, purest and chocolatey-est Tsokolate in town. I grabbed three full packs of this from the market, each for only P60 pesos. It's a great alternative for coffee in the morning, dilute two or three pieces in a boiling water, add some sugar, mix it occasionally and presto! You have a hot chocolate drink!

Apart from the two local favorites that I've mentioned, Taal Market is also a home for the famous "Tapang Taal". It is a pork recipe marinated in soy sauce with garlic and calamansi with no preservatives added. It is one great dish to enjoy for breakfast, serve it with eggs and fried rice. My son loves tapa either pork or beef, and my Dad used to cook it for us.

Photo from Google 

Taal Public Market is also known for its embroidered formal wears or "Burdang Taal". It has a flourishing industry of embroidery, wedding gowns and other formal attires for men and women. If you're looking for affordable gowns and barong this is the place where to find one. They are not just affordable but of good quality and elegance. Their masterpiece is comparable to other high-end ones. Piña and Jusi are the main fabrics of their embroidered apparels which they customized for their customers. They also offer a variety of fabrics from local to imported ones and there are ready-to-wear raiments to choose from.

Taal Market is situated at Taal Poblacion, just across the Taal Basilica. Accessible by jeepney or tricycles in the locality. 

Be Proud! Visit Taal! 

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