Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay


It was my second visit at Subic, but this time with my beloved in-laws. The idea of a long weekend was supposedly a total R & R, but it turned out to be a tiring, but fun rainy getaway. Stormy weather didn't bothered us a bit! It was a rain or shine "gala" at Olongapo City to visit some relatives and wandering around Subic Bay. 

The whole gang at Ocean Adventure 

The whole family had an awesome time at Ocean Adventure especially the kids and my in-laws who rarely visit places. It also served as a treat for our two kids after we left them few months ago for our Singapore trip. Ocean Adventure has been the same since my last visit wayback year 2002. But there are a few new attractions and shows added. The structural has been improved too.

Me and my sister, the photo brought me some memories of our 2002 visit 

My father-in-law and mom-in-law having their photo ops! 

Ocean Adventure is celebrating 10 years during our visit 

Our day was filled with activities offered by the establishment. We visited the Ocean Discovery Aquarium and Sea trek which showcases different sea creatures and the great predators of the sea. I was actually tired of fishes and animals and the like, but for the kids, it's always a go!

Then we had the Sea Lion Marine Patrol show, Dolphin Tales show and the Walk on the Wild Side show at the Eco Theater.

Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show

Dolphin Tales show

Whales and dolphins was long believed to be the gentle souls of the deep and dangerous oceans.

The Walk on the Wild Side Show

We moved from the Sea to Land and took a walk on the wild side. The show begins with a demonstration by the local indigenous Aeta and their amazing ability to light a fire without matches, and to create a variety of utensils from bamboo. An entertaining show featuring animals from the Wildife in Need Rescue Center (animals that were sick, abandoned and nursed back to health).

All of the shows are fun, very entertaining, awakening, and educational at the same time. I just hope they will offer lower rates on their admission tickets. It's quite pricey! I heard of promos but during our visit we paid the regular price for tickets. We only got discounts with the seniors and the two kids. Nonetheless, it was worth a visit!

Till my next blog!

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