Casa Villavicencio, The Wedding Gift House


Welcome to Casa Villavicencio! The last house that we visited during our walking tour in the historical town of Taal. The house of Don Eulalio Villavicencio, a ship captain, and wife Doña Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio. Casa Villavicencio was named the "wedding house" as it was Don Eulalio's wedding gift to his wife Gliceria. The house has been featured in books, national tourism promotions, publications, and as movie / advertising sets.

Doña Gliceria contributed so much to Philippine History. She was considered and merited as the “General Sponsor of the Philippine Revolution”. They were so wealthy that they had 18 storehouses filled with tobacco, rice, and sugar reaped from their vast haciendas. They even had their own steamship called the “Bulusan” which delivered their crops to Manila and on its return brought sacks full of Silver Mexican coins.

Bulusan Ship memento 

At the time of our visit, the house is on a little cleaning and some sort of rearrangements because it was being used in a shooting for an upcoming teleserye by superstar Nora Aunor, together with some other celebrities like Christopher De Leon and Bembol Roco. 

According to stories, there were strict etiquette on the house that Gliceria would strongly insist during the American soldier's time, like taking off their hats when coming to the house as a sign of respect to the owner. Maybe it's the reason why I saw a vintage hat rack full of hats upon entering the house and another one upstairs.

The house has the same architectural elements with other ancestral homes that sits along the streets, but I find the interior of the house more feminine, lively and colorful. It has an "airy" and cheerful disposition which kept me comfortable and feel at home.

It is the only Taal home with an original tin ceiling and canvass trompe l’oeil walls. Cool beautiful colors that stands out from the outside to the inside. Portraits of the couple hanging on the wall are original paintings of Juan Luna.

There are a lot of interesting finds at the wedding house. It is filled with delicate memorabilias of the Villavicencio family.

The prosperous family has a stunning dining hall elegantly lit by warm chandeliers. The warm colors of blue and yellow paintings on the walls and the ceilings added charm to the area.

A collection of wine bottles 

A silverware which I found in the dining hall 

There was another long dining table where different festivities took place as well as the meetings of the famous revolutionary leaders. The open area at the corner was a secret tunnel where they hide. Guardia Civils frequently search their home because the Spaniards perceived the couple's revolutionary activities. Among the famous revolutionaries who have attended meetings in the house are Andres Bonifacio (founder of the Katipunan), Miguel Malvar and Felipe Calderon. 

During the American war the house also served as a hospital for wounded soldiers. It has injured a lot of pangs and agony. It survived the course of World War II and all the natural calamaties until its restoration took place in year 2002. 

During fine weather conditions and the sun is up, the house also offers a fantastic vista of Balayan Bay viewed from its sala with its wide open windows. There are a lot more to discover in the history of our land that are not written in books.

The Villavicencio Wedding House is truly an imposing edifice graced by old world charm in the heart of the heritage town. 

Ipinanganak sa Taal, Batangas, Mayo 13, 1852. Tinawag na "Aling Eriang" at itunuring na isang bayani ng himagsikan noong 1896. Dahil sa kanyang tulong na moral at materyal sa mga manghihimagsik, ang kanyang bahay ay nagsilbing punong himpilan noong panahon ng himagsikan. Ipinagkaloob niya ang kanyang karapatan sa sasakyang pandagat na "Bulusan" na ginawang sasakyang pandigma ng mga manghihimagsik. Namatay Setyembre 28, 1929.

Casa Villavicencio
32 Calle Gliceria Marella, Taal, Batangas
Opening hours 8:00am - 5pm

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