Galleria Taal: A Camera Museum


My favorite among the ancestral homes that we visited during our Taal Heritage Tour is the Galleria Taal. A camera museum with is the first and only in the country. It is located along the main street of Taal, just a tumbling away from the Leon Apacible Museum and the Agoncillo Shrine. It is an ancestral house and a camera treasure trove wrapped into one.

The ancestral home of the Ilagan-Barrion family houses an impressive and vast collection of vintage cameras owned by Mr. Manny Inumerable himself. Apart from the cameras, it also showcase an exhibit of photos by John Silva, John Tewell, George Bonasay and Sonny Camarillo. The exhibit also includes the only known existing photograph of Jose Rizal's execution.

Accordion types of camera which i only see in movies... 

Canon cameras from Japan 

Canon camera transitions from early 1940's onwards... 

Pentax cameras 

This one was a Minox -Spy Cam which according to them was used by James Bond in his films. 

If you're thinking that these cameras are just for display, it's a No! All of these are well-kept and properly working, it can even shoot a frame for you! And this museum has all the camera brands from Olympus, Canon, my favorite Nikon, Kodak, Leica and Pentax. There are also other brands which I haven't heard of like Sanderson, Graflex, and the Rolleiflex which was Ninoy Aquino's camera and the favorite camera of war photographers. I was totally awed upon seeing those camera collections! Mr. Manny Inumerable, you're the man!

Sanderson "de luxe" camera 

Nikon ofcourse! 

Another limited edition Nikon camera in celebration of Nikon's 25th year anniversary. Nikon F2A- 1977- Japan 

In his days as war correspondent, Ninoy Aquino used a Rolleiflex which is currently featured in the P500 bill.

Rolleiflex camera 

The next camera is quite prestigious and I guess it's the most expensive of them all. Today it sells around a thousand dollars. It can cost you an arm and a leg! 

The Nikon FA Gold
The camera was made in 1984. In celebration of Nikon being declared as the European camera of the year. Only 2000 pieces of this 24K Gold plated camera were made. The body is covered with lizard skin, has a matching gold plated lens, and is encased in a nice wooden box. It is now highly sought by camera collectors around the world because of its beauty and rarity. 

Galleria Taal is a pride of Batangas and it's one destination that you shouldn't miss when you visit the town. If you're a camera and photography enthusiast, the more you should come to this place and discover the historical transitions of your gear!

Galleria Taal
Calle Agoncillo, Taal, Batangas
Entrance Fee: P50 pesos
Opens Monday - Sunday 8:00am to 5pm
Museum Caretaker: Ms. Dolores Bautista 
Contact Nos. (0906) 763 2449 (043) 408 1775

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