A first-timer at the Cockpit Arena


Cockfighting is one sport that most Filipinos like. A bloody game between two roosters or gamecocks, fighting for their lives inside a ring. My hubby is one fan of it. Some sort of recreation and or entertainment for him. Out of curiosity, I agreed to spend a day at the cockpit arena.

My initial reaction was "noisy". People are shouting "wala or meron", and at the same time "fun" because you get to see a totally different world, where they use signed languages that me myself doesn't seem to understand. So I was asking hubby from time to time what was that?

I also noticed that money is easy and painless. You'll be surprised to see money flying overhead then another guy will catch it and throw it again to another! And there are a lot of different people from all walks of life enjoying the bloody show. The excitement rises with shouting from betters and betkeepers every start of the game.

The crowd was 99% male and only two of us are female, except for a few ladies who are vendors selling snacks and drinks. Despite the noise and the commotion, I enjoyed watching the cockfights though I really doesn't like the gambling atmosphere and the smell of the place nor the crowd.

Going with my husband in such a place may sound foolish and absurd but then it's love and acceptance. I didn't say I do support it but once in a while experiencing it can help one to accept things and to understand better. He may have wasted a few bucks that day but then he finds joy watching his live game. Its absolutely an experience that I will never forget and I am happy to share!

Just sharing,

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